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By: Scott B.
Crown Auto Sales & Finance
We had tried a few other car dealerships and were told "due to your short length of time on the job, you're going to get a NO where every you go"I work contract, make well above average income, at Crown, they looked at me as a person, the fact that I've been doing the same job for 22 years (on contract) not the amount of time I was at this particular company on contract.Before we even set foot on the car lot, I had sent in all my documentation (Drivers Licence, Proof of income, residence etc.), Brian and John (I think that's the right name) checked my information, interviewed me for the loan and had an approval amount before even getting there.Although we chose a car we absolutely loved from the internet pictures, it happened to be about $4,000.00 more than our approval, but they worked with us, our down was only $500.00 more than for something in our approval amount, we received a much lower interest rate than expected.They deal with people from all walks of life, from those making minimum wage to those making over $150k a year...no matter what your situation, you're not brought in with a false sense of what you're approved for then sent to what I call the "Dog Pound" of ratty cars, you know up front before even going what you're approved for and are given a choice of late model, quality vehicles (in our case we were determined to get the one we fell for).Brian had the car we were interested in waiting for us when we showed up, handed us the keys for a test drive and when we returned, it was a matter of getting the car on our insurance, signing the paperwork, paying the downpayment and we were on our way!!!You will be treated with the respect and integrity you deserve, nothing hidden like 99% of the car dealers out there.Everybody was friendly, they make you feel like family, they're professional and don't pull anything over your eyes...If you're looking for a car, bottom of the barrel horrible credit or top of the chart excellant credit, you're going to get awesome treatment...I recommend this dealer (with multiple lots to pull from) 150%...
By: lissa85
Auto Pro's/Auto Sales
I am writing here today because of the most generous act I've ever had someone do for me happened yesterday by the owner of Auto Pro.I work full time, go to school part time and have a 11 month old daughter. I live with my fiancee but it seems like no matter how much we work, after all the bills are paid we don't have much money left over. I was at Aldi getting groceries, I don't shop there often but since we're having some money issues this week I couldn't really afford much. Plus I was going to pay for them with my credit card, that was the only way I could pay for them. I got up to the the register, had all my groceries unloaded, then I decided to ask, "do y'all take credit cards?". Of course they DO NOT! I was pretty upset knowing i'd have to go someone else and spend time I really don't have doing the same thing over. That's when Darrell (who was in line in front of me) said, "ma'am, excuse me, put those groceries back up there, i'll pay for them". I just looked at him in disbelief and said, "are you serious?!". At that point I knew he was and the tears just started coming! I gave him a hug and thanked him over and over. I just can't believe a complete stranger would buy my groceries! Stuff like this just doesn't happen anymore. It just restores my faith in humanity, there are still good people out there! He doesn't know anything about me but he trusts me to pay him back, which I am of course! I just had to write something on here today. If he has a big enough heart to buy a complete strangers groceries I know without a doubt he is a honest businessman. If I were needing a car or going to recommend a friend, I would defiantly tell them to go see Darrell at AutoPro!
By: robbie.hill.50
Cherry Autosales
some ppl just out and out kill me....first of all Jason w. I don't sale junk....im not a liar....dmv rejected your paperwork due to your address not being updated....I don't keep up with how often you move or what address you have submitted to dmv, that's all on you!!!! your tag and registration were obtained as quick as I could get them....as for your car being junk....I beg to differ....I have you leaving my lot spinning gravel and squealing tires on my camera system and you drive that car all over Rock Hill....not many running hot,junk vehicles would take your abuse!!!!! BTW....IF YOU DONT BUY FOR CASH....THEY HAVE THIS THING CALLED INTEREST!!!!!!!! AND YOU WAY EXAGGERATED THE PRICE OR THE INTEREST!!!!!!! I READ EVERYTHING BEFORE I SIGN MY NAME ON ANY PAPER AND YOU DID TOO!!!!! BE HONEST OR JUST DONT BE ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!
By: Ray T.
Galaxy Auto Sales
I'm very satisfied with my used car purchase. I initially looked at a vehicle I liked, then went home and ordered a Carfax report. It showed this to be a one owner car, in spite of the high miles (cars generally last a lot longer than in the past). I received an excellent price, and everyone was friendly and efficient in processing the sale. I'd recommend them, and I'd definitely go back. The owner and his brother appear to be honest people.
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By: jerry4343
Allen's Autos
bought a number of cars from allen, went on to sell the cars for much more than I paid for them, so he must sell them to cheap, no problem with me, right now looking to purchase another. People should know when you buy a used car, it is just that, not a new one. Over all, I think this is a honest guy, would recommend you to go see him.
By: Jose X.
I bought a vehichle from 60 miles away. I called and Robbie gave me great advice on securing financing then when I came to pick up the vehichle his daughter did my paperwork while he went over the vehichle and filled it with gas. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still thrilled with my "new to me" SUV!
By: Freddie P.
You Select Auto Sales
This dealership has numerous high quality vehicles. We wound up purchasing a very nice 2012 Volkswagen CC. The car had 4 new tires and the oil was recently changed and the overall car looked to brand new. If you need a nice high quality used automobile do not hesitate to shop here.
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By: Kris J.
Wanted Wheels
Got my 2nd car from here in the last two years and both have been great. Got a very good deal, and even though the first car had high miles, I haven't had a problem out of it. Gonna need a car for a teenager in another year, and I'm sure I'll be back.
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By: Carl O.
Finance Motors
hey no bad experience with em , whatever was wrong they fixed and were right on the spot , if u pay in time of course !maybe need sum better mechanics . altogether : good place to buy a car as far as i can tell
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By: Gamecock11233 T.
Finance Motors
i love this company they worked with me and hellped me get in a car. i had bad credit but they gave me a chance. im in a nissan altima and it is still running perfectly. thank u finance motors

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