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By: Leslie F.
New York Dept-Motor Vehicles
On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 I went to the DMV in Henrietta. They had opened at 8:30am and I arrived approx 8:40am. I waited in line just a few minutes. I wasn't able to get a number right away Bc I was meeting my son there, who was on his way... but they are so attentive and helpful it goes quick! YES! I really just said that! Once my son arrived I walked right up, told a young lady that I needed a number that my son was now here and right away was assisted. No attitude, no bad disposition, no sign of putting anyone out ... YES, I really just said that too!!! We literally sat down and in less than 5 minutes our number was called.... We met with Sonjae. (Forgive spelling) I made it a point to share with her that I appreciated how nice she was to us. It's been an emotional few weeks financially helping my son get his S#i% together and Sonjae remained neutral and professional as she assisted us. DMV is the LAST place most people want to go.... typically the employees make people feel incompetent and they're just nasty, put out, and miserable. It's too bad that so many ruin it for those that really do care! Sonjae, THANK YOU.... for doing what you do. Just a smile helps that customer.... you never know what that person might be going through and simply because you were patient, helpful and you smiled.... I had a better day. P.S. There was also another woman who let my son borrow a screwdriver to take his plates off.... YES, I really just said that too!!!! Years ago I asked that same question.... the answer was "I don't know what to tell ya." Henrietta DMV you ladies ROCK!!!!

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