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By: mabellhowell
Katz Dermatology
I am 31 years old and have horrible hollows under my eyes ever since I can remember, of course since I'm not getting any younger they weren't getting any better plus in that certain horrific lighting I could see the hollows were very uneven. One side was worse; the other side went down further. I was scared to death of getting any type of injections because of the risks or side effects. Well after several years of hearing "you look tired" "you look sick" "didn't you get any sleep?" etc. I finally decided to go for it; last Friday which was 3 days ago I went to the dermatologist that my friend recommended to me, Katz dermatologist. Dr. Katz do the consulting and discussed the treatment that I will undergo, now I understand everyone is different but wow, I had no bruising and no swelling that I could see. He injected it deep onto the bone. He used half a syringe. Although I probably couldn't used more we both agreed to leave it as is for now and if I wanted in a couple weeks, He could add more. The hollows are nowhere near as pronounced as they were. I will definitely be doing this again, Very nice improvement. Dr. Katz was conservative and wants to give me an improvement in the area that I’m having a problem with, and instead of overfilling you and making more money in one shot. He did a good job!
By: haroldjames
Katz Dermatology
I was on vacation last Nov 2012, prior I’d Lost 25 pounds, but for the first time not so happy with my Face. Im a 50 Years Old, Felt i had a few wrinkles, pale, No pores showing. But I started Moisturizing at 15, Never went to bed with makeup, I am a Half French and a half Italian. So I decide to treat this wrinkles with a facial Dr. Katz Dermatology, it was been recommended to me by my Friend. Dr. Katz Studied my skin thought it in good shape for my age and not getting regular facials. He thought I should have one every other month. He took off my makeup. Then massage a cold cream into my skin, placed a warm sage smelling towel on my face. Cleaned the cream off then applied a silver mask. There was a machine with rolling balls that massaged deeply felt terrific. He also applied creams to my neck and declotte and did a great job on my hands, then left gloves on that. After many steaming after each step and the incredible smelling towels, I was done; He cleaned up my eyebrows, and massaged a serum into my face. Then handed me the mirror, I thought I'd had a face lift, seriously. I then realized that the eye lift I'd been putting off had caused deep wrinkles across my forehead and nose. They were completely gone. I’m serious. Not a single wrinkle and this lasted till beginning of Jan. So happy-
By: bobbygraham
Katz Dermatology
I have been suffering to acne since i was in my teenage years before I sought treatment. I saw three different dermatologists and no one made my scarring gone. Myself esteemed was shot and i was all afraid to face a mirror. Then my friend recommended to me Dr. Katz, during my consultation i was blown away by his knowledge. We started the treatment right away and after 2 weeks we already seen the result. I can’t see the scarring. 3 doctors did nothing to improve the scarring and then Dr. Katz makes them basically disappear. I strongly recommend Dr. Katz to anyone with acne scarring. He offers a variety of treatment options and can gear different options to your type of scarring. He cares about his patients and is always adding a special touch, whether it is asking about my pooch to remembering things I told him in the past. I know with how I have been treated by him and his dedicated staff that anyone seeking any procedure will be very happy with the experience and the results. Thank you Dr. Katz for making me feel beautiful!
By: rosetteturner
Katz Dermatology
I had a treatment, it’s a permanent injectable. I had it under the eye area and also along the jaw line. It's not my first time with Dr. Katz, but it is my first time with this particular Treatment. The reason that I came in was seven years ago I had a procedure and my results from another doctor had not been to my approval, I had some awful like rippling effects under the eye, and it just was not smooth. I've done treatments trying to correct it and I've never left the house without a makeup on because of how concerned I am with the look of those results in the past. I found Dr. Katz and we've been doing some Restylane injections around my temple area and brow bone area, trying to fill in some of the areas around that eye area that I was concerned with. He and I discussed injecting the treatment which is better. It's a more permanent solution to cover up that rippling effect. I've looked in the mirror and I'm ecstatic what my results are and I'm really happy with the results
By: matthewhabel
Katz Dermatology
This is a GREAT dermatology clinic ever!! I have been to dermatologists all over the state and I have suffered from adult cystic acne for years. I have been on antibiotics, Accutane. I have tried everything, nothing worked. I made an appointment with Dr. Katz and I found his office to be a refreshing and informative experience. He is very professional and specific. He listened to my medical history and all my concerns. I have a new found faith in modern doctors. Dr. Katz made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They opened my mind and eyes to 'fixing' my skin problems. I feel hopeful that Dr. Katz really does want to help people that suffer with skin problems. He offered her treatments and alternatives to products I was currently using. This office does not pressure you make drastic changes to your life or wallet. The office is easy to locate. The office is nice, clean and welcoming. The staff is also nice and helpful! I will definitely recommend this clinic to all!
By: samanthalei
Katz Dermatology
My skin has been breaking out like crazy ever since finals last December. I haven't broken out like this since I first came here but I'm assuming its stress and hormone related. The inflammation has been pretty constant since then so I set up an appt Asap. Had I just been consistent, I probably could have saved myself the new breakouts and scars. From my understanding and research, it does take about 3 months for acne to form so all these suckers have been creeping there way up to the surface and Face Reality tries their best to extract the hell out of them in conjunction with their homecare regimen. I really have to commend their customer service here at Katz Dermatology. Other than that, their products really do work so it’s important that you follow the regimen Dr. Katz will give you. I recommend ANYONE to come here. My skin is perfectly clear.
By: jeaniepres
Katz Dermatology
I found out that Dr. Katz could help me about some complexion issues I was concerned about and he took the time, much more than I usually spend with any kind of doctor. To explain everything to me and recommended several products to help, including affordable, over-the-counter and available at drugstores and facial cleansers, moisturizers. He also gave me several samples and coupons for said items, which was very helpful. I felt very comfortable and he addressed all of my concerns and wanted to really educate me about how to take care of my skin. He also gave me some general advice for my skin and hair. Information was made available to me about laser hair removal. I look forward to seeing the results in a few weeks from my new regimen. Either way, I feel confident that this office would continue working with me to get the results I'm after.
By: markav
Katz Dermatology
I was terribly scared in an alarplasty gone wrong by my last procedure. My face was uneven, botched and scared so bad I had a hard time leaving my house. When I had an initial visit with Dr Katz we came up with a game plan that he also talked over with colleagues, I wasn't a typical case. We scheduled the procedure and the office helped me stay comfortable and at ease during the whole time. After the surgery I knew it was going to look good. Keep in mind I have had the doc prior to Dr. Katz do this on me 5 times, to keep trying to fix and re fix the damage, So I could tell right away it was aligned even and my suchers were placed evenly. 2 weeks after and I am so happy, I thought I was going to have to live with that horrible disfigurement for the rest of my life..Thank you Dr Katz, I am so happy, Dr. Katz saved my face.
By: tonyschimdt
Katz Dermatology
I am 58 years old and have lost volume in my face causing me to look older than I think I should. I went to Katz Dermatology for advice on what to do to achieve a more youthful appearance. I ended up having, among other things, Dr. Katz suggested to me Radiesse injections for my cheeks to replace the volume and I am thrilled with the look. he applied some topical numbing cream and it really didn't hurt much at all. Dr. Katz is an excellent in injecting me on my cheeks. he is very careful not to over inject me. I loved the instant results! I also had the Mixto Laser treatment all over my face and Juvederm in my lips. It sounds like a lot but the outcome is just a younger, fresher looking me. It did not alter my face in a way that would make people ask "what did you do?" I feel so much better about how I look.
By: felixm
Katz Dermatology
I have used Juvederm for both my lips and my nasolabial folds. I had my lips done initially about a year ago with Resylane and was really unhappy with the results. So I did more research and visited a Dr. Katz, who took all the time he needed to find out exactly what I wanted. He spent time taking pictures, looking at my face, talking it all out. This time, we decided together on a full syringe, distributed between my lips and my nasiolabial folds. The Dr. Katz used a numbing gel on my lips and laugh lines. He then had the nurse shoot cold air on the spots he was working on. I did not feel a thing at all-nothing. He also gave me pills to take home for 2 days. I LOVE, love the results. Dr. Katz left me with literally NO bruising, no pain, and such minimal swelling I felt totally normal going out the same night.
Tips & Advices
Cosmetic dermatology is a specialization of the field, which focuses on a person's appearance.
See a dermatologist if you have recurring problems with your skin, hair, nails or mucous membranes, or for any concerns about cosmetic appearance. Medicare patients will likely pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount if the health care provider covers dermatology for a medical skin condition.
Dermatology tends to be covered by insurance if it is deemed a "medical necessity." The amount of coverage and cost depends on the specific health plan.
There is such a thing as a pediatric dermatologist--medical professionals who treat children from birth through adolescence - usually for skin conditions most common in younger patients. Regular dermatologists can also work with children of various ages.
Dermatologists can perform biopsies, dermabrasion, hair removal, laser surgery, cosmetic injections (like Botox), Mohs surgery for skin cancer, skin grafts, vein therapy, and chemical peels, to name a few.

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