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By: stephaniem
Cookie Connection
good cookies, poor customer service! email i sent to mgmt today 11/10/12 about my experience.I just wanted to share the experience I had at your Roseville location yesterday. I came in with my children around 4:15 and ordered 4 cookies. I was serviced by a tall young blonde. She never greeted me. I had to ask for help. When my transaction was complete she left my cookies on the counter then walked away. She then came back to say "Thank you" as an after thought. I got into my car and cracked out the yummy cookies you're known for. I went to eat my oatmeal raisin walnut cookie and it was hard as a rock. I got back out with my kids and walked back in to tell the same young blonde who assisted me that I didn't feel my cookie was fresh and showed her how hard it was. She was completely rude, took it from me and as she was walking away to your back room she said "it feels soft in the center to me". I couldn't believe how rude she was! She challenged the complaint of a customer over a cookie?! What happened to the "customer is always right"? I swapped it out for another crackle cookie and left. I routinely purchased your cookies for clients as a "thank you for doing business with me" once my sales transactions close. I can honestly say that I won't be doing business with you guys after this experience. I highly recommend you give a lesson on manners to this employee of yours. She is a liability to your company as you've already lost one frequent customer and I'm confident that you'll lose more if she continues to practice this unacceptable behavior with more of your customers. I suggest you teach her this adage:"A happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world” is an old business adage. A happy (or satisfied) customer often doesn’t say anything or tells just a few friends, but an unhappy (or dissatisifed) customer tells many more people to warn them.
By: Melinda J.
Mrs. Fields
Best free cookie I ever got! I've bought the cookie cake before for my kids birthday party, super easy to cut and very tasty! They also have mini hot dog in a pretzel, which is my favorite there. They also have frozen yogurt. A great variety.
By: Kathryn H.
Cookie Connection
These are the best, most fresh cookies! They are huge and so yummy! My personal favorite is the crackle cookie! Omg! So delicious! Great selection of cookies! Great gifts to give it just have them at parties!!!
By: Amber M.
Kelli's Best Inc
Great place for a refreshing shaved ice. One of the best in our area. Lots of great flavors. Very generous portions. Cute outdoor seating area. A favorite treat spot, especially in the warmer weather.
By: Lillian L.
Mrs. Fields
Mrs. Field's cookies are wonderful. I walk at the mall regularly and walk past the store several times on my walks. The aroma coming from the area of the store call to me (and lots of other people, too).
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By: Dana A.
Kelli's Cookies
We LOVE Kelli's Gourmet Cookies! The cookies are super fresh, use all natural ingredients and freeze well to enjoy later! We are looking forward to celebrating my daughters birthday there on Saturday!!
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By: Janet C.
Cookie Connection
Their cookies are delicious. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. They also do day old so you can get a discount. They are very friendly. Prices are good.
By: Dara D.
Cookie Connection
It's so worth the trip across town and venturing into the parking lot to get these cookies! We love how soft and chewy they are! And the selection is always great, too.
By: Lucille B.
Cookie Connection
Really good cookies that make a nice treat for friends and family. Sometimes you can buy the day old cookies for half price and they are almost as good.
By: T H.
Cookie Connection
Amazing cookies! I am never disappointed coming here... not a bad cookie in the house. A little pricey but totally worth it for an occasional treat.

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