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By: Heather W.
Brieshi Salon & Spa
I just moved to the area from San Diego over the summer and had been getting my hair done in Vegas while I am there on business (which is a lot). Still, it had been way too long and I needed something done before embarking upon my first business trip of the year. The hair was looking baaaad. I was flying out on Saturday, January 2nd and January 1st a lot of salons were closed. Since Brieshi is in the mall -score!- they were open on New Years Day. Alas it's usually a warning if a salon is in the mall, but I'd walked past and they seemed legit. I was also really happy they use Aveda products. I make an appointment online and I am quoted pricing via their online system. Their system required a $65 deposit. Now, I understand no-shows suck, but in South Beach, FL (where I am from), San Diego and in Vegas I have never once encountered a deposit to see a stylist. I could have met her and decided she wasn't the one for me, but I was already $65 in. Usually the consult is free, they give you pricing (because really an internet program cannot do that) THEN you decide. That should have been red flag #1 for me.I see Courtney who is VERY nice and we go over what I want. I show her photos and I tell her I want to be lighter. Not bleached and not a peroxide look, but about two shades LIGHTER. I leave darker... and I was charged for toner; which is supposed to use for a) either to fix something that went wrong or b) to give the desired color after lifting - I wasn't going red or strawberry blonde, so I wonder why she did this instead of a gloss. The color looks fine, it is definitely better than how I walked in, but it wasn't what I asked for and Courtney should have quoted me costs BEFORE getting started. Oh - and I was charged $55 for a trim. Not a cut/style - a trim.When I checked out my bill would have been $255, however they applied my $65 deposit and a $20 first time customer "coupon". That still seems pretty steep to me. And yes, I have paid much more for color/cuts, however, in this instance the price was not commiserate with the services I received.Alas, my search for an actually GOOD salon in Northwest Arkansas continues. I find their practice unethical; if she was doing "custom color" on me and the pricing was to be higher than she should have notified me of such. The screaming child no one attempted to comfort just added to the ambience...My rating: thumbs down on this one.
By: relaxdevaom
Brieshi Salon & Spa
I have been to Brieshi Salon and Spa on a number of occasions and would go back again especially to see Autumn the spa therapist who works with mani & pedi, facials, waxing, and make up applications. She has done all those services for me exception the facials but it's been a great experience. Autumn is very picky about her work so she pays close attention to details. Your eyebrows will match up perfectly no fear. She does a great polish and I know she gets repeat customers because of the long lasting application her work provides durablity too. I've had a hair cut or two also with different stylist and each visit was positive for me. My hair is thick lots of work but it was evenly cut to my requested style. I think her name was Tracy. Easy to communicate, seems very experienced with technique.
By: rickb123
David James Salon
Great service, very friendly, a top notch staff of stylist and colorist. I visted Heath Carroll, and I must say this young man has the talent, the knowledge, and skill of some of the top Stylist in the country. He listened to what i wanted, ensured he was clear on what I wanted, and then gave recommendations which built my confidence in him. I had a highlight, color, and cut and was in and out in less than an hour and half. Amazing! I have seen gifted people and then guy has the gift of styling and coloring! I also got to meet the new owner Angie during my visit. She has great personality, very friendly, and ensured that I loved my hair! I will definately be returning to Heath Carroll for all of my hair needs going foward!
By: maythehorsebewithyou
T Michaels Salon
Superb quality and FABULOUS service!!!! I went in to get my nails done. Wanted a set of white tips and filled in acrylic. Let me tell you, they turned out AWESOME!!!! Ask for Shawnda (I THINK that's her name. I'm terrible with memory.) the nails did NOT look fake or lumped or brittle. They looked beautiful and were SUPER tough! I worked with my horses all week with them and never had them chip or break. Overall excellent service, comfortable, friendly and excellent quality everything. Totally over the top! I'll be going here again whenever I need my nails done. Might try a hair appointment next. look no further. THIS is where you need to go.
By: Shelby R.
Colene's Elite Hair Fashions
I am a fan of Jammey Kidd and of Colene's! I have been taking my whole family to him for almost a year now. He has the ability to make the impossible 13-year-old happy with a modern style as well as cater to my 80's hairdo. He took 10 years off my husband with the last haircut he did for him. He also was able to do a "Joan Jett" haircut for my youngest daughter - now there is no more crying and fighting in the morning before school!! Thanks Jammey!!!
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By: Salon E.
Salon Exclusive
Welcome to Salon Exclusive! Our mission is to provide you with the highest degree of customer service. We are committed to performing our craft exceptionally well, and to continue to further ourselves in the education areas of our skill, both within the salon setting and in the external REDKEN community. In order to provide you with the utmost professional service we strive to make every hair experience better then the last.
By: Diane H.
Jammey Kidd at Colenes
I am a no-fuss girl who spends zero time on my hair. Jammey gives me a beautiful cut and my hair looks "fixed" everyday, even though I do nothing. Last time, he also gave me highlights that look very natural. I get so many compliments on my hair. The price was much less than I expected for all the attention I get. I look better than I have in years.
By: Melissa D.
Brieshi Salon & Spa
This review is for the esthetician Jess, I haven't had any other salon experiences with Brieshi. She is AMAZING! She is nice, quick, and very good at her job. It was less painful than usual and no hairs left unwaxed! I just moved and can't find anyone who compares to her, I would recommend her to everyone, especially first time waxers!
By: solacesalonsucks
Colene's Elite Hair Fashions
I really love this place - my grandmother and Colene were very good friends but besides that, I have been going there for nearly 20 years, have always seen Eva for my hair, and now my daughter and son go there. The decor is a little dated, but fun to look at at the same time - give them a try!
By: cindy.huffman.90
Infinity Salon
I always have excellent service there. I've been going there ever since they have been open! Jennifer is always very kind and considerate. I just love her and all of the staff there. She always does a great job! Very pleased!

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