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By: Thomas C.
Lake Area Appliance Service
The contractor took our service fee and ran! no part ordered and no service preformed?! what a rip off! We had to wait two more weeks for another service to repair our washer! I wish the service provider would have been upfront about not being able to preform the repair, instead of lying to my grandmother, cashing her check, and not bothering to call her back!
By: Ashley C.
Lake Area Appliance Service
Nathan was extremely professional, fast, and proficient in fixing our dryer issue, highly recommend!
By: Shirley W.
Lake Area Appliance Service
The repair man who was just here to work on my refrigerator was so nice, professional, and helpful. He explained the problem so I could understand it. He is an employee to be very proud of. I thought he said his name was Johnny, but his signature on the receipt is Donny. Thank you. I am impressed with your company.
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By: Khurram R.
Lake Area Appliance Service
Operator lady was so rude and lair. she addressed me as HEY then sir. 10AM-1PM window. Sent the technition to my house without calling me. And called me on no caller I'd number to let me know they have left my house. We were in the back yard. Do not recommend this company to anyone. Be aware...
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By: Janet Y.
Lake Area Appliance Service
Our dryer went out and Lake Area supposedly ordered a part that was delivered "damaged" and they never called to give us a status. After 3 weeks, they are still waiting for the new part to arrive. The customer service (two people I've spoken to on the phone) is horrible, and they are rude on the phone and are not helpful at all. Unfortunately, they were assigned to us via AHS, I will never use this company again nor do I recommend this company to anyone.
By: Chris R.
Lake Area Appliance Service
This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received. I can’t say it enough, let alone tell enough people. Having a home warranty this company was selected for me in Sept when my fridge started acting up. Long story short there was 2 different techs that had to come out 8 times(and still counting) to try and replace various parts. Let me repeat so far a total of EIGHT visits. To top that off each visit has a 4 hour window and they operate from 9-4 during the wk, completely inflexible for a single homeowner who works 60+ hours a wk. To top it off the parts that Lake Area installs are refurbished parts! Even the parts that were removed they would take back with them so that they would repair them. This is possibly why so many of the parts that they tried fixing did not work. The last visit the tech changed out 3 different parts, he then said the fridge had to be watched for a total of 12 hours to see if it works properly and to make sure it doesn’t get to warm and catch on fire! Not only do I not have the time, I’m also not trying to set my entire complex in flames. This is the most bogus “repair” advice I have ever been given. It is sad that Lake Area calls this a repair. Instead of saying that the fridge is unrepairable, they are now requesting a tech from the fridge manufacturer to look at it. This would be a 3rd tech and a 9th visit. I don’t have the time to yet again to leave my job. Absolutely ridiculous the level of customer service that is offered here. I am surprised this company is still in business to tell you the truth with how this situation is handled. I also partially blame this on the Home Warranty (American Home Shield) for allowing a company to take this many visits, for which I have cancelled my services with them. Going on 4 months of this and I have about had it, I hope that I can at least help as many people as I can by not doing business here.
By: Bob S.
Lake Area Appliance Service
TO CUSTOMERS AND THE OWNER from a customer, not a competitorThe owner tells you to check with the Better Business Bureau. They are not members of the BBB and have no reviews there, although I'm going to file a complaint. The repairman told me that our repair would be covered by our warranty, and the told the warranty company that it shouldn't be covered. The owner, Donna, flat-out lied to me about this and when I called refused to answer my questions. Will you believe the comments by the owner or everyone else?
By: K M.
A-FORD-ABLE Appliance Repair
Avoid this company at all costs. Please review complaints on Better Business Bureau's website along with other reviews. I failed to do so and as a result I spent over $300 on parts which were not even broken. Donald Ford simply throws parts at a problem rather than troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem. He also promises to come back and complete the repair and then never comes back, never answers calls or texts. In addition to technical incompetency, he is very unprofessional. He showed up with his wife and daughter in the car on one trip, another trip he had his wife come in with him. He also spent the entire time talking about his church and band.Giving him 1 star is being generous, if there were a way to give 0 stars, I would definitely give that rating! Another repairman came out and diagnosed the issue in under 15 minutes, it had NOTHING to do with the parts he replaced 2 or 3 times.
Tips & Advices
If the washing machine is overloaded or all the clothes are packed to one side, the imbalance can cause the washing machine to jerk and shake. These vibrations can be violent enough to slam the machine against other objects, possibly causing damage to its exterior.
Refrigerator coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Households with pets should clean their refrigerator coils more frequently.
To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends homeowners set their refrigerators at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and their freezers at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In terms of operations and upkeep, gas dryers are less expensive than electric. The actual savings depends on the cost of gas vs. electricity in the area. Still, gas dryers heat up faster than electric ones do, making them slightly more energy efficient. However, gas dryers are priced higher than electric ones, so homeowners should prepare to pay more at the outset.
Proper maintenance helps most home appliances last longer. Homeowner's should check their user's manuals for insight on how often to inspect, clean or upgrade their appliances.

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