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By: Carrie S.
Advanced Spa Repair
First time I had used Advanced Spa repair was on 3/5/14 which Ron had come out to work on my spa that I had bought 9/2011. Diagnosed that I had a bad pressure switch which he replaced with universal part he had on hand. Jumping to few days short of a year later I was loosing water out of spa . I called Advanced Spa since they had work on it prior. I believe they realized the warranty date was just a few days away and set appt after the one year since they would not have to cover it under warranty for there part failing. Why I believe this is that I said nothing about the warranty and as soon as Ron found out it was his part he installed he stated that sorry cant cover because its few days past 1 year warranty. The pressure switch leaks water and when you turn jets on it gets worse and sprays water out inside spa pack.. Ron stated that it damaged 3 other parts inside spa pack. He took 1 part with him to find replacement/cost, which I have requested part back a week ago and still haven't received it. Don't understand why he felt the need to take 1 of the 3 parts. Ron was suppose to contact me with prices of replacement parts and also price of switching out spa pack to balboa to get rid of future problems of pressure switch. See what best option would be. which I never heard back from them and called them 2 months later. After he was finished with work, you could visually still see it leaking from switch. I told him its still leaking. Ron said it will stop its just what's in the tube. No after 5 days it was still leaking and water was all underneath, he never shut off the 2 valves. I paid him cash $83 all that I had on me, offered check for $90 which he charges per hour, he chose the cash. I never heard back from Advance spa. I did all the work of figuring out best option which was to replace spa pack. Thanks to great customer service with Northern Lights company after a week of emails/pictures we found a balboa spa pack that would fit and guess what they never charge me anything or expected me to buy from there that's customer service. I had order new pack from another company and had a friend who is knowable in electrical work but has never worked on spas install pack. unforitually no install instructions came with new spa pack. All was working except 2 speed jet wouldn't come on. I called Advance Spa and talk to I am guessing his wife and gave the run down and I ask for help which I think they should have provided since it was there faulty part that did the damage plus I paid an hour repair service and he left it leaking didn't fix the problem. She stated that they would charge to come out. What happened to customer service of making it right for a customer? I asked why they never followed up with a phone call or anything like Ron had stated. Answer was we thought you didn't have the money...Are you kidding me....Even if someone doesn't have the money at the time which this wasn't the case. The company should still follow up with a phone call checking on there customer. Isn't that called customer service? I will never use Advance Spa again and Never recommend this company. I had another company come out took 15 mins to fix problem just needed to be converted from 110 to 220.
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By: kathybrad
Advanced Spa Repair
Excellent service, scheduled appointment around my busy schedule. Diagnosed the problem with my spa with in 20 minutes, gave me an estimate. Ron is very friendly and knowledgeable. He needed to pick up a new motor for me, returned installed a new pump and motor within a day or two. Best of all the total repair was less than his original estimate!!! Thanks Ron for the great job!
Tips & Advices
The simplest cause for hot tub jets to stop working is when they’re twisted to the “closed” position and need to be twisted back open. If you’ve recently refilled your hot tub and the jets are not working, there could be an airlock in the plumbing lines--a more difficult issue to fix. Someone with understanding of electrical components should turn the power off and then let the air escape, or bleed, from the lines by loosening “bleed screws” on the end of the pump. Other reasons that jets may stop working include calcium buildup from hard water, and issues with the pump power.
The average lifespan of a hot tub is affected by how well it’s taken care of, as well as the quality of the product. When maintained properly, top-tier brands are expected to last 15-20 years. If neglected, even an expensive hot tub might only last 5 years.
Low water flow is by far the most common cause for a hot tub to overheat, and luckily it can be easily remedied by topping up (filling up the water level using a hose). Another reason a hot tub might overheat is that the spa filter is dirty.
Before you begin looking for a hot tub leak, turn the power off. After that, the first place to check is the pump--a leaky pump is common, and easy to recognize from the water pooling below. If this doesn’t show anything, examine the union fittings, which can often come loose and need to be tightened by hand. If this fails to find your leak, you will need to visually inspect all the valves and plumbing—especially the connections on the pipes.
The cost of maintaining a hot tub should be fairly manageable: about $500 annually in chemicals and filters, plus $30-$50 monthly for electricity. If you have to replace a hot tub cover, however, that could cost anywhere from $200-$400.

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