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By: danielmcgroarty
Pineapple Jack's Restaurant and Bar
I tend bar at Pineapple Jacks.. I realise it's not perfect, however, when is a business of this nature "perfect". What I can tell you, which is the same as I tell all of my family and friends, is that Pineapple Jacks is by far the most fun place I've worked for. The atmosphere is what you make of it. There's everything for everyone. We have Three pool tables, seven dart boards, a jukebox, lotto machines and quickdraw, dozens of high-def tv's,, a DJ, a dance floor, and a concert hall where we play the best bands Rochester has to offer...hell, we even have a smoking lounge. Not to mention the very extensive high-end liquor selection, and an even more extensive shelf selection. We have an awesome lineup at the bar, with very knowledgeable bartenders (tooting our horn), and quick service.. especially considering the size of the bar (it never seems to end :P )For what it's worth, I put in around 30 hours a week working only weekends.. I've seen it all and experienced it all. Out of other well established bars/resurants I've worked at, I have to say that Pineapple Jacks is the first one where it felt like a family. And, if your bartenders are having fun, then you know it's going to be a good time!
By: beinghonest
Pineapple Jack's Restaurant and Bar
Several of my friends and I stopped by Pineapple Jack's on a Sunday afternoon. I went up to the bar to place an order and was refused service by a bartender named "Gina". I asked her what the problem was, she stated that she would not serve us solely based on the fact that we were in the company of a certain patron of Pineapple Jack's. I was able to get my order taken care of by another bartender...Not for nothing, but this is no way to generate business. If an EMPLOYEE has a personal issue with a PATRON, you don't refuse to serve people because they are in close proximity to someone you have a "gripe" with. I found this extremely childish on the bartender's part, and Very poor for business. Over all Pineapple Jack's is a fine establishment, It's just a shame they put up with this "blemish"...
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By: Eric M.
Salvatore's Pizzeria
OK Pizza, Worst Service ever, They don't care about customers. Placed an order for over $60 for delivery, over 1.5hrs later order never made, didn't notify of deilvery problems or offer any solution, Had to call about delay, never offered to even make order, eta, or anything, tried to contact corporate and over 6months, still no response... Have taken my business elsewhere as all my orders here were $30-70 for so-so pizza and so-so sandwiches/subs. I tell everyone I know of my experiences and advise they shop elsewhere. Also, shop is not ADA compliant
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By: Dien H.
Hairzoo Salons
To be honest, I usually don't go to corporate hair salons, especially chain run. My first time ever stepping foot into a Hairzoo. I must say, it was my luck that I ran into a passionate stylist, Stephanie. She exceeded my expectations. First time I've seen someone, that is so into my haircut at a chain hair salon. She did an awesome job, great fade. I recommend asking for Stephanie for mens haircut. I can't speak for a women so I can't say on that part. Although this doesn't make or break a haircut, she is gorgeous to boot.
By: pattybrown24
Ayse Lewis Interior Design
I hired Ayse Lewis Interior Design to decorate my home in the Westchester area, and she has surpassed our expectations. Ayse Lewis is creative, passionate and has defenitly perfected her craft. We had previously worked with other designers but weren t overjoyed by the experience or their work. This experience has been amazing from start to finish. I am so thankful that she has moved her business to the area and I am planning on using her in the future for our summer home upstate as well.
By: Kimberly E.
Gregorio's Restaurant
The food is generally good. However I rated only 2 stars because the have the most horrible customer service! Catch them on a busy and stressful day and all you get is a bunch of bad attitudes, rudeness, and rushed service just to name a few. One time I had to wait almost 3 times as long for my order and I had to fight with them to get a free drink for my wait. No want to take care of their customers at all! If it wasn't for the good food I don't know how they'll survive.....
By: sjandolina
Bellezza Salon & Spa
Hi Ladies if you are looking for a fabulous stylist ERIN is your girl !!! Have been going to her forever and always listens to what I expect my hair to look like and always keeps me looking young and trendy TG for her to always make me look my best. Very easy to get an appointment and NEVER have to sit and wait like most Salons. Plus price is not high end but always comes out looking high end YEAH ERIN LOVE HER and you will too !!!!!
By: marciw
Heidi's Hair Design
I completely enjoy my time at Heidi's Hair Design! This is a friendly and professional shop with a well-trained, experienced staff and great prices. I like the open space, the stylists are all friendly and fun. Even though I was there to have my nails done by Bonnie, I enjoyed meeting everyone else there as well. I saw some beautiful hair-dos while I was there and will definitely be a regular client!
By: dwplunkett
When I walked in, I was immediately impressed. The place sparkled. I was offered a bottle of water and was taken back to my hairstylist's station immediately after they took my coat. The stylist was great and she listened to what I wanted. The cut was perfect. Then she even massaged my shoulders with a warm massager. That was great. This is definitely a place I can feel very comfortable in the future.
By: Suzzi W.
Russo's Clubhouse Pizza
1 word - > "YUMMY"!! Not greasy. Not over priced. Great atmosphere. My kids love eating there. I love eating there bc they don't make you feel uncomfortable when your kids make a mess all over the floor and table.... Did I mention everything I've tried is so good. Never ordered something that was undercooked, over cooked.. or "yucky". I would recommend this pizzeria if your in Greece.

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