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By: The divine G.
HallMark Apartments
This was a great place when Raylene was here. 80% of the tenants are drug dealers, drug addicts, pedos, or ghetto wannabe gangsters. When you have a perverse crowd like this and you're not backed by your boss, it's no wonder a drunk/addict can kidnap another tenants child and attack him and threaten him for trying to gets his 4 month old son back, then claim he had a gun. Yeah the tenants believe they own the place. You have two specific groups who when they're called on their deviant behavior manipulate the system. We have some samoans who treat this place like it's their land. Dealing drugs and making noise all hours of the night. Talk with EBMC and they do nothing. Illegally rip your satellite dishes down which is a criminal offense since it's private property and then try and pay you off with $20 gift certificates to Chili' one goes to Chilli's! It's not the manager that was bad. It was her criminal misogynist bosses. We lost a great woman because EMBC believed a drug addict and convict's email. 51 over a woman who's gone out of her way to help people and do her job. The 5 stars are for her.
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By: Personal M.
Walnut Village Apartments
Have had problems trying to get things fixed for months to even years. They tell me one thing, then another. Never got porch fixed after 7 years complaining, but others did. Have a bad fridge, & promised a nicer fridge that worked. Took 2 months, but other was all dented, scratched up, and bent rod inside, so I refused. Never got a call & been ignored. Complained of Stove 2, & dishwasher for years. Never fixed properly. Last complaint was 3 months ago. No one still checked them out, but am afraid of getting an exchange of dented, or scratched up old ones. If you call more then 2 times with no answer, you get your name on the bottom, and tossed aside, even though you never really get returned calls anyways. If you continue to complain of something wrong, seems you get targeted & out of the blue complaints come in about something I did?They value new renters over old renters too. They get all the new appliances, & we get the left overs that look in real bad condition, which is not right.
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By: Orlando F.
Amber Grove Apartments
The bags/luggage were packed few weeks before the lease ended thats how much in a rush we were to get out. Management and staff is horrible the main reason I highly DON'T recommend these apartments. Whenever something needed to be done management wouldn't do anything about it besides say they would do something therefore it would have to be fixed by us with our money. I repeatedly told them about the stove tops being broken only ONE burner worked they continuously said they would fix it (of course they didn't ). The day they inspected the apartment they said we had to replace it because we broke them. I was told if I got the floor steamed (NEVER said I had to hire someone to clean it) I would get the deposit back so I got the carpet cleaner from home depot and cleaned it myself instead of hiring someone and in doing that and not replacing the burners that were broken since day 1 I didn't get the deposit back. The management in the apartment complex are irresponsible thieves.
By: M. L.
Irongate Apartment Homes
BEST PLACE I EVER LIVED!!!! I loved living here the staff was so nice and helpful and maintenance was always prompt no matter what!!!! Also, these apartments are so homey!!!! Even living on the downstairs I barely heard my upstairs neighbors. I loved living here so much that I am giving it five stars even though the reason I moved out was because they raised the rent on me.
By: Toni B.
Varenna Senior Apartments
There are only a few things I'd like to add to the previous reviews. First, they allow children. Our newest addition is a family with 3; one is an infant. Secondly, we have an exorbitant amount of inspections; one year we had 10. Be sure to get anything you're promised in writing. Goggle Wyda Way to get an idea of what sort of neighborhood you'll be living in.
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By: Angel R.
Park Hills Place
I came here today .and with my gurst looki in the apartment .i loved it.Fit my personality so well.Apartments are well assorted with beautiful colors.I am really ready to move in so i hope .i can move in by saturday if not sooner.I Love it.from very first entrance.Very convient..i. Very fortunate.and so appreciative of the managment.
By: Melissa O.
Ashford Park Apts
I moved in to Ashford Park in May 2014 and so far love it. I love the pools and the tennis courts. The office stuff are so nice and are always helpful. The trees are green and it feels like we live somewhere in the woods. It's a prefect location and close to the freeways. I will not be moving out until I buy a house.
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By: Ruth D.
Palm Terrace Apartments
I like this apartment the neighbors are really nice everyone is pretty chill. Mary the manager is pretty cool as long as you're not being a jerk she can work with you and with maintenance they come pretty quickly to fix whatever needs to be fixed. It's mostly quiet lots of parking for friends to come visit or family.
By: Krystal R.
Park Hills Place
Definetely one of the best places if you're looking for a cheap and amazing apartment in Sacramento. The staff is great and they help me out with all of my problems or questions quickly and efficiently. I recommend this apartment complex to everyone. It is a great place to live.
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By: Sherry J.
River Terrace Apts Sacramento
As long as you don't mind gun shots, bad parking, and security gates that rarely work you will feel right at home here. As far as college placed housing it is great if you like climbing over your roomies bed to get in the closet.

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