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By: Traci M.
Martin Attorneys P.A.
What started out as a great experience, has quickly went downhill since converting my case to chapter 7. I turned in my list of creditors 6 weeks before my court date, but I found out at court that the information was not updated. They sent them back to me, saying I needed to call and get account numbers and amounts. I was able to get all of the information, except for 1 creditor. I sent it back to them about a week after court. Now, almost a month later, they are asking me for the list again, saying that the deadline has almost passed and it needs to be updated. This will be the 3rd time I have sent them the information that they requested. Everytime I try to call to talk to one of the individuals handling my case, I am sent to voicemail and calls are not returned. Why is it so hard for me to do my part, but the people that I am paying, are unable to do their part?
By: calvin.hobbes
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
Long story short...I got into some hot water with a DWI, and this wasn't my first run in with the police. I got word from a friend of mine that Norwood and Norwood was the place to call, and it was. My attorney Cody Dowden was able to talk to me, both on the phone and in person, and kept me sane throughout this entire process. Even though I was scared about going to jail, he stayed cool and professional. He was able to get me no jail time, and just a fine, and in my eyes, that is a miracle. Cody has even called me after this thing was all over just to see how I was doing and to see how my new job was going. If you or somebody you know ever needs an attorney, I suggest you call Norwood and Norwood.
By: mydawgdylan
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
I guess that I had too much to drink...I honestly didn't feel drunk, but when I got pulled over, they told me I was over the limit. Since I found the bar I was at using the yellowpages, I found Norwood and Norwood the same way, and read some of the good reviews. As it were, they live up to the hype. My lawyer, Cody Dowden, was a nice guy, explained everything, and he makes you feel as though he's got your back....and that's important when it seems no one else does. In either case, my charges were dismissed because the cop doesn't know the law as much as my lawyer. I know where to go if I get in trouble again, but I won't be doing that for quite some time. Thanks Cody, and Norwood & Norwood.
By: ryanjs
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
I was 100% pleased with the help that I received from Norwood & Norwood. From my very first meeting I could tell that I was in good hands and with a firm that really cared about me. I had made a foolish choice and received a drug possession charge. The attorneys worked hard for me to not only get the charge reduced, but to get it taken off of my record after a short period of time. Without the help of the Norwoods and their team I would have been held back in life by having that charge on my record. If you are looking for a group of people that know what they are doing and truly care about their clients, look no further.
By: ms.teal
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
when i got busted on a drug charge, i went to Norwood and Norwood because i heard that they were good people. Cody Dowden was able to work with me and he was so easy to talk to, and i told him everything, and he explained the whole process and even though they were trying to throw the book at me, Mr. Dowden worked hard and was able to keep me out of jail and, best of all, kept it off my record. the guy saved me, and i owe him. you can't get better results than that. i would highly recommend Cody to anyone and everyone.
By: W.
Martin Attorneys P.A.
I was in car accident that total my car. I was hit from behind. There were minor injuries to me and my sin. From the time I contacted the law office e until the settlement, I was handled with concern and respect. During that time it was hard to think through things, but I know they had me and my son best interest st heart and that is worth more than anything. I received compensation to continue with my life like before the accident. I was not set back financial or physically.
By: bugsapplegate
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
myself and two friends got pulled over one night for speeding. the consequences for that ticket would have cost me my license and my job, not to mention jail time. cody w. dowden handled all three of our cases and got the charges reduced to six points on our records, but best of all, he kept us out of jail. this was my first time having to get legal representation for anything. norwood and norwood made this process quick and painless for us.
By: destinatumvagari
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
I was charged with a DUI, Unsafe Driving, and Refusal to take a breathalyzer. I went to Norwood & Norwood because of the reviews I found here, and they definitely stood up to all the hype. Cody Dowden was my attorney and he was very professional, without being condescending. He got me the minimum sentence possible and helped walk me through every step of the process. I will most certainly be using them in the future, if the need arises.
By: Grace M.
Martin Attorneys P.A.
I was involved in a very bad and dangerous relationship with my sons dad. After ending it I contacted Stephen to place a restraining order on my Ex. I met with him a few times and he was very helpful and caring through the whole situation. He knew exactly what I needed to say on the stand to make my point clear and with in two weeks the papers were signed and everything was safe and sound.
By: felicia6890
Norwood & Norwood PA Attorneys At Law
I thought the worst was go8ng to happen when I was arrested and thought for sure I was going to have more jail time and a ton of fines. After Cody Dowden took care of my case I was shocked. No jail time at all! I thank him so very much my case could have been much much worse if not for him. I would recommend Norwood to anyone looking for a good attorney! Thank you Cody.
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Each state has different mandates on how child support is determined. But there are some basic factors that underline how costs are determined in each state, including:
  • Income level of parent that needs to pay support (in the case of joint custody, the costs are determined by income of each party and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent)
  • Financial needs of child
  • Child’s standard of living before the divorce occurred
This is a divorce in which one party does not have to prove that the other’s actions lead to a deterioration of the marriage. The reason for divorce is listed as "irreconcilable differences" or an "irreparable breakdown of the marriage,” meaning the marriage was no longer working and could not be repaired.
Family law attorneys are helpful in cases where the two parties are not on amicable terms. The lawyers can act as intermediaries between the two parties and help them come to any settlement agreements, however long that may take. Lawyers can also help parties navigate tricky state laws regarding settlement agreements and child custody, thus expediting the process.
A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree on either the necessity of the divorce as a whole, or how assets (money, property, etc.) and child custody should be split between them in the divorce. An uncontested divorce is when the parties are in agreement on how assets and child custody will be split between them. These divorces can sometimes be handled without hiring a lawyer.
It is possible for a couple to get a divorce without hiring a family law attorney. If the two parties are in agreement on how finances, child custody, properties, etc., will be split, then they can file the necessary court documents themselves and avoid the services of a lawyer.

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