Meader Family Dentistry in Rock Hill, South Carolina with Reviews -
By: Lorie G.
Kool Smiles
Brought my 28 yr old son who has a TBI. The girls at the front desk were ok. But, really need some lessons in being a little more people friendly. We waited an hour for our appointment. While waiting, had to endure the stench of urine. That whole facility smelled! The tech that took us back and did an X-ray, wasn't professional at all. Kept asking my son questions about teeth that he didn't have!! The "Dr" came in and said there is nothing I can do for you. I asked her what we were supposed to do and she said I will refer you to a specialist and walked out. I watched a tech (hopefully it was not a Dentist!) walk up and down the hall like she was half a sleep and just looked like she dreaded being there. If she had been in our room, I would have definately walked out! Number 1, this place needs to be cleaned up and not look like you just opened a room and threw some chairs in there! Number 2, the employees need some classes on how to run a business! Starts with the owner
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By: Typhanie M.
A Healthy Smile PA
Greatest experience! I have been terrified of dentist for many years to the point I refused to go. Dentist in the past have criticized me because of my teeth and made me feel like I was a disgusting person. I'm 34 and never smile showing my teeth in pictures because I'm embarrassed with the overcrowding and broken smile. Pain is what made me search for some dental help, and had I known this office was this amazing I would have came a long time ago! From scheduling the appointment to addressing a plan to help me get the smile I want to be proud of, my first experience was 100% satisfaction. The staff is wonderful, welcoming, caring, as well as encouraging!!!!! I was so nervous that I was sweating, shaking, and crying before I went, but I walked out feeling like family and at ease. They addressed my concerns, found an infected tooth and extracted it at my first visit! I have complicated teeth, but the dentist and assistant never once showed disgust or aggravation. I am extremely pleased!
By: Twana M.
Kool Smiles
I am new to the area and visited Kool Smiles for the first time today. I was a bit disappointed initially because my insurance verification took an hour before I was seen by someone. I came in contact first with Ana at the front counter, who was very patient, pleasant, and professional....and is honestly the reason why I chose to continue waiting. I also found Nicole and Christina to be friendly and professional. I must say, "Christina is the BEST hygienist EVER!!!" She made sure I was comfortable the whole time I was in the dental chair. She also took her time and was not satisfied until the stains I had on my teeth [from drinking coffee] were gone. The best part of my visit: the cleaning was not painful at all. I have already requested Christina for my next cleaning in 6 months. It's great to know that "A+" customer service still exists. Thank you all for exceeding my expectations. Blessings, T.M.
By: Lindsay T.
Kool Smiles
I hate to hear the negative about this Kool Smile office because we have had pleasant visits for the past 2 years. They were great and fast with both my 6yr old and 2yr old! We recently had a crown (for the second time) on my daughter and the hygentists were awesome with the prep and the dentist was wonderful when she came in as well. Each time I have been able to sit in the chair and hold my daughters legs as she has had the work. She laughed and we all conversated throughout the visit. The receptionist is always pleasant on the phone and when we are there. And the accts lady is just as pleasant. The card system was down when I was there but we did the work and they billed me (which is by far cheaper than the prev dental office we went to). Never had an issue and will continue to go back!
By: Kim D.
Kool Smiles
It is an okay place if you want the Walmart version of dentistry. I had asked about the dentist looking at our records from our previous dentist. Their response was "well the dentist does not have to look at the them." I questioned the dentist about few areas of concern my previous dentist was worried about. He response was "well it looks fine to me" with out even looking again. I was shocked. Do they not know or not care, not sure which. Our cleaning was fine, but if you want someone to care about your families teeth and to be knowledgeable about problems, then this is not the place for you.
By: Mona L.
Kool Smiles
The early morning schedule was amazing! The facility was very clean and smells so good. The staff were very friendly and so accommodating. Since I was the first few who was there, waiting for the dentist was not a long wait. I completely understand that it might take a little while to wait for the dentist during peak hours, so I can suggest that maybe having more than one dentist in site might be helpful.
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By: Precious M.
Kool Smiles
I loved my daughters dentist! My 4 year old is very feisty and refused to cooperate with the nurses and staff at first. However the dentist was very patient and kid friendly. She talked to my daughter and explained everything to her step by step! For my 4 year old that was perfect she was involved and it made her feel like she was in the driver seat! The receptionist are very kind as well.
By: Azul L.
Kool Smiles
we have been taking our children to this office since it opened. my children love it there and although we have had to wait in the past like the previous reviewer stated, it is worth it. the hispanic lady up front always greets me with a smile and the entire team is so friendly. the dentist is funny too. i recommend anyone, adults or children to check this place out.
By: Mark C.
Kool Smiles
this office is by far the best dental experience i have had. the front office staff is so friendly and helpful. when they call your child to the back you are allowed to go with them which makes me feel more comfortable with my little one being so young. the entire team welcomed us and gave my children books to read while they waited. i highly recommend kool smiles.
By: Konna J.
Kool Smiles
The people are nice but the wait time at the Rock Hill location is ridiculous! 45 mins before going back and that's with an appointment. Even had to wait 15 mins. for the dentist after the technician had cleaned his teeth. That's TOO much wait time in a visit, especially for a TWO year old. This was not the first time we've had this long of a wait. Unacceptable.
Tips & Advices
Dental hygienists are required to attend continuing education classes, and the amount of continuing education that is needed varies from state to state. Depending on the state, dental hygienists must renew their licenses every one, two, or three years. A certain amount of continuing education is necessary to successfully have this license renewed.
Dental hygienists can perform teeth whitening. This procedure is used to brighten a discolored smile. It's possible to whiten teeth at home, but you'll often get faster results if you turn the process over to a trained and skilled professional. Dentists and dental hygienists often use stronger bleaches to whiten teeth than those that are available to consumers over the counter.
The costs associated with getting the education required to become a dental hygienist depends on the type of degree chosen. For an associate's degree, expect to spend an average of $22,000. For a bachelor's degree, the average cost rises to $36,000. For a master's degree, it would take an additional $30,000 on top of the costs associated with getting a bachelor's degree.
It takes a minimum of two years to become a dental hygienist. This is the time required to obtain the associate's degree that qualifies them for licensing in a particular state. After obtaining a degree, they'll need to pass national, state, and regional exams to begin working as a dental hygienist.
The are certain key differences between a dental hygienist and a dental assistant. A dental assistant performs tasks such as disinfecting instruments, managing patients' dental records, and assisting dentists during procedures. Dental hygienists perform a more advanced set of tasks, such as polishing teeth and removing tartar, plaque, and stains.

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