By: trmako
Lil Pumpkins Infant & Childca
As a parent, you are faced with the challenge of ensuring that you are providing your child with nurture, love, educational experiences and an overall enriching exposure to the world. I, just as every parent out there, strive to give my child only the best. While this ongoing task can be extremely daunting, I know without a doubt that the care my daughter receives from the Lil Pumpkins daycare is nothing but outstanding. I have had my daughter enrolled in this program for almost two years and have been nothing but grateful to have found such a caring person to watch over my child. I have been so impressed with this provider’s care, level of energy, creativity and overall motivation to enrich the lives of the families she works for. My daughter has gained many skills since her time at Lil Pumpkins. She has developed a wonderful vocabulary, knowledge of shapes, songs, colors, etc., as well as a great sense of humor that comes from the playful atmosphere that this daycare provider offers. In addition to providing my child with a wonderful "home away from home", I, as a parent, have always felt welcomed in this facility. Upon drop off and pick up, I often manage to stay for a few extra minutes to simply observe my daughter and the other children at play. Because of my profession, as a school psychologist, I tend to have a critical eye and high standard for best practices in working with children. I tend to use this time to assure myself that my daughter is indeed under great care. During these times, I have observed the provider engage whole heartedly in play activities (which often include ambitious art projects, cooking time, etc.), facilitate social play between the children that I feel is critical in their development, as well as use behavioral consequences and strategies that I often recommend to the staff and faculty with whom I work with at my elementary school sites. Lil Pumpkins is, in my opinion, a stellar daycare facility. I feel it is important to note that my daughter’s enrollment at Lil Pumpkins did overlap with that of the individuals who offered the previous review. I would like to stress that my experience during their time of dissatisfaction was greatly different. I have and continue to feel lucky to have found this provider and to have been accepted into her extended family. I find the story of the family below/above so unfortunate, and had I not had such a varying experience, I would have pulled my child immediately. I am tempted to say that the review offered may reflect the quality of the personal relationship between provider and family and not the actual care that the child received. For all parents reading these reviews, please know that even after reading what I have, I would still recommend Lil Pumpkins Daycare with full confidence. As a mom, I have felt proud knowing that I have put my daughter in such loving, nurturing and enriching environment. My mind is always at ease when my sweet girl is under her care. ~ A loving parent
By: karli.holkko
DOT Tot Child Care Center
I have had my daughter in Dot Tot since May 2012. I found Dot Tot at a time that I desperately needed care and I was lucky enough to secure enrollment right away. I was a first time Mommy who was VERY nervous about leaving my 9 month old daughter at a day care center but Dot Tot made me feel at ease. The director gave me and my Mom a tour of the center and answered any questions I had. I was encouraged to come back with my daughter as many times as I wanted prior to enrolling so I could observe her in the classroom. Dot Tot has an open door policy and parents are welcome to drop in at any time. Dot Tot provides diapers, wipes, breakfast, lunch and two snacks. They also provide milk, juice and water. The meals are cooked on site in the kitchen and the monthly menus are available so that you know what your child is eating on a daily basis. There is a low turnover rate with staffing and many of the teachers have been with Dot Tot for 15+ years. This is great because the kids get a chance to get to know their teachers really well and the teachers get to watch the kids grow. The teachers are all so kind to the children and my daughter gets plenty of love and attention everyday at Dot Tot. She is now 2 and loves coming to the center to play with her friends.
By: Julie M.
Lil Pumpkins Infant & Childca
I am the owner of Li'l Pumpkin's.In response to Sean,I didn't eject his son from my child care. He gave a 30day notice, which I accepted. During the last 30 days his son was here Sean and I spoke on many different occasions about his son’s behavior, and even before his notice was given. In return he said, he, his wife, and his mother had the same issues at home. I felt that nothing was being done, and I was given no help in the matter. I made the choice to let him go 2 days early for the safety of the other children. Jackson was never treated differently because of a 30day notice. I was never led to believe he had concerns either.I worked with him and his wife on many occasions regarding different issues and sometimes we may not have agreed, but that does not make either of us a bad person. I cared for their child like he was my own and any other child I've had the privilege of having attend my child care. I wish him and his family nothing but the best!
By: nbkatsac
Treehouse Learning Center
I fell in love with this place since day one they were able to pick up my kids from school and drop them off before work and the way to take care of my children there is just like family they are the best definitely recommend it LK 2 ne mom told me to help of picking up their kids from school
By: ann.schmit.5
Miss Kathy's Child Care & Preschool
Miss Kathy's Child Care is a wonderful nurturing environment for children. Her facility is very clean, organized and inviting. Miss Kathy is an amazing provider and teacher. Stop by and take a look for yourself! You won't be disappointed.
By: Michael J.
Miss Kathy's Child Care & Preschool
After meeting Miss Kathy I was most impressed by her drive. She is committed to the kids she works with, and her passion for them bleeds through into everything she does!
By: megan.r.hornberger
Miss Kathy's Child Care & Preschool
The safest daycare I know with healthy food choices and educational values that will better your children's futures! I highly recommend this facility for all ages :)
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By: Narayanarao M.
Glory Children's Learning Center, Inc.
Glory Children Learning Center Inc is a very loving place. Experienced teachers and background verified only recruited.Safe and clean learning environment.
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By: Christopher S.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool
My son was here for preschool he enjoyed it very much we considered the church our second family I would recommend this place to anybody
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By: Solymar H.
Penelope's Daycare
I am so glad I found Lourdes! My daughter loves going to her in home daycare. When I pick her up she doesn't want to come home!

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