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By: Philip N.
Beijing Restaurant
Anyway I decided to go to Beijing restaurant on South Main this afternoon when I drove up to the restaurant there was not one single car there it look like there has not been any business there in a while . I get out of my SUV and start walking towards the front door ... Then all of a sudden another SUV an older model drives up to the restaurant and a man jumps out of the suv and darts towards the door and cuts me off and opens the door right in front of me right when my hand was about to grab the door handle ... He then quickly darts towards the counter where the woman who takes the orders is at ... He started chitchatting with the Woman at the counter and holds up the line for like 10 to 15 minutes ... He did not even order anything he just wanted to talk to the woman at the counter I guess ... I sat at the table until he finally quit talking to the woman and I finally went up to take put in my order...Then the rude man and the Chinese employee woman look at me weird and so I finally walk up and order gung pow chicken . The food their is excellent ... The customer service wasting time chit chatting with a man who is not wanting to buy anything and just playing psychological warfare on people is not a good thing at all ...the owner of this business needs to know that this happened to me
By: Lance C.
China King Super Buffet
Tricky place to eat, and I live in Roswell. If you go right before, or during the lunch or dinner rush, you will get good food, consistently, at a good price.If you drop by at off-hours because 'you saw them covered up earlier' and now you think you're going to get a good table, FORGET IT. You are going to get ice-cold food, half-cooked food, etc. THIS IS A BUFFET restaurant, and the surge to refresh the bars are mainly during SURGE hours. Keep this in mind, before stopping. As for prices, excellent and affordable for what you get. Drinks separate. Service is good, and the establishment is clean.You can walk away with anywhere between a 1 and 4 star appreciation of them, based on WHEN YOU GO. Keep this in mind. I give them a 3, overall, but understand that this IS a BUFFET restaurant.
By: adrianwon
The Hunan Restaurant
They are fast and the food is delicious!

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