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By: danielmcgroarty
Pineapple Jack's Restaurant and Bar
I tend bar at Pineapple Jacks.. I realise it's not perfect, however, when is a business of this nature "perfect". What I can tell you, which is the same as I tell all of my family and friends, is that Pineapple Jacks is by far the most fun place I've worked for. The atmosphere is what you make of it. There's everything for everyone. We have Three pool tables, seven dart boards, a jukebox, lotto machines and quickdraw, dozens of high-def tv's,, a DJ, a dance floor, and a concert hall where we play the best bands Rochester has to offer...hell, we even have a smoking lounge. Not to mention the very extensive high-end liquor selection, and an even more extensive shelf selection. We have an awesome lineup at the bar, with very knowledgeable bartenders (tooting our horn), and quick service.. especially considering the size of the bar (it never seems to end :P )For what it's worth, I put in around 30 hours a week working only weekends.. I've seen it all and experienced it all. Out of other well established bars/resurants I've worked at, I have to say that Pineapple Jacks is the first one where it felt like a family. And, if your bartenders are having fun, then you know it's going to be a good time!
By: beinghonest
Pineapple Jack's Restaurant and Bar
Several of my friends and I stopped by Pineapple Jack's on a Sunday afternoon. I went up to the bar to place an order and was refused service by a bartender named "Gina". I asked her what the problem was, she stated that she would not serve us solely based on the fact that we were in the company of a certain patron of Pineapple Jack's. I was able to get my order taken care of by another bartender...Not for nothing, but this is no way to generate business. If an EMPLOYEE has a personal issue with a PATRON, you don't refuse to serve people because they are in close proximity to someone you have a "gripe" with. I found this extremely childish on the bartender's part, and Very poor for business. Over all Pineapple Jack's is a fine establishment, It's just a shame they put up with this "blemish"...
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By: Darlene M.
Jines Restaurant
The service is great! Last week i was there with oot company. My guests had reubins with sweet pot fries. I mistakenly had a reubin club. ( my mistake) rhere was no yummy dressing on it. It was plain and i was disappointed.. My suggestion would be to point out to patrons the difference between the two. Otherwise i love Jines. Thankyou for being there.
By: shawnred
Jines Restaurant
My wife and I have been coming here for over 10 years and its still just as good. They have the best soup in town. Jines has some the most loyal customers in the area, which is why they've been in business so long. My wife loves the "cozy" ambiance, its great for a quick bite or a date night.
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By: Howie B.
Pineapple Jack's Restaurant and Bar
Chicken fingers were over cooked, the bartender had no idea they were even on the menu, we paid 5 bucks cover for an awesome band. TARAN However their were. Like 5 seats and 2 tables to accommodate. . Last but not least. The beer wasn't cold. But the bottle was. Needless to say . We won't be back
By: danaet
Jines Restaurant
Now that its finally springtime in Rochester Jines is a part of my weekly routine. On the first nice day of the year I walked to Jines and got their egg panini which was one of the best things I've ever eaten. I went back the next day to get it again! Jines is just amazing.
By: burkett14527
The Distillery
These guys know what customer service is and they really try to please the customer. At this location the employee's provide excellent service. The food is good and the prices are also good. If you are into sports this is the place to enjoy the game with friends.
By: jasoncato
Jines Restaurant
I had one of their lunch specials the other day, chicken pesto panini pizza. It was so delicious, I was so full but I had to finish the whole thing. They always put just the right amount of everything! Cheesy, pesto goodness!
By: Alisse K.
Jines Restaurant
What I love about Jines is the service, it was absolutely great! We received the burger and scallops they were both delicious. There is nothing that I would say they need to improve on. Overall a great dining experience.
By: David W.
Jines Restaurant
Jines is the best! I love sitting outside during the summer, it is such a great location on park. When I graduated my family and I headed straight to Jines after to celebrate with good food and some mimosas.

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