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By: Vince O.
Winnebago County - Animal Services
Rating? You have to be kidding me, they are lying killers and wcas is a murder hole. I spoke to an employee about surrendering our two female pitbulls { we had to move} I was told "You are doing the right thing". Two sisters Blue Razor and Tri-Color Bully. My brother and I was told if they pass a temperament test they will go on the adoption floor until adopted "Lies". We took them in on 12-7-16 and guess what during receiving their condition was normal...However on 12-8-16 they were murdered and the kicker is that my brother and I was there dropping off our kitty at the same time our babies died. The kitty made it. The reason they were killed was because they were emaciated. How does a pup go from normal then 18 hrs later to emaciated? God is watching you wcas. I cant submit this without a star rating so here are 5 stars for horrible.
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By: Tomisue F.
Winnebago County - Animal Services
DO NOT GiVE ThESe PEOPLE ANY ANIMALS THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE THEY KILL UR BELOVED ANIMAL it's just awful, go to Craig's list give ur self at least 6-8 months if u r trying to finds lemons for ur pet, it's hard work but u have to check their home and look into who it is trying to adopt me ur pet but it's better the this Plc, PLEAsE DO NOT GO HERE
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By: Amanda Z.
Winnebago County - Animal Services
PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY!! I wish I could give this place 0 stars. We adopted "James" a Carmel/tan chihuahua from them on Wednesday May 13th and took him home knowing he had kennel cough and they gave us medication for him. 2x a day for 7 days. The next day, Thursday May 14th we went to Alpine View in Rockford to get the second opinion required by Winnebago. The dr that saw James (renamed Nico) was in practice for 21 years so we trusted him. He told us that he had a innocent heart murmur and said it would cause no harm and he had most likely lived with it for all his life. We said ok and left. My fiancé Dan and I sent in photos to Winnebago to update them on Nico's life at home. They posted them on Facebook with a quote of what I sent them and what not. A week later he was getting worse so we took him to a trusted vet in my home town of Naperville and got a 3rd opinion. After X-Rays and a thorough examination we were told he had Pneumonia, Fatal heart disease, and an enlarged heart. After a tough night we decided to not put Nico through any torture so we decided to put him down. After reading our paperwork from Winnebago we understood that we needed to surrender him back to them to be humanly euthanized. After many tears and phone calls to Alpine View they said that Nico was perfectly healthy when they saw him and deny anything to do with a heart murmur. They said "Good luck with Nico" as I held my sick dog in my arms crying with anger at their horrible Dr who refused to even speak with me. A week after surrendering Nico back to Winnebago, and thinking he was put down after he would have been examined (with their surrender notice saying "if an animal doesn't pass a temperament exam or health exam, the animal will be humanly euthanized according with Illinois law") and failed with having pneumonia and heart disease. Winnebago re-adopted Nico (James) out to another person less then a week after we dropped him off with vet paperwork to prove of his illness. I know this because they posted a series of 4 photos with him in them with his blue ID collar with his ID number on it and visible in the photo (344224) with the caption "adopted" paired with the photo. I was and am appalled at the unprofessional nature of this counties animal service facility and the veterinarians that they partner with. NEVER ADOPT AN ANIMAL FROM THIS SHELTER! All they want is to make money! They do not care about the well being of animals as shown through my Nico getting adopted out when I was told he will die in 1-2 years (even on heavy medication) because of this heart disease. I urge whoever adopted James/Nico to get him checked by a vet you trust and either get him some medication or put him out of this horrible cycle he has been put through. My fiancé and I are in contact with the State of Illinois to peruse this Animal control facilities wrongdoings and to bring the Vet at Alpine View to justice after 21 years of this horrible treatment to animals.
By: corgan68
Winnebago County - Animal Services
Very dishonest staff, and an instant death sentence for most animals. DO NOT BRING YOUR ANIMAL HERE! I found myself in a situation where we were no longer able to keep our cat with us. After many weeks of deliberation, with all of the local no-kill private shelters with waiting lists and no one to take him, I reluctantly brought him here. I did so after being convinced by this facility that they would make every attempt to adopt him out. Being that he was a pure-bred Siamese with a gentle temperament, difficult as it was, I left feeling assured he would be adopted quickly. They euthanized him the following morning and made not attempt to even process him in. Very disgusting.
By: kryzstl
Winnebago County - Animal Services
I, in good faith, relinquished ownership of my dog so you could find her a home. My daughter went off to college; I work full time and go to school full time and my dog needed someone who could provide more attention. Since I had adopted her originally from the shelter 18 months ago, I was told I MUST RETURN HER TO THE SHELTER (I was informed this is in the contract you sign when adopting a pet) so that WCAS could place her in a good home. I gave you 18 months of vet records, her items from home so she would feel safe and secure, and I drove away crying but knowing my dog needed a home where she could get attention. She loved to go for walks and play fetch for hours, but I couldn't give this to her anymore. AND, WCAS, YOU KILLED MY DOG AND PUT HER TO SLEEP IN A MATTER OF HOURS AND NEVER EVEN CALLED AND GAVE ME A CHANCE TO GET HER BACK. When I dropped her off, you told me I was required by law to relinquish her to you rather than find her a home myself. You, the front desk staff and office manager, and the vet (see website) should be ashamed of yourselves. PET LOVERS BEWARE!!!! THEY LIE AND KILL!
By: emmlet
Winnebago County - Animal Services
DO NOT bring a lost cat here. I found one that was super loving and friendly. Totally adoptable. A little skinny, but healthy. I also said that if they found it to be unadoptable to call me and I would take it. I called to check on it a week later since I hadn't heard back, and they had put it to sleep. They said the vet put the reason as it's face being swollen and possible head trauma. This is absurd that they would put a perfectly adoptable cat down for a bump on the head, and without even contacting me first. They don't care about animals at all.

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