By: irvinmallik
Foundation Financial Group
I am delighted to express my appreciation to the Foundation Financial Group in particular to Alexandria (Allie) Butler regarding my recent and most rewarding experience with refinancing my home mortgage. I attempted to refinance my mortgage last year with another lender and quickly became frustrated to the point that I cancelled the entire process even after paying for an appraisal on my home. I really went into the current loan process with very low expectations. In fact, I had no real intentions of going through the entire refinance process thinking "Like One Financial Group Like Them All".What could possibly be different from my previous experience? Little did I know I was up against a real professional, Ms. Allie Butler, a loan officer with Foundation Financial Group. I really challenged Allie to explain why refinancing my home would be any different this time around. She really went to work on me by explaining why refinancing my current home loan made good business sense. In addition to the high interest rate, I was paying on my present loan (7.5%) and the amount of money I had already paid out for 17 years the loan had been in effect my situation was a clear no brainer not to refinance.Allie, your diligence in completing the loan and all the associated paper work is greatly appreciated. You were very knowledgeable and regardless of the questions I raised you were always ready with a timely response. The entire loan process was fast and efficient and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you. You have a very pleasing personality and warm sense of humor in fact that won me over many times to your way of explaining what was best for my situation. I would strongly recommend you and Foundation Financial Group to any of my family, friends and associates that are considering refinancing their homes. As for outstanding customer service, I rate you a twelve (12) on a ten (10)-point scale. "Keep up the good work".
By: sandracaryd
Foundation Financial Group
Just wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for helping us refinance. We began trying to find a company in February which not only provided the lowest interest rates and points, but truly exceptional customer service and support. You were actually the first Loan Officer we spoke with concerning this process, and we were extremely happy with your total dedication and commitment to your customer. I can't believe you took time out of your weekend at home to speak with us, and answer questions. However, at that time, we needed to satisfy our requirement to "shop around" to try other companies just to make sure we were doing the right thing. After contacting at least 4 or 5 others, and waiting days/weeks for a response, combined with their total lack of concern/care for customer relations, we contacted you again. I can't begin to tell you how pleasant our experience has been with you and Foundation Financial Group. We closed last night, which by all accounts, must be a record...less than 2 weeks.If they hang photos of your staff on the wall in your office, they should have a banner under yours which reads, "Bridget Barber - Dedicated to Truly Exceptional Customer Service"!Thanks again for all your time and efforts in our refinance. We know we are not just a number with you and Foundation Financial Group....we are real people!
By: mikenerinm
Foundation Financial Group
Just wanted to say thanks to you and Foundation Financial group. You were able to get me approved when nobody else could. I was about ready to give up trying to refi my 10% loan when I rec'd the call from FFG. I was handled very professionally and couldn't be happier with the end result (3.7% vs 10%). You and FFG surely made it happen for me and my family and I can't thank you enough! I'd be happy to be a reference for you and FFG.. I worked on reestablishing my credit for years after some tough times, and even though my scores and income were good enough to qualify for approval, the other banks still felt I was too risky. Within minutes of reviewing my credit history and examining the negative marks still on the report, you felt that you could get it done. Being I had heard that several times before, I was skeptical. You and FFG knocked 8 years off my mortgage and dropped my payment by 1,000 per month! I have to admit, I was impressed and thankful that I had the opportunity to work with you and your organization. ------ Mike and Erin M.
By: joelorik
Foundation Financial Group
Zach and Greg were very easy to speak with and answered all our questions. If one was tied up the other would accommodate our needs. Our loan took approximately (19) days to fund. I feel it would have funded sooner had our heating source not been in question, but thanks to Zach and Greg they were able to ease our minds and talk us through everything. Foundation Financial Group was very professional, and was able to speak on terms that we could understand and feel comfortable with. All e-mails and phone messages were answered in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the service and were amazed to find a financial company, which employs people who still have a one on one personal relationship with their customers. We would highly recommend Foundation Financial Group to anyone. Thanks again for your service; we now have a lower interest rate and cheaper monthly payments.
By: adidallan
Foundation Financial Group
Dana, I just wanted you to know that I am very happy with the way my mortgage refinancing transactions went with you and I want to thank you for that. You were sincere, very patient and extremely efficient. I particularly liked the way you answered all my requirements and concerns rather than giving me the usual sales talk.Also, I was impressed with the way you worked up the numbers and sent me an email while still talking to me on the phone, so I could look at different options immediately. You made the whole refinance process to happen in nine days; while my past experiences with refinance took several weeks of going back and forth with this document and that document, etc.It was a pleasure working with you and I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.
By: scottchristin
Foundation Financial Group
Ryan Goudie, with Foundation Financial Group, was our loan officer during our recent refinancing.We went from a 30 year FHA loan with a 5% interest rate to a 15 year FHA loan with a 2.75 interest rate. We are thrilled with the end result.Throughout the refinancing process, Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist us with all of our questions and concerns. He was very accessible via phone and email.Once we made it clear we wanted to include a gift amount towards the loan, David Villmow helped Ryan make the necessary adjustments and the closing was not delayed. We were pleased that this was not a set back.
By: carolynwill
Foundation Financial Group
Megan, this is to say thank you, for what you did for me. Your patience, and understanding, when I was about to quit .You got me through this. Cleared out my debt, helped me breath again, (Bills) at my age I did not need the debt i had, Thank you. Now most of all I thank you for the information you gave my daughter and son-in-law, That information put them in contact with the right people who are helping them to keep their home. I know I will probably never see you to shake your hand and give you a big God bless you hug. Just know that you will be blessed in all you do.
By: charleskaren
Foundation Financial Group
Megan, thank you so much for all that you and Foundation Financial Group did for us. I know our circumstance was a bit outside the norm for a refinanced but you came thru with flying colors. The professionalism and courtesy that you showed us was wonderful. It is nice to deal with someone that cares about the service they provide. I have recommended you to several people all ready and will continue to do so. The experience was the best I have come across in a long time. With all the extra work you put into this I hope you made out OK.Thank you very much!
By: sharonleer
Foundation Financial Group
From application to closing we thank you. We were treated with kindness and respect during the whole process of refinancing. You were always there to answer any questions no matter the time of day....that kind of service is awesome!!You have many qualities and what impressed both of us was your honesty, kindness and always being there for us. Most notable for both of us was your obvious love of your job and making a difference in people's lives.Once again our deepest thanks for making a difference in our lives.
By: kriscrown
Foundation Financial Group
It's a beautiful morning here in SW VA and we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast on the porch. The birds were in full song and Marys homemade banana nut muffins really hit the spot!The night deposit made it into our account last night as you thought it would.The term "Exceeding Customers Expectations" certainly can be applied when we consider all you did in making our experience with your company all that and more.We thank you one more time and wish you all the best personally and professionally.

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