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By: anonymous2981
Pizza Rustic
I'm giving this place 2 stars only because I can tell that they use premium ingredients. However their pizza is DEFINITELY not worth the money. I've been a regular customer since they've opened and it's just gone downhill. At first they had $5 carry out large cheese pizzas and they were great! But for some reason their pizza crust has gotten SUPER THIN!!! It's pretty much like eating paper with some toppings! I even went as far as to ask if they sell deep dish or pan pizza simply to have something with more substance. They only sell regular or thin crust, which doesn't make much sense considering that their "regular" pizza is pretty much a thin crust pizza. They load sauce and cheese on top and the pizza just falls apart in your fingers, and the toppings slide off onto your plate. I've brought this to their attention and I literally got YELLED at by their store manager! He is extremely unprofessional and not willing to work with his customers AT ALL! After repeatedly being told that they were sorry about the pizza and that it wasn't supposed to be thin, I gave up. It's obvious that this place is stuck in it's ways and they will continue to send out whatever they want and charge you for it. Beware...if you order a lg cheese delivered, you'll pay $8.99 plus delivery fees for a thin crust messy pizza. You're better off ordering from Mustang Pizza or Perry's Pizzeria and spending the extra dollar. At least you'll have a 16 inch (Pizza Sauce's lg is 14) and it'll have some weight to it. When ordering a Pizza Sauce pizza, it feels like you're getting an empty box every time! Terrible waste of premium ingredients!
By: Nakia misskia A.
Philadelphia Style Pizza & Sub
Omg!! the food was awesome! My first time eating from this place and I was pleased! I ordered a pizza and sub and did not want to share with my husband, that's how good it was!! lol.....The food was mouthmelting!! The restuarant was clean unlike others that i had visited in the area!! I will be returning very soon like today!! thank you guys!!

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