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By: kevanr
Future Ford Lincoln
I'm a 22 year old guy who went in to the Roseville auto mall looking for a vehicle, I needed to replace my 1997 Cavalier and didn't have a lot of money to work with. I went in on a Thursday ready to sign my life away on the loan papers for a 2009 Nissan, and after the second test drive and 10 minutes, they came up and told me "You're all done, car is yours, ready to go..".Naturally I sorta freaked out, thinking they were just trying to get me to sign the loan papers without seeing what the interest rate was or hoping we wouldn't talk price, so I asked. "No, you don't have a loan, or interest, or payments. Someone anonymously called in last night and paid for your car in full over the phone. We've been waiting since then to make sure you came out and still liked the car before we told you.."My buddy and I sat there rather dumbfounded and asked them if it was a scam, it wasn't. An anonymous caller paid off my car in full, all I ended up doing was trading in my old car towards it. Four hours later I drove out of the parking lot in a 2009 Nissan with less then 60,000 miles on it.Every salesman knew what was going on, and no one said anything till after the finance guy told me what happened. I'm still speechless as to what my response should be, but all the guys there were just really friendly and honestly I have no idea how they all managed to keep straight faces.Huge thanks to: Travis, Jesus, AJ, and Alex, you guys made this a blast. Any vehicle I look at getting in the (distant) future will be from you. 5 Stars across the board for all of you. Alex is one of the sales guys there that although he received no commission off my car, he sat down with us and kept us preoccupied so the time seemed to go faster. Awesome job man, it was cool talking to you, and grateful for everything you all did.From my experience at the Roseville Automall, Future Ford is where its at. Avoid Infiniti at all costs, they stereotype every customer that walks in and hound you like lobbyists.If the person who bought me the car ever reads the reviews I'm putting up, just want whoever you are to know I'm incredibly grateful for the generosity that was displayed and someday I hope I can pass it on and do something similar for someone else.
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By: Kevin M.
AutoNation Honda Roseville Service Center
There are certain events in life that we don’t expect to find pleasant and one of those used to be buying a vehicle. However, due to an especially great group of people, you don’t have to dread it anymore. These guys make it about you, not them! AutoNation Honda made sure our family had a great experience when we recently bought a new Honda Accord. In particular, Dominick Daurizio, worked with us, and it was a pleasure. This was no old-fashioned experience. Dominick had all the papers prepared and we had reviewed them from the comfort of home before the sale. He gave us all the information we needed to choose a vehicle and asked us how we would like each aspect of the sale to happen. We got nothing but exactly what we asked for in every way. There was absolutely no pressure, but a level of customer service that addressed our needs and put a car in our garage. In fact, he offered to deliver it to our house, since we were busy and it was late in the evening. We don’t want to forget to mention that we bought this car for more than a fair price and I researched that carefully. Honestly, there is no reason not to make your next purchase at AutoNation Honda and we highly recommend that you ask for Dominick. We were also fortunate to have all our financing handled by Gary Pistochini. He is amazing, as well. This is our second car from this dealership in the last couple years. Our first experience was just as pleasant and went just as smoothly. Give Dominick the opportunity to do what he did for our family, and you will stick with this dealer just like our family has had the pleasure to do.
By: Jeff H.
Future Ford Lincoln
It's never a good thing when your car stalls out as you pull into oncoming traffic. But, it's a machine. One thing I learned long ago was that things simply break, how they are fixed is the true test. And yes, it's a machine and anyone driving one should be aware of what's going on around them when driving, because they do break. My 2010 Escape with 87,000 miles did just that, pulling into traffic after work and it stopped, then went into limp mode. I barely got it into the turn lane as cars were coming at me, but I did get it to limp back to my office parking spot. Unpleasant. So do we make it worse? Yes let's call the dealership, this should be fun. "Here we go" I think.Nope. I called the next morning, I have the Ford Factory Certified Vehicle with the Ford with the Ford extended warranty, not some generic one. I bought this car with I think less than 25,000 miles. What did I get for my trouble? Tow truck at my office less than 15 minutes after I called. Bob Taylor jumps on it. Warranty on the throttle body, while it was in they updated some software and took care of an unrelated recall item.Cost? Nothing. Got it back a day and a half later. Tow covered as well. Not once did I insist on the warranty, Bob simply told me it was handled. Not once did I threaten, argue or demand, Bob never gave me the chance.This is why I bought the vehicle there, this is why I am currently looking to get a full size truck and it's where I'm buying it.
By: Kari D.
Future Ford Lincoln
From the moment we arrived this was the best experience I have ever had in a car dealership. Warm welcome , not pushed, actually fun if you can imagine....:) begin with Mike D'Angelo the big guy who played professional football & wrestled (big teddybear actually} introduced us to Kentucky Arvin and if you want to experience southern warmth & hospitality meet Kentucky he has all that and more from the information about each truck we looked at to the test drive and understanding a lady's vision of what a truck should be like as well as understanding my man's requirements under the hood. And to complete the day introduced to Ron Aria in finance.....where the most pressure is expected....considerate, informative, offered options we had not even considered, understood the budget we were maintaining got a wonderful price on my car and a fabulous interest rate on the loan. And my new truck will post a sticker "silly boys....trucks are for girls" If you want to enjoy the experience then I suggest you enjoy the hospitality and expertise of the guys at Future Ford Roseville. Sincerely, Kari Damron
By: yray612
Justbettercars.com Inc
First of all I just want to thank everyone at justbettercars for their great customer service. The experience of buying a car at justbettercars was fast and easy, the best service I have experienced. Most of the other dealers I've been to in the past is always pushy and they all have bad communications with the customers. The staff there at justbettercars makes sure the customers is comfortable and pleased before they start the transaction, especially Clay, Jay, and Scott. They all made buying a car easy and fun which is suppose to be. Well, I wished I could have bought the Lexus IS250 but it was a little too much for my budget. Instead we bought the red 2010 Toyota Camry SE, which I can say is a great car and my wife is very happy with it. You know woman, if their happy life is better. Thank you all at justbettercars.com
By: Brian D.
Future Ford Lincoln
Car buying the way it should be! I wanted a new Mustang and I wanted certain options that weren't on any of the cars on their lot. Don Hutchings spent a couple of weeks finding the car I wanted and then walking me through the process of picking out options I wanted, getting them ordered, and ultimately getting them installed. My new car is perfect! They were upfront about what it was going to cost to do what I wanted to do and the total price ended up being very reasonable, with no "hidden" costs. Since I bought the car, the people in the parts department and the service department have been extremely courteous and helpful. I've bought cars here before and I always come back because I receive the same great treatment every time. I'll never buy a new or used car anywhere else.
By: Kindra Q.
Gary's Auto Sales
My 19 year old son was recently in a car accident totaling his car, we were searching for a truck for a reasonable price so he was able to pay with settlement from insurance company. After searching several used car lots in Roseville and Sacramento, online and Craigslist we came upon a truck Garys Auto Sales had for sale, make and model my son was looking for. By the time we got there and finished with test drive the banks were closed and didn't have all the cash on hand. They held the truck for us for the following day without charging a holding fee like most used dealerships. The employees were nice, helpful and trustworthy. I've already referred other family members looking for a car to them.
By: Abigai I.
Justbettercars.com Inc
Thank you for your follow up email. I appreciated your patience and being able to work a deal within my budget range. It was probably the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. I think that is why it has taken me so long to purchase another vehicle because of the usual hardball, back and forth negotiations involved. I feel the process was very fair and worked out well for all involved. I have already given your name to a couple of family members who happen to be looking for vehicles for their respective daughters. Thank you again for your great help. If I have any questions, I will definitely contact you.
By: lydiaa986
Justbettercars.com Inc
I wanted to take a minute to tell you how well I was treated regarding the tire issue. From the mechanic to the manager. Everyone was top notch. I was made welcome and felt like a VIP even though I'm a normal guy. Your dealership is by far the best I have been treated... I know as I have purchased multiple vehicles from dealers all over. I will send everyone who needs a vehicle to you in the future so they can know what a car buying experience should be. Thanks for treating me like a person and not an account. No BS... you guys are the best around. Thanks.
By: Leilani K.
Future Ford Lincoln
I had an emergency tire situation early Saturday morning and I called the service department (thank goodness they were open) and spoke with John in the service department. He said come on in and we'll take a look. I went there and thank goodness they were able to get a replacement tire from the warehouse and fix my tire. They had a business center I was able to work in during my wait and if not a customer service area with a huge screen and plenty of free coffee and water. They cleaned my car and vacuum it too....Thanks for saving me!

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