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By: Danielle S.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
top notch quality work. From a professional garage door company. I like that they are local, I like that they know what they are doing and used all the right tools for my repair. this is by far one of the best garage door companies in the area. I will call them again. Just because my repair went so smooth.
By: marisha79
I am happy to say that I am glad that I hired Weatherite for my new windows. I used to have those old windows that make noise with wind and still let the cold air and heat in. I have gotten them replaces with double ply and I feel like my house is new! Thank you!
By: Shirley W.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
wow, great work. They came ready to do any repair I couldn't be happier with the services I received by them. The tech that came out was nice and professional and you could tell he knows what he is doing when it comes to repairing the door.. thanks so much
By: Tia W.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
Couldn't be happier with the work that was done in order for my garage door to work like new. this company has the skills and the man power to repair even the heaviest of door. My wooden garage door is like new again. thank you
By: Esther H.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
What an impressive job a job well done. they too their time to eliminate the problem from my garage door. Making it work like new. So happy to have a garage door company like this one, local and professional. thank you
By: Lynda U.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
A good job, thank you for making sure I knew why the heck my garage door was acting up. they really made sure to use all the right tools, high quality tools. thanks so much for all the hard work.
By: Cara S.
Brothers Garage Door Repair
they did it. repaired my garage door the right way. Making it work like new. It had been having trouble going up and down but thanks to this companies techs it is moving smoothly.. love it a lot
By: justincc
They were very professional and courteous. Called everyday when they arrived and left at the end of the day. I never came home to a mess and they worked around my hours.
By: toddar
Great windows! I especially loved the fact that they had over 20 different brands to choose from. Friendly staff, installed on time, would use them again!
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By: Orianna C.
Better Fix Garage Door Repair
Very friendly and professional services. I called them one night when my garage door wouldn't close. They came out bright and early the next morning.
Tips & Advices
Monthly, carefully observe the door as you open and close it. If you hear or see anything unusual, take a closer look. The regular motion could loosen up some of the hardware, so take a few minutes to tighten everything up. Also, be sure that tracks, tires, and other moving parts are lubricated. If your door is painted, make sure it isn't chipped or peeling. Deteriorating paint on a wooden door could let moisture in, which leads to warped doors, while a steel door could rust.
On average, a new garage door installation will cost around $1,000. Most homeowners end up paying somewhere between $740 and $1,400, including the installation and the door itself.
It depends. For someone who tackles home improvement projects, installing a garage door might be a viable do-it-yourself project. An experienced wood or metal worker can install with the right materials, tools, and knowledge. Someone less experienced should contact a professional. Depending on the size, a door could weigh as much as 200 pounds, though some smaller or uninsulated ones could be less than 100 pounds.
If you begin to notice this around a change in seasons, check the lubricant on the tracks. Weather patterns will affect lubricant's effectiveness. Dirt or debris on the tracks could also be the cause; make sure they're clear and clean. If the tracks look fine, make sure the doors are hung evenly.
It could mean your tracks are either dented, falling, or otherwise misaligned. Misaligned or damaged tracks can cause the door to cease working or fall off its tracks. If your door is stuck, slanted, or looks unstable, call a professional who will have the right tools to fix the problem.

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