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By: Rachael P.
Chops Steaks Seafood and Bar
We booked a very large party here for a retirement celebration and i would never recommend this place for that size event. They have a "banquet room" in the basement and it is extremely dark and the way the room is set up it forced 1/3 of the guests to be very segregated and not a part of the group. the ambiance is terrible. the servers were very unhelpful and really didnt do much besides bring the food out and clear the plates. never asked how things were, or helped with drinks or the cake. lastly, they overcharged us for the food. We gave them an order ahead of time of who will be eating what and when a mistake occurred (before the food was served) and we tried to fix it they said too bad we will have to just pay for the extra (even though there was no extra). Never again!i almost forgot to mention. the food was terrible. The pasta they served us was watered down and had no flavor. all the guests that ordered the pasta didn't even eat it.
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By: Emily D.
The Golden Bear
Don't let the one star review from 2007 scare you away. This is a smaller venue so if you don't luck out with seating right away, you may have to wait, but it is worth it. I prefer to sit outside on the patio - where it is nice an enclosed and great for a little people watching of all the beer goers that are visiting the beer garden next door. Their food is incredible. Anything on the dinner menu (I like the bahn mi), but breakfast is what I prefer (only there are too many options!). The breakfast tacos are enough to feed two, the lucy burger is perfectly topped with an egg and I prefer their breakfast pizza with jalapenos added. IF you ever get the urge, don't hesitate to go!
By: Jackson W.
Ace of Spades Music Venue
Went for one of my favorite artists ever, but had a hard time enjoying the while show. we were lined up across the street, and never got to read the marquee because it was changed by the time we got out, major bummer! We were packed in tight, with little room to dance. The music was amazing and it's small enough that people are able to yell to the stage and be heard. There is little seating. I did not get alcohol or visit the bathroom.I went to see Lindsey Stirling and she was great! The first act went on a little longer than we would've hoped. Security was very courteous and the crowd was genuine.Unlikely to return since I drove 2+ hours to stand for 5 hours.
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By: Emily D.
Karma Brew
Karma is my favorite new spot. It is a tiny spot on the corner from an area in downtown that is slowly coming alive. The place itself is quite small, but filled with such character and is very eclectic. I wouldn't recommend going with more than 4 people, only because it is so cozy. If you are wanting something warm on these cold, rainy nights definitely try their mulled wine. It is absolutely delicious and I don't know of another place in Sac that has one on their menu. Great date place because of the ambiance and how intimate the settings could be. I can't wait to go back and get the sangria!
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By: Emily D.
Hawks Provisions & Public House
Hawks serves up delicious eats and great cocktails, in a cozy little spot on the corner. The only reason I give 4 out of 5 stars is because they only take reservations for 6+, but the venue is quite small and half their tables are only for two. I tried making a reservation for 5 to no avail and when I arrived an hour ahead of my party it was an 1 1/2 wait. But what I found frustrating at that point is the hostess had been taking any parties for all sizes and putting them on the wait list if they called later that night. Overall, I'll be back but with a party of 6 or earlier in the evening!
By: Linda O.
Mimi's Cafe
We went here for lunch today. LOTS of people waiting with a lot of empty tables, but we waited anyway. After we finally got seated the waitress came right over and gave us some coffee. Then we waited some more. She took our order and I'm sure it was at least half an hour before we got our 1/2 sandwich and bowl of soup. I looked in the rear seating area and it was almost empty. Still, there were people waiting. We were in the restaurant from 12:05 until 1:30! They must have been having employee problems. Food was delicious though.
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By: Anna D.
Mulvaney's B & L
Mulvaney's is a really high class resturant. My friend and I dined here over the past weekend and were really impressed by the food, wine selection, and service.The resturant was pretty busy which is probably why it took a little while for us to get our entrees once we placed our order. Our server was very attentive though and was very courteous.The wine pairing with our meals based on the server's recommendation was perfect.If you are looking for a nice evening out in downtown Sacramento, you can't go wrong with Mulvaney's!
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By: Emily D.
The Porch
I really tried to like this place, but with every new chance I gave it, something else would go horribly wrong. I'm a huge fan of service and their's leaves something to be desired. One night we waited over an hour for our food, without so much of an explanation, and they would never stop at our table for us even to order a drink during that time. The only thing I would go back for is their fried green tomatoes, but I can find those else where. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I won't be back.
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By: Tiffiny W.
Tower Cafe
PEANUT BUTTER TART! I don't need to say more, but since I have to.... The dessert case is amazing and it's so decadent. With an array of refreshing options. If you are a foodie and haven't tried this place it is a must. Quirky atmosphere, very busy.. Great patio! The French toast is lovely and I have heard of this colossal grilled cheese with 5cheese? ....only served during the week. Oh, come on... I can only get there on the weekend..����
By: asi398
Freeport Bar & Grill
This is a great dining experience, good food, good wine selection, a great atmosphere and great ambiance. You will find the food to be hearty, full of flavor and fully enjoyable. It is an dining experience you will want to go back for again and again. Friday Nights it's pack, with people who like to sing. Sacramento New & Review "Sammy Awards" also gave this place a great rating. I think you will also when you come out to eat or sing on Fridays.

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