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By: Elise F.
Mary's Pizza Shack
We've been enjoying the food and drinks at Mary's Pizza Shack since it opened in Roseville. Everything we've tried has been delicious, but you absolutely can't go wrong with the classic Mary's salad and the Spaghetti with Meatball. The salad is always fresh and the house dressing is the perfect amount of tangy, without being too vinegar-y. The Spaghetti and Meatball has a classic meat sauce, but it's unlike anything anywhere else. The spices are perfectly balanced to enhance the tomato base. The meatball is classic and HUGE. This entree is easily enough for two meals, which is why I always order it so I can enjoy it for lunch the next day. We also highly recommend the vegetable calzone. Again, large enough for 2 to share or save for leftovers. Additionally, it is a very child-friendly environment and they've been terrific about customizing my kid's orders (one won't touch her pasta if there is even a trace of parsley on it). Give it a try!
By: Kathryn H.
Chuck E. Cheese's
I brought my 3 yr old, 2 yr old and 3 mo old for lunch today. I was disappointed in the security today. They have a check in and check out booth as you walk in the door and there was nobody checking in when we arrived. And as I was getting my newborn in her car seat, my 2 yr old was at the front door by herself, she went past the check out booth bc again nobody was there. I felt a false sense of security that my kids wouldn't walk out the door bc there is a check out point you aren't suppose to pass without a stamp check, and my child almost left the building. And lastly when we went to leave, again- nobody there, so we just walked out without our stamps checked, three families around me just left. Not good. On the positive- the kids have a great time-Even when they run out of tickets they sit on rides or go down the slide etc, they have a wonderful time. The pizza isn't the best, but it is decent.
By: Samantha A.
John's Incredible Pizza Company
I love this place! It is great for kids no matter what age. We had my daughters party here, it was a lot of fun for everyone and older siblings were able to come along and have some fun. The cost was affordable because I only had to pay for the individual children, without having to pay for kids that did not come, or the additional siblings that were there for the fun. I liked being able to keep the cost down but include more. The buffet is good depending on what you want, the pizza and the soft serve are awesome but the rest of the choices are only ok. There are a lot of games and rides, but there are always several that are not always in working order. Weekends are very crowded, try to go during the week if you can. All in all - one of the best indoor family places in town!
By: Jackie V.
Chuck E. Cheese's
Always busy and crazy in there. They expanded the building and offered a younger kids game and ride side and a bigger kids side. Pizza is decent. I give the service 4 stars because everyone is young and I wouldn't want to work there so they do a good job. Once had a negative experience where worker was making fun of disabled people in front of everyone ( my child is disabled so not ok) and made complaint, but other than that instance everyone is friendly and kids have fun. I like that they can not leave with anyone else and person is at door. Best chuck e cheese that I have been to and cleanest, with most working machines. Better to go on weekdays early.
By: Kathryn H.
Chicago Fire
I love this restaurant! Especially the Sutter st location. The pizza is the best deep dish pizza with amazing sauce I have found outside of Chicago. They have great salads and wings too. And their dessert- the cookie and ice cream- gotta try it. It is an atmosphere that allows families to come too bc it is a louder environment (not too quiet where everyone hears every peep from the children). They also have great drinks at the bar. My husband enjoys their assortment of beers and I like their fun fancy cocktails. One of our favs!
By: R M.
Final Gravity
This place is awesome! The variety of micro brews and wine caters to anyone that LOVES beer. If you can't find the beer you want they have 5 or 6 large fridges that hold all other types of micro brews! The atmosphere is so casual and fun. It's great place to hang out with friends and enjoy great beer or wine. They also have the deli next door that offers delivery right to your table. The food is great and love that you don't have to go anywhere to get a great burger or sandwich!
By: Kim S.
Cool River Pizza Roseville
Cool River Pizza makes for a fantastic meal! And Amy, the owner, is always eager to work with different groups from OHS to feed the masses-no matter how big or small. She also keeps her establishment clean, which can seem daunting based on its large size. Since we also have food allergies in our family, Amy is patient and knowledgeable when it comes to her ingredients. Kids of all ages seem to love the assortment of board games while they wait for their fresh baked pizza!
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By: Jennifer P.
Chuck E. Cheese's
My son loves this place. One of the best locations to go to for fairly cheap fun. I love their pizza and so does my son. I normally take him for bonding time so we can eat and play games together. It's really cool that you don't have to carry around tokens at this place. It's all on a card that has a wristband. This is a cool feature as you don't have to worry about losing tokens. Good food, fun time, good atmosphere. Would recommend for fun for kids.
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By: Amy I.
John's Incredible Pizza Company
We recently had my daughters 10th birthday party here. The host of our party was great he entertained the kids by making balloon animals (5th graders do not care about balloon animals) when it was time to leave the party room and go play games we waited a 1/2 an hour for the manager to bring us our bill as well as the kids game cards. When I complained to this manager about how long we had to wait she was extremely rude and very unhelpful.
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By: Tricia C.
Round Table Pizza
I usually like round table, however this location seems to be lacking. One time the pizza wasn't good. Another visit took forever to get our pizza. This last time we had a room booked for a team party, turns out so did another team. However neither of the two rooms were reserved. It was very disorganized and understaffed. If they would have written down the team parties, they might have been able to staff appropriately.
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