By: Kishwar B.
Haveli Restaurant & Banquet
Absolutely was needed to have a full service Indo-Pak restaurant like this. Amazing back home food taste with amazing cultural decor that made us feel we were traveling elsewhere. Some desi people were sitting next to us complaining about how long it takes and they think they were at a fast food.lol. People are not used to having a sit down restaurant like this so they act silly and it is new for them and they need to wake up because my family and I ate greatful to now have found a place to go as an outing to take pics at and enjoy food. They have a banquet hall for 150-200 people too I believe and I went to an event where they did catering and that is how I found out about them. I guess they are new in town...all I know this is a 5 star restaurant and they will probably have people waiting soon just to be seated. About time we get a nice desi restaurant with amazing food.
By: lbs1951
Tuk Tuk Restaurants
I've been to Thailand. The food here is just as good if not better and a whole lot closer! You have to try the non-fried spring rolls. This appetizer should be called a meal. The dish arrives with two huge rolls containing the freshest ingrediants. Lettuce,bean sprouts, cucumber and chicken. The sauce on the side is just right. It's a not too sweet or too hot. Perfect. OK, on to dinner. I had the tried and true Green Chicken Curry. It was placed in a hollowed coconut shell,which not only looks nice,but keeps it piping hot as well. No room for desert, but as I looked around the extremly clean and well decorated room, I could see the other dishes I will try the next time I am in town. If you've never tried Thai, try this. If you haven't been here, try it. LBS1951
By: bintusorie
Thai Garden
this place has got to be the best Thai food restaurant place in the whole town not only is there customer service spectacular it was such a great experience to know about the Culture and also to talk to the manager he is very easy going and nice and the food delicious I mean have had a lot of Thai food I've gone to Elk Grove and places in Sacramento but then I went to Thai garden in and I saw it and to my surprise the food was delicious and mind you I'm very hard to please and when it comes to that specific Thai restaurant the food is beyond good I recommend anyone to try it for themselves you won't be disappointed and the prices are very reasonable very very reasonable you can get a whole meal appetizers to me the full course meal for under $20
By: angelaaiea
Bento Box
Bento Box Teriyaki Chicken is AWESOME! For years and years I’ve ordered teriyaki chicken in Sacramento restaurants, only to be served a dry overcooked piece of chicken with bottled teriyaki sauce across the top (not teriyaki chicken at all). Bento Box marinated their chicken and served it with cooked on teriyaki glaze. It was wonderful. Finally authentic teriyaki chicken in Sacramento! Thank you! To anyone who ordered sashimi, and sushi: Come on, think about it, that’s like ordering prime rib at MickeyD’s. A bento box by definition is a boxed take-out complete meal. Bento Box restaurant served a great bento box meal. Thank goodness it’s not another sushi bar that sells fried crap in a rice roll.
By: Liz K.
Thai Restaurant
This is a really great little Thai restaurant in the Loehmann's Plaza shopping area. The food is excellent and you can choose white or brown rice with your order. I especially like the green curry and it's not nauseatingly salty like many Thai restaurants. All the vegetables in the meals seem very fresh. The only thing I dislike is the parking at Loehmann's Plaza. Make sure you get there early or you'll be driving around looking for a place to park.
By: Serena F.
Coriander Vietnamese Restaurant
I had dinner here with a friend on a Saturday night because we were wanting healthy light food along with a night out in Sac mid town. Great location. Great healthy delicious fresh food. We had the wings, the BOMB, the sampler, the BOMB, and Pho too, the BOMB. Our server was John, he is the BOMB.COM. So if you're looking for a great place to have a delicious dinner on a Saturday night, or any time, day or night, YOU SHOULD GO.
By: David H.
Thai Hut
This is my favorite Thai food place in the Carmichael area. Everything Ive had here is good. The service staff cracks me up. If you try to order something spicier than a 3 they will skeptically try to talk you out of it (in a funny way). The owner always comes out and asks if you liked the food. When you say yes he says good, come back tomorrow!
By: Mark N.
Hana Tsubaki Restaurant
Simply the best Japanese food in Sacramento and I should know because I love Japanese food. I have been eating there for about 25 years. Their teriyaki dishes, tempura and sushi are fantastic! This is a nice family-run restaurant where you get great service and it has a very cool old-world Japanese atmosphere. I highly recommend it.
By: morvenl
Viet Ha Restaurant
The food is excellent, the staff friendly. I found this place in the mobile YP, read the review and tasted the food myself and was VERY surprised that a restaurant in Sac. actually tasted good, as if it came from the Bay Area. What made the food tasted even better was the great price for the meal. Large portions with a small price.
By: Lillian L.
Lemon Grass Restaurant
Our neighbors treated us to a lunch out today and introduced us to this restaurant. The chicken medallions in a light curry sauce served with Jasmine rice and vegetables were delicious. We had a yummy dessert--can't remember the name, but it was vanilla ice cream in Vietnamese espresso. The service was impecable.

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