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By: kristin.efurd
Ucr Medical
Unfortunately Rachel you are wrong. I cant say that your 35 year old male friend is not a druggy, he may in fact be one. Drs trust their patient to be honest about their pain. You have some that will lie in order to get pain medication for abuse or to sell. Drs arent psychic and they are their mothers, they cant follow each patient around like a puppy dog and make sure they are taking the medicine the way it is prescribed. I know someone that without pain medicine would not be able to perform simple tasks that you and I take for granted. Your damning this facility on one persons ignorance of pain medicine use. Its people like you who cause others to struggle for treatment of pain because Drs get in trouble because of people like your friend are liars and abusers. You apparently have never watched someone die a slow death that even morphine could not control, I have!!! Keep your negative comments to yourself and instead get help for your ignorant friend.

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