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By: veneravmehah
Tails of Success: Dog Daycare and Training
I'm a client who came to Tails of Success after my dog had bitten an individual and his aggression seemed to worsen after working with a trainer who insisted we used force and a prong collar. My dog had become very unsafe and had even air snapped at me when I would try to work with him. When I scheduled my private session at my home, the owner, Sherri Romig was considerate enough to call me to let me know she was at the door, rather than knocking, which sets my dog off. The initial consultation was 90 minutes and VERY detailed. Sherri was professional, informative, and very compassionate and to my surprise I was able to have my dog in the living room during the consultation (he usually has to be crated when new guests came over for safety)- she's very good with aggressive dogs and through her education understands how not to make them uncomfortable through her own body language. After two private sessions we had my dog in a place where he was ready to work on his skills in a class setting. Not only did she have a class recommendation but also additional training accessories (the thundershirt) and supplements (lactium and rescue remedy) that would be able to help reduce my dog's fear and anxiety so that we could make progress in class. The class we enrolled into was a specialty class called "Fearful Fido" where the class is only for dogs with fear issues. The class was beyond informative. We weren't just training my dog to cope with what makes him nervous but Sherri and the other trainers actually explained the science behind what my dog experiences when he becomes scared or anxious and why he reacts the way that he does. The other trainers who helped with the class were wonderful and very helpful in ensuring my dog and I were successful and had additional websites, youtube videos, and books I could read to further understand the behavioral issues my dog was experiencing. The class was two months long and after successfully completing the class and continued practice my dog happily coexists with people these days, friend and stranger alike. I really appreciated how the trainers, including Sherri continue their education in dog training so that their information and education is always current and up to date. I genuinely believe that if I had not found my way to Tails of Success that my dog would have been euthanized due to biting someone or another dog. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and compassion these trainers possess in order to do their jobs effectively without the use of fear or pain.
By: amanda1230
Tails of Success: Dog Daycare and Training
I have been through many classes at ToS as a student and have nothing but wonderful things to say about the company and their methods of training. I brought one of our extremely fearful dogs through the Fearful Fido class. It was one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had with one of my dogs. It helped me learn appropriate ways to relate to the emotions my dog was feeling and how to help change those emotions so that they were not controlling him. At the start of the class, volunteers who helped these dogs had to stand a few feet away from my dog to avoid him acting out. By the last class he was actually approaching and touching strangers. I have since moved out of Rochester and am desperately searching for a training facility to continue working with.The staff at ToS have very specific ways of working with and relating to dogs. What many people do not understand is how to take these skills and apply them at home. ToS is one of the few training facilities in Rochester that I would ever recommend to anyone.Not only do they know what they are doing, but they do it in a peaceful and positive manner. They are also involved with helping local rescue dogs, offering free services to help these dogs get adopted.If you are looking for a trainer, I would encourage you to go to one of their classes (sans your dog) and just observe. If you see happy people AND happy dogs, you know that the trainers are doing their jobs correctly. And that is exactly what you will see!
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By: Sara F.
Tails of Success: Dog Daycare and Training
I have been a client of Tails of Success for almost five years now. Sherri is the owner and has been so approachable and knowledgeable throughout the whole process of dog training, doggy day care, agility and various other training classes. Cameo is the manager and she is a true asset to the business, and answers any questions I may have. I fully trust and endorse this business and will recommend them to my friends, and family, and even strangers! The facilities are clean, expansive and perfect for any dog. They specialize in positive reinforcement methods, and are educational and beneficial.
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By: Teri O.
Stoney Pointe Pet Hospital
Kass and I love Stoney Pointe. I don't or can't think of better partners in pet care. Everyone is knowledgeable, and they pay attention to EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER (those would be feline and canine) they care about the lives of each and every patient and parent. They also accept and recommend insurances... they have special clinics to help pet parents and their pet families.Kass loves coming to visit..to stay for the day, to stay overnight. I never have to worry about quality of his care. Kass shows me how happy he is..... and obviously, I demonstrate how much I care for him....
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By: Sidecar B.
Brighton Animal Hospital & Boa PC
I have had 5 rescue Shih-Tzus, of which I still have two... The other three were older and got the best care possible at Brighton Animal hospital!! Dr. Foley and his entire staff always give undivided attention to their patients. Squeaky, Smudget, Maisy, Duffy and Allie are blessed to have professionals like them taking care of their health... God bless you all and thank you for what you do for our family members!!! ����
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By: Laurie S.
Caring For Cats
I took 2 foster cats to get their shots and spayed yesterday and was 1 hr early and they still took me right in and since I drove 1.5 hrs it was nice! They were good with both my cats and even had compassion when I had bad test results for one of them! Wish my local vet was as caring! After reading some bad reviews before I went I'm glad I checked the place out myself!!
By: bego2570
K-9 Kutz Mobile Grooming Salon
This was really nice. It beats taking our dogs to the groomers. They had everything in thier van that my old groomer had at her salon. Bathtub/hot water, grooming table.... She was meticulous. You can tell she takes pride in her work. My dogs have never looked better. I will continue to use thier service and I will tell all my friends about them.
By: Kitty S.
Caring For Cats
I have taken my cats here for more years than I can remember., Both Doctors are very professional and thorough. While Dr Hartman may appear cold, she is very dedicated and will follow up personally. I pay to get good, effective care, which they are given, not a neighborly visit. The facility is very clean & I have yet to find any urine odors.
By: Janet B.
Caring For Cats
Dr. Betsy Arnold and her staff are the best! I have been going to her with my Persians cats for the last (at least) 20 years. They have treated my cats wonderfully. Dr. Arnold is a very caring and sincere vet. I would highly recommend her and her business. Janet (Sofee, Katie, Murphy, Abby and Brandee)
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By: Bill S.
Caring For Cats
I am a veterinarian in Missouri and am planning on being in New York in the future. I had heard both of these vets are exceptional and have hopes of visiting their clinic:) If any time better than another, please let me know. Dr Bill Sorrick, Webb City,MO
Tips & Advices
Bring medical records and medications that your pet is taking. Also, you should bring your ID and a form of payment.
Yes, there are veterinary clinics that only deal with emergency cases. They generally take walk-ins and referrals from family vets.
Yes, emergency vets treat dental emergencies and dental trauma. Freshly fractured teeth are the main category of dental injury that vets consider an emergency.
To prevent health emergencies, experts recommend supervising one’s pets, and trying to make sure they don’t get into emergency situations. A majority of emergency vet visits happen because animals were struck by cars, bit by other animals, or ingested toxins. Otherwise, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having a go-to vet you can call with any questions, and being vigilant about potential symptoms (i.e. runny stool, or trouble walking) as they appear but before they become extremely serious.
Experts say that the conditions that necessitate an emergency veterinarian visit include collapse, seizures, inability to walk, partial paralysis, and any difficulty breathing (non-stop panting, constant coughing, hyperventilation, or elevated heart rate). Gum color is often an indicator that something is wrong--especially blue gums or very pale gums. Excessive vomiting or a distended abdomen should be considered an emergency situation. Signs of any trauma or excessive bleeding should send your pet straight to the vet. Lastly, for cat owners, urinary obstruction is fatal if not treated, and generally occurs in male cats.

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