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By: Maurice M.
Royal Oak Ford
I came here a week ago after applying online I was amazed the staff was able to get me financed when you consider I had a reposossion about five months ago Brock and Tim were very kind and helpful I purchased a 2004 Buick Ranier with every possible option it's red with grey leather seats I love the vehicle its runs great
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By: David H.
Royal Auto Sales
Great purchasing experience! I said what I wanted to pay and what was important to me. Before I knew it I was driving off the lot in a new (used) car!!! Less than 12 hours later the engine light was on. Royal auto sold me the car and that was all they were concerned with. As the issues puled up they did nothing to help. They wouldn't even call me back when they assured me they would! Within 7 months the car had engune, transmission, electrical, and tire problems! Royal auto did nothing to help whether it was under warranty or not. They assured me that they stand behind their product. False! They irony of it is that they claimed the mayor of royal oak purchased several cars there....I see why he would need to purchase more than one. They all blew up!!!Don't buy a car here! I'm in a worse position for doing so...
By: William M.
Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet
Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet sent me an email about a kease offer. I filled out a webform to get more details. They never e-mailed me back. Bad service.
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By: Cierra C.
Royal Auto Sales
My search for a blue or red Subaru Impreza WRX finally came to an end two weeks ago. I looked at over 10 different ones in the past three months, driving as far as Ohio and Battle Creek. I almost gave up on the Impreza and started considering other cars but THANK GOD I didn't. My brother texted me a link of the craigslist ad of a blue 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX which they had just posted that morning. I called and talked to Fritz to come see the car. I asked my boss to leave work a couple of hours early so I can make it before they closed. I got a flat tire about a mile away from the dealership so I called Fritz and let him know about the flat tire and to wait for me. Since I don't know how to change a tire I called my friend who lived nearby and said he would help me once he left work. I was planning on just walking the mile to the dealership. Fritz offered to pick me up which was very kind. I didn't make it to the dealership until 7:30, which is when they closed. Fritz told me to take my time on the test drive and not to worry about holding him up. Needless to say, I fell in love with the car two minutes into the test drive. The best part about the whole process is that they let you to have the car checked out by your mechanic before buying it. I don't have a mechanic so I had my brother take it to his friend's shop who works on his Subaru. They were okay with my brother driving it all the way to Port Huron for his mechanic to check it. The mechanic said the car was in great condition but it could use new tires all around. I was okay with doing that myself but Fritz scheduled me an appointment at the Belle Tire down the street from them and had it put on their account so I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY A PENNY OUT OF POCKET (YAY). Last but not least, I asked Mike to try to keep my payments under $300 since my credit union told me I would be looking at almost $300 a month for that car if I put $750 down. Mike was able to get me a an extra year on the loan and 2% less on the interest rate WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT which brought my payment down to $247. I COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE MORE SATISFIED WITH MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. I WILL RECOMMEND THEM TO EVERYBODY I KNOW!!!!!
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By: Ricky T.
Royal Auto Sales
Let me start this review off by saying that initially I did not have any issues with this business. They are all nice until after you sign then when problems arise they become hostile. After hearing so many no's I was relieved to finally here a yes. After all I was getting a car and would be able to have an auto loan that I can pay on my credit file. I have the credit score I just have no credit history. The bodies on the cars are great it is the mechanical issues that suddenly crop up a week after you have the vehicle. There were several issues that I had with the vehicle that I told Michael about after the test drive. He assured me that he would have those fixed. Of the problems I listed only 2 were fixed. I asked and he assured me that all the issues I had were taken care of. A week after having the car I noticed that one of the original problems that I told him about was still happening. It turns out that the AC Compressor is bad but I did not know this at the time. I only found out what it was when they gave me the appointment for the service center. I will admit the mechanic listened to a recording of the sound that I recorded the car was making and instantly knew what the problem was. He told me that the AC Compressor going bad and the crank. He told me he was going to order the part. The owner came assured me that the part would be ordered and the car fixed the next day taking about 2 hours. I received a very nasty and disrespectful call from Michael Bahi telling me they tried to help me but since I did a bad review F*** me we are on our own because he may not be the owner but he has more pull than anyone else (that's because he is the owners son) he's going to call the down there have them cancel the part and we get our s*** fixed on our own. Well I went back down to talk to the owner who likes to become argumentative and walk up on you aggressively. He stated that the only way they will fix the problem was if I take my reviews down. Well I took the reviews down just to get the car fixed. Since they were mad Michael called and said that they would not fix the car and it was now on me to fix.They do not provide you with a carfax report for the vehicle. They definitely do not provide the 150 point vehicle inspection report as stated on their facebook page. Because if they did I would not have purchased my vehicle that has an electrical problem as well as the engine misfiring. That had been in a severe accident. I was told that the vehicle had an oil change, new brakes, and tune-up. Well those statements were not true. I went to get an oil change and the oil was bone dry and it also needed a tune up which I also got and replaced the brake. While I won't tell others to not purchase a vehicle from here I will advise them to use extreme caution.
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By: Kate B.
Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet
Absolutely atrocious customer service in the service center. I was there for about 30 seconds when the guy locked my keys in my car and wasn't able to get my car til the next morning. When I came back the next morning they told me I'd have to wait at least an hour for the oil change because they had a few people in front of me. I took my car and left. I wouldn't let this place touch my car with a 10 foot pole. I understand mistakes happen and keys get locked in cars but that's ur job, your profession, you should know better. I'm nurse and I'm pretty sure if you came to me as a patient you wouldn't want me making any mistakes like this.
By: Mind S.
Royal Auto Sales
if you never seen a bucher then you need to go there. I met a seals guy name was ROB(terrible behavior) and who will rip you off. never go to private own dealer .They are horrible. I saw a car for me and I found chicken bone under the hood. You can imagine how clean they are.
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By: Brett M.
Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet
This dealer has the absolute WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT. I recently brought my car in for repair because I noticed that oil was leaking from beneath the vehicle. They tried three times - unsuccessfully - to repair the leak. The 4th time I took the vehicle in, the service representative called me and explained that their previous repair had somehow damaged another part of the vehicle. He explains further and says that verbatim: "General Motors does not cover this particular part of the vehicle that is now damaged, so unfortunately it's going to cost $270.79 to repair."I immediately requested that I speak with the Service Manager. The service manager tries to give me the run around with a bunch of technical auto terms & is still trying to convince me that I should pay for the part that his technicians damaged during repair in their shop. Basically, he was utterly useless so I asked for the contact information of the District Service Manager - i.e. the next in charge.This gentlemen was understanding and helpful and he told me he would tell the Service Manager that GM was going to pick up half of the bill. He also stated that he would try and get the Service Manager to lower his end of the 50% of the bill. I explicitly stated I did not want to pay for anything until I knew what the final bill was going to be.Fast forward 3 hours. I get a phone call from the dealership telling me that my car is "ready". Realize, I never received a phone call after my call with the District Manager that told me how much I would owe. I get to the dealership to pick up my car and there is a bill of $132.18. You can imagine how upset I am at this point. I start talking to the Service Manager and he basically tells me there is nothing he can do to help me. Their service department is dishonest, expensive, unprofessional, and lacks any integrity whatsoever for their "service". Steer clear of this dealership regarding ANY FORM OF BUSINESS.
By: Lisa K.
Royal Auto Sales
We just got my daughter a car from there since my husband really liked how they treated him when he bought his car. Other than their bathroom being on the outside (weird, right?) it was a pretty nice experience
By: ann.brummage.7
Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet
They are horrible lying manipulative bastards. I will never go there for anything again. I don't even go there to get my car serviced. The sales reps are liars, the service men are idiots, and all their goal is, is to make a quick buck in their pocket. They don't care about what happens to you when you drive off that lot, or if you can even make it off the lot.

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