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By: Lillian L.
Ginger's Restaurant
We tried Ginger's for the first time and found the service to be efficient, i.e. I didn't have to ask for a refill on my coffee; the servings to be generous; the food delicious; and the location easily accessible. My only complaint is that none of their breakfast dishes came with toast. The biscuit was very good, but I like a slice of toast under over-easy eggs. I did not ask if they would substitute toast for the biscuit, but I will next time. I ordered the Hawaiian omelet, which had ham, pineapple chunks, and jack cheese. I wasn't sure that I would like the pineapple in the eggs, but it was surprisingly good. The hash browns were nicely browned and the biscuit flaky. My husband ordered a turkey melt, which looked delicious and was quickly devoured. He even liked their potato salad, which is not usually the case--he likes my homemade potato salad better, but Ginger's was still better than most restaurant ones. They also have a full bar, but since we only had coffee and iced tea, we can't comment on their drinks. I did notice the optional fruit selection at another table, and it looked much better than the fruit cup offered at many restaurants. An added bonus is that Ginger's frequently has coupons in the area mailers and also has an email club where you can score additional ones.
By: Sarah N.
Dave & Buster's
This is not a 5-star restaurant. You are not coming here for high-quality cuisine. What you go to D&B for is a good time! They have a sports bar with tons of TVs, a private room (that I am dying to know more about), a good-sized restaurant, and a giant arcade with games aimed at a post-Chuck E Cheese aged crowd. Most locations are 21 and over only after a certain hour, but this location is not. It is all ages, all the time. I have been here a number of times and have the same experience each time. The food is really not great; I think it is mostly offered as a landing pad for all the drinks you'll pour down your gullet. And there will be many drinks! They have them in so many shapes and sizes, it's crazy. I had a jello shot once out of a giant syringe because some girl came by our table, hawking them for $4 apiece. It was awesome. I'd love to tell you how much the games cost but, by the time I get over there, attention to detail isn't really a priority. Just be warned that there will be toddlers in the house, even at midnight on a Saturday. It can be sobering to see a 3 year old standing on a skee ball lane, but that's usually my cue that it's time to go home.
By: Lillian L.
Claim Jumper Restaurants
I regularly meet friends for lunch at Claim Jumper. We always get great service and delicious food. My favorite is their Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which is usually so generous that I take half of it home for another meal.I ate here three times last week--once for dinner with my husband because I had my $25 birthday credit on their Landry's card and twice with two different groups of former co-workers. Since we were using my birthday credit, our server knew I had had a recent birthday, and even though we passed on dessert, he brought me a complimentary red velvet cupcake, complete with candle. The next day we had the same waiter as the night before, so even though I was celebrating my birthday (yes, again), he knew I had already gotten the free cupcake. Then yesterday, we had a different waiter, who could tell we were celebrating my birthday because of the birthday cards I received. We ordered a dessert to share (which is our custom), but the waiter also brought me a to-go cupcake.
By: Sarah N.
Johnny Garlic's
I want to like this place so much. Unfortunately, it is just disappointing. I go about once every 6 months - exactly long enough to forget that I don't really like this place and think I should try it again. The atmosphere is fine, cool. Just right for having a casual dinner with grown ups. The food sounds GREAT on the menu, but never really lives up to the promise. I just ordered the Black N' Blue burger and the bleu cheese just kind of blended into the blackening spices. The banana chocolate chip bread pudding is tasty, but I don't know that bread pudding is the right word for it. One exception: the tri-tip sandwich with au jus is the best I've ever had in my life! Truly amazing. The service has been consistently disappointing. Waters are never refilled without a struggle and smiling may be against their rules. We ordered two drinks last night and no one asked if we wanted another when we finished. I kind of think the waitress wanted us gone. At 7:30.
By: A D.
Buck & Sadie's
The food was a bit pricey for burgers and fries. But, the food was good. The kids meals, however, most would be very disappointed. Quality of the kids burger was good, but like a tiny slider, my son never finishes his food, and was still hungry after. The kids boneless chicken was dry and tiny as well. And I was a little irritated that I was charged an extra $1 for a tiny side of ranch, that I would assume would come with a kid chicken wing meal. My kids were young, but it says through 10 year olds. They could stand to make the kids meals better. For the quality of the rest of the food, if they improve the kids meals, is give it a 5 star. And if you like beer, they had a fairly wide variety.
By: Kathryn H.
Mikuni Kaizen
We love mikunis! I have been to this location a few times, and the food is always on point and wonderful! Great rolls, options, sauces etc, but the service has been disappointing the last few times I was here. To just be greeted and get water took about 10 minutes, which is quite long for service standards, and again to order food just as long, good thing I was with my husband so we enjoyed our conversation, but I was pretty hungry, and it isn't the first time our service was t stellar. But the location is great in the fountains, and the food and drinks are always great too!
By: Jenny M.
House of Oliver
I came here to meet up with some friends for happy hour. I was running late so the other ladies had ordered already but when I got there, Rachel our server was very attentive to me and made sure I was able to order a glass of wine from their impressive wine list. She was extremely knowledgeable about their beverage selection and what might appeal to each of her customers. The ambience was light and the music playing was a fun mix of jazz and contemporary. We had a great time and it was perfect for chatting and medium size groups.
By: Andrea H.
Cibo 7 Ristorante Wine Bar & Spirits
Went here for my anniversary and father in laws bday. My father in law did not get his dinner until the rest of the table completed their dinner. The server has to do it all for these prices they can hire a bus person to fill water, bread and clear plates. The place was busy and the server had so much we filled our own wine glasses from our bottle. My sons soda sat so long at the bar it was water by the time it came to the table. Food was okay. Might go back but not with a large group again they can't handle the capacity.
By: Lillian L.
Chubby's Diner
We have enjoyed eating at this restaurant for many years. They have a nice selection of full meals as well as sandwiches and pies to die for. Their items are all reasonably-priced and their wait staff are friendly and efficient. They also run a daily special that includes either a salad or soup and bread. For hamburger lovers, there is a nice variety of burgers--our favorite is their bacon cheeseburger, which we almost always couple with a green salad with their very tasty ranch dressing.
By: Rob M.
Monk's Cellar
Great, comfortable feeling for a brewery. Cider was delicious as it was light and good flavor. I had the meat and cheese platter as a meal and it was perfect. The pickled onions on the platter were an interesting and surprisingly yummy touch. The only issue was we had a big group. The server got all of our names, told us not to move so she could get the orders on separate bills. When the checks came, most everyone had an issue. Overall, my group had a fantastic time.

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