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By: Phedra P.
Casa De Flores
This is a follow-up to my 2009 comments. I have noticed over the years that the park doesn't look nearly as manicured as it did in the past. The current managers don't seem to care so the people just let their yards go. The theft is still on-going which is maybe why people don't keep their yards nice anymore. The thieves will just steal their decorations. However, they recently announced they are installing cameras. Hopefully, this won't result in a huge rent increase. The worse aspect of this park is that you can NOT walk your dog in the park. We have tried for years to get this changed but are always told NO! This is hard on the animals because they don't get any exercise and hard on the adults who could also use the walking exercise. We are allowed to have a pet but not allowed to walk it. Does that make sense? As I said years ago, I would move to a more pet friendly place but I wouldn't get enough out of my home to pay off the small balance owed. I would not recommend buying a home here if you are a pet owner.
By: Saundra B.
Casa De Flores
I have lived in this park for two years and it is very clean and the grounds are well maintained. The management bends over backwards to assist homeowners (seniors) maintain their property. This park has a true community atmosphere. There is a resident's social club that organizes activities such as free dinners each month, bingo, crafts, billiards, bunko. exercise programs, Red Hat Ladies, care call program, as well as a "Neighborhood Watch" program to name a few. All of these activities are led by residents and supported by management and the owner. Since I've lived here, thefts have not been a problem. Of the parks that I've seen around town, this is the cleanest and prettiest and I'm proud to live here. Come and see for yourself.
By: anna.campbellbraziel
Mark J RV Park
It is great. Close to Sacramento and all outlying areas. Shopping is within walking distance. Close to the I-80 and a quick hop to Reno in 2 1/2 hours. The park is quiet even while being located next to a busy Street (Madison Ave) . Laundry room is clean with a small clubhouse to play pool or visit with friends. I have friends that stay here every year at Christmas and sometime thru out the winter months. We are starting our adventure of going full time and plan to return to this park in the winter. There is a one animal limit so for some this would not fit their needs. It is a 55 or older park which we find nice without the noise and traffic of children playing in the streets.
By: Sue M.
Casa De Flores
I am appalled at the negative reviewsI have been living here since the summ of 2016This is a wonderful place to live and the manager Lona Holberg shows great love and caring for the park and it's residentsShe decorates beautifully for all holidays and recently put on a exquisite Christmas holiday dinner party for any and all residents at no charge!It was fabulous! I give it a "Black Tie" rating of 10+!!!And for the shut ins in the park she had this wonderful dinner delivered to them!!!I could go on and on about all the good positive things here!You can't please everyone is just human natureI am very grateful for all we have here!Sue M
By: jankeldust
Casa De Flores
In reference to the comments by Saundra B. I am a resident of the park and experienced a major theft of everything out of my shed within the last 6 months. I know of numerous residents that have had yard decorations stolen and we have had 2 cars stolen in the last 2 years. We also have packages taken off porches and police presence is getting to be a frequent occurence so it is beyond me why she would say there is no crime in our park other than she is the president of the Neighborhood Watch Group. I have read numerous reviews on the web about our park and don't disagree with anything that is being said.
By: Marilyn A.
Casa De Flores
We have lived in the Park for 12 years, the Park has had it's ups and downs over that time. No more now than before. I do believe Mangement cares, People are elderly and have a hard time getting people to help them with their yards like in the past. We used to help our neighbors more than we do now, because we are all getting older. I have not heard of any crimes in the Park lately, I'm part of the Neighborhood Watch, so I do hear if something happens.
By: Ricky M.
Bamboo Tree Mobile Home Park
I was one of the kids actually in danger and I must say Management went to extraordinary lengths to make sure the damage to me and my family was minimized. He put the park at risk when asking a neighbor I hadn't even met to pull my trailer away before any real damage was done. I appreciate everything that the residents here and the management did for us. Thank you all. Its a lovely community and they do their best to address any issues that arise.
By: Miley S.
Haggin Oaks Estates
Couldn't be happier living here the past year! As a young female professional, it's important that I'm at ease coming home. I feel safe in this park because people are courteous to each other, although most people keep to themselves which is fine with me. maintenance takes care of the park every day, I see security cameras on every lane, and it's gated all around. Best of all, I can live with my two dogs!
By: Bonnie S.
Casa De Flores
I considered buying a home there until I read the reviews and actually visited the park in person. Many of the yards are over run with weeds including one entirely vacant lot. Its obvious the managers aren't doing what they should and that made me wonder how many other rules were being ignored. I chose a nice park elsewhere.
By: Ronald j B.
Stadium Club Estates
We have lived here 7 months, and it has been a Good and satisfying living experience. Sue the park manager is all over any issues that come up. Sue is also a people person and creates Funprojects for us all here at the Club House. This is a third time beinga mobile park owner.

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