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By: Joan G.
Elite Towing & Transport Inc
After an accident they were the company that came to tow my car. I did not call them, police did. I told the driver I wanted my car towed to my mechanic which was 5 minutes away. He gave me such a hard time and only until I refused to give him my keys did he listen to me and take my car where I wanted. Without the keys towing it was a little harder for him. That was what I had to do to ensure my car would go where I wanted. I shouldn't of had to fight with him, it is my car and he should be understanding and respect my choice. After all, it is MY car.
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By: Yvonne m. P.
Elite Towing & Transport Inc
WORST SERVICE POSSIBLE!If it is possible to give a business minus 11 stars, this would be the place that earns it! Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. They claimed that they did not receive the ticket from my roadside assistance until 1 minute before I called them to see why they had not yet arrived after I waited for 1 1/2 hours! Then I was told that I would have to wait for another 1 1/2 hours for a tow! NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. If your roadside assistance mentions their name, decline and ask them to look for someone else!
By: lisa.cantrell.1800
Elite Towing & Transport Inc
as we arrived for my son to take his drivers license test I noticed an awful noise in my car. I called my mechanic and he said not to drive it but to have it towed. I called my roadside assistance service and they set me up immediately with 80 that was to arrive in one hour. I was not upset as it is the day after a holiday weekend and resigned to wait that hour. I received one call automated that asked if the truck has arrived 15 minutes before its ETA. I said no and waited for the subsequent call that they promised that would supposedly check after the ETA had passed. At 945 15 minutes after the ETA, I called the roadside assistance company back to find out if there had been a problem. They call the dispatcher who told them that the driver was in traffic would be here in 15 minutes because I was his next call. At 1015 that is 30 minutes later, I called back to ask if there was a problem once again they contacted the dispatcher who said the driver was still in traffic. Since this is Long Island and I know that unless someone is coming from the city it is little chance that he was going to take that long, or at least a dispatcher would not have the sense to dispatch a truck that was as far away as it could possibly get. Meanwhile I was sitting in the car with my son who needed to get to school and I called again and this time I was told that they were very sorry but they were backed up but he would be here within 15 minutes to half an hour. I asked that the call then be cancelled and I get another title company and I was told that the dispatcher said well I'll send somebody else they will be there in 5 minutes. As you can guess 5 minutes came and went and no tow truck. At this point I called my husband to work 15 minutes away and ask him to leave work and drive our son to school. At 11 o'clock high called back to cancel the tow truck and at the same time I got a call from said dispatcher saying that she had texted me and where was I the driver was in the parking lot. I told her that the driver was not in the parking lot that I was in and she gave me some crazy address which was nowhere near here and told me that was the address that she has been given. She told me that I needed to understand that I wasn't the only person that they needed to come to. I explained that having been waiting two and a half hours I was not in the mood to listen to this stuff but that I have been told the driver was in traffic. It had nothing to do with an incorrect address which of course I have found since I checked with the roadside assistance company was not in correct and as far as I'm concerned these guys suck. Big time I have asked that my roadside assistance company discontinue use of them since all I can find is lousy reviews and I find their customer service as lousy and as dishonest as any I have seen. I'm thinking they should run for Congress.
By: tobbigboy
Elite Towing & Transport Inc
At around 11:30 on a Saturday night it appeared to be my tire had a very severe leak. I immediately got to a safe location where the tire could be changed. At this point I realized changing the tire for the heavy duty truck in the severe weather would be near impossible seeming I'm not very experienced at the task. I call roadside assistance and have no choice but to wait till the estimated time of arrival which is 2:00. I decide to just go take a nap at this point, later around 12:45 I am awoken by a vicious banging on my window. Thinking it's the tow truck driver I open the window to find out it's not the tow truck driver but a mere nutcase trying to get in the car. I immediately close the window back up and he disappears. Waiting frantically at this point the tow truck driver finally shows up, not at the estimated time of 2:00 but 3:00, the driver gets out of the truck and starts going to town on the tire. As he's doing the tire 20 minutes Into the job his poncho blows off and he is chasing after it for a good 2-3 minutes before he gets it. At 3:45 The job was done and I was on my way. Not impressed.

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