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By: Nikki D.
Sprint Store
Disrespectful, annoyed by customers, staff that is not trained and I felt like I was not important. 5 new iPhone's aren't as important as the employees chatting it up in the corner. Sorry I bothered them while they were at work. I waited just shy of 20 minutes to be approached even. I was one of 3 customers in there. I actually became buddy-buddy with the other customers because we all felt the same. Not one of us left with a purchase. Way to go. Down to Verizon I go!
By: Jim M.
Fix My PC
Fixmypc in roseville?OUTSTANDING ESTABLISHMENT, People in Metro Detroit's Place to Go!!! My experience here & from my research on about every other similar place around gives me the reason for my high praise to Fix My PC. I analyze, pay close attention to details, and have a natural great judge of character.. in which i only give praise where it is deserved. MY STORY: I contacted every PC store in the yellow pages literally, to fix an issue w/ my lap top. Every place would tell me I had to replace the whole item on the lap top ($45-$65) or if I just wanted to replace the specific part that was an issue the price wasn't much less($35).. TO SUMMARIZE IT: I was getting the same responses from all the other places and there were no other options to fix it, but I knew that wasn't true and they were just trying get $ that was not necessary. When I called here, I could tell immediately I was speaking with an honest very friendly person that finally told me truthfully they could resolve my issue which costed next to nothing. Shortly after I was leaving out their door w/ lap top in perfect shape again having mixed emotions; feeling great from the friendly staff, so impressed by how the guy in the back(which looked very busy) dropped everything to help me out.. but upset because I wish I knew about this place a long time ago! I will only go here for anything related to PCs, inform everyone I know to, and highly recommend you do the same! If I never contacted the other 50 plus stores, I still would feel the same way I do.. but it just makes my loyalty even that much stronger! It is PURE CRYSTAL CLEAR PROOF THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO CHARGE ANY EXTRA $ THEN THEY HAVE TOO. A more traditional place giving focus on what services and products they provide related to COMPUTERS w/seldom variety of anything that is not. Compared to usual franchised places you walk into with isles upon isles of items from vacuum cleaners to CDs to a cell phone store in the dead center. Where employees with not that much knowledge(especially due to high turn over ratio), could care less about you and more about the $20 that will be taken out of their check for the mandatory company polo shirt they have to wear.
By: Rachel J.
Fix My PC
Seems likea good business there honest ,and keep it 100 peecent real !!when its not often to finding honesty and businesses in this world is hard to find honest people.!! Therefore id reccommend going here ! And they took time to explain over the details to boyfriend and I..!when other places may not have been so honest..����
By: Tony B.
Skytalk Metro PCS
This place is beond terrible, its hideous. I was having trouble with my Android phone being slow and was told I had used too much memory on downloaded files and purchasing an SD memory card would solve the problem. The guy offered to install it and I said o.k. BIG mistake! Instead of transferring my downloaded files to the card he started looking at all my private photos of me and my girlfriend (some were non pornographic nudes of her) and he took this opportunity to DELETE all those photos. I guess they offended him. He then instead of transferring my downloaded files decided to DELETE those as well ALL of them!!! These were very important files it took me many hours of research to find and accumulate. HOW DARE HE! My very personal photos were absolutely none of his business. Not only is he a peeper but he deletes them. Then he purposely deleted all my data file downloads to boot. Would you like to be violated embarrassed and abused like this? Stay away from this place at all costs and warn others to do the same. You don't want to go through this.
By: klr18090
Fix My PC
I brought my desktop in here because it wouldn't start (after 3 power surges). I also brought in my xbox because the disc tray was jammed (my dog bumped it). I explained when I dropped off that I thought it was maybe the power supply because we had 3 power surges in a row, and then my computer wouldn't start. 3 days later they left me a voicemail telling me it is a virus and it needs to be cleaned out for $169. I decided to go pick up my computer and xbox because I didn't think it was a virus (I had zero problems prior to the power surges). When I went in and requested my stuff, the owner (Shawn) came out to speak to me. He wanted to know why I didn't want them to "fix my PC" and I explained I wasn't positive it was a virus. He talked me into leaving my stuff there and would look into exactly what was wrong with my computer and would let me know and we would then discuss the price. He gave me his cell # and told me to call/text him with any questions. After a week went by and I didn't hear anything, I texted Shawn. His response was "I'm on the road, could you please refresh my memory as to what we're doing with your PC? That way I can get back to you with a solid answer" I explained, and his only response was "Ok, I gotcha". I assumed I would get an answer when he was back in the shop. I never received another text/call. I texted Shawn again two days later, no response. Two days after that, I went back in to pick up my computer and xbox. The person wanted to charge me for virus removal and for my xbox. Neither were repaired (because I didn't authorize it) and I had to prove they were still broken by plugging them in for him there in the shop. My xbox was missing a piece (plate that goes around the disc tray) so I asked if I could it have it. The guy couldn't find it so he took my name and number and promised to call when they found it. I never recieved a phone call. I texted Shawn again, telling him I picked my stuff up and asked that they call me ASAP when they found the piece to my xbox. I never received a response. That was over a month ago. I took my computer somewhere else. Guess what?!? It wasn't a virus (shocker!!). A chip on my hard drive burnt up when the power surged. The new place was able to recover my info (used a chip from new drive on old drive) and put a new drive in my PC. All done within 24hrs. The run around I received from "Fix My PC" was highly unprofessional and in my opinion criminal. I wouldn't recommend anyone go to this place!
By: B. E.
Rude. Impatient. I hate this store!
By: jimmie.wyatt.9
Fix My PC
Fast great service great staff
By: Oldman P.
Fix My PC
These CLOWNS couldn't diagnose a damn HICKUP. They had my laptop for 11 days to figure out a battery and power supply issue and after all that time I became ANGRY and demanded my Laptop back and the idiot tried to tell me it "Has A VIRUS ! ! ! What the heck does a virus have to do with the charging system ? ? ?
By: mark.kolatski
Fix My PC
I took my pc there thay had it for 2 weeks and when I got it back it was worst then when I took it to them so I took it back and 1 more week shan toot me ti was fix so I went and got it and it still. Did the same thing I would not go there agan
By: rosevillemom63
Fix My PC
This was the best money saver, yet best product I ever got. I only had a certain amount to spend, but my p.c. was fried. I have a teenager in the home, otherwise, I might not have worried about fixing it so fast. I can still get by with the phone, where she is totally computerized, so off we went looking, asking everyone, everywhere, if they knew of a good place to go. It was our cable guy, who came to look at our p.c. who recommended Fix My P.C. Thank you cable man, the best thing I ever got out of that cable Co. LOL. They're totally trust worthy and I would go again anytime.

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