By: Lamar G.
Chicken King
Food is on the decline. It is like the cooks do not care anymore. This place has gone from sugar to crap within the past five months. I even stopped going to the place for a couple of months only to go back and find out the food quality has declined.
By: Victoria W.
Chicken King
I love the food there. The service is fast and the food is always fresh! Must try the fried shrimp and hamburger steak. Everything is a good choice though. Prices are cheap and its enough food to share!!!!
By: Thomas S.
Chicken King
I went to eat here last week and the food selection was phenomenal. I have been bragging about it ever since. FiVE STARS
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By: slm29732
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
The chicken tastes fresh and homemade. I do love me some Lee's.

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