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By: Brooke R.
Dv8 Tattoo Body Piercing
When I went to the Good Neighbors of Roseville page on Facebook to ask for recommendations on a place to get my 6 year old’s ears pierced, DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing was overwhelmingly recommended. After going in to have the work done, I can understand why!I called the day before we wanted to go and spoke with the owner Rick who asked that I bring my daughter in for them to talk to her about the process and make sure she seemed ready to them. He made the statement that he likes to make sure the child doesn’t feel like the piercing is something being “done” to them, which I appreciated. We headed straight over and Rick spent about 30 minutes talking with not only my husband and myself, but with my 6 year old as well. We looked at the different options for earrings, met the piercer at the shop, Marshall, and showed her the room where she would be pierced. After just the consult I was really impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by both Rick & Marshall which just confirmed my decision to have professional body piercers complete the work rather than heading to the mall piercers.So the next day we went in. Up to this point I’ve failed to mention that I was getting second holes in my ears (I previously had 2nd holes which were pierced too close to the edge…one ripped out and I let the other close up as a teenager after the other ripped out), and my nearly 70-year-old mother was also getting her 2nd ear piercings as well). We got to the shop and Marshall helped us with selecting our earrings. He was very thorough in explaining all the different price points for the earrings options available to us. We all chose what I believe was the most expensive option, the opals, but we LOVED the flat backs for both comfort and lower risk of hair being caught in the jewelry. After prepping for the piercings and marking my daughter’s earlobes, we were lucky that Rick was available so they were able to pierce both ears simultaneously. For a 6 year old this was perfect. They did a great job, and Marshall continued to check on my daughter as he pierced my mother and myself to make sure my daughter was still okay. Marshall took his time with us which I appreciated since 2 more customers were waiting for his services after us. He never made us feel rushed.When I first considered going to a tattoo shop for my daughter’s piercing I was little uncomfortable with the idea, but after our consult (which was both my husband’s and my first time stepping foot in a tattoo/body piercing shop) I was 100% confident that going with a reputable trained body piercer was absolutely the best choice. Rick explained everything thoroughly and answered all our questions completely. It may be more expensive than mall piercings shops, but it is totally worth the extra expense. The only negative to this shop is parking stinks. There aren’t too many parking spots and most seem to be taken up by employees. We parked around the corner and made-do. Be careful, the sign shop next door that appears to have parking is marked as a tow-away zone for people not customers of the sign shop.When/if my daughter wants her 2nd holes pierced in a few years, we’ll be back to DV8, no question!
By: Monique H.
Dv8 Tattoo Body Piercing
Took my daughter here to get her ears pierced. She had been wanting this for such a long time, but was terrified of the actual procedure. They took their time with her and explained all her options and procedures. Everything was sterile and they ensured a positive outcome. She's so happy with them!!
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By: Jena T.
Dv8 Tattoo Body Piercing
Got my first piece done here and I have never been more in love with something in my life. Jay was the one that did it and I would highly recommend him.

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