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By: Mary E.
Corletta Thos A
Mr. Corletta is the kind of attorney you want on your side in the court room. He is aggressive and has the experience needed to get you what you deserve. All the people who left negative reviews are obviously wimps who don't like being told things they don't want to hear. They probably tried to tell him how he should handle their case, or expected him to give them a step-by-step as to how he would reduce or dismiss their charge(s). Why would a lawyer tell someone their strategy/plan? That is not how it works. So, let them go to the wimpy attorneys. If you want an attorney that will do everything he can to help his client get the best outcome, then this is the attorney for you.
By: Joseph O.
Corletta Thos A
AGRESSIVE AND OFTEN YOU NEED THIS!My first divorce lawyer wanted to give everything I had worked for to my exwife. Exwife's female attorney hates guys and tried her best to take advantage of me. So I changed attorneys. Attorney Corletta stood up to her, she backed off from her questionable demands, and he forced her to rewrite several things to make them fair. His cost of $200 per hour is below others. He saved me a lot of money, yet exwife and court judge agreed it was fair in the end. If you need someone to take no baloney, including from you, this is the guy you need. I am sure you would want him for DWI and other DIFFICULT situations.
Tips & Advices
A DMV hearing is a person's chance to give his or her testimony regarding the arrest and provide any evidence. It's an administrative procedure, not a criminal hearing, so a person won't be declared innocent or guilty at this time. People can bring an attorney with them, but this hearing must be scheduled within 10 days of the arrest.
Breathalyzers are commonly used and widely accepted, but have some faults. Alcohol-containing substances in the mouth, like mouthwash or stomach acid, could result in a falsely high reading. Some devices can malfunction, or may be incorrectly calibrated. Blood tests are the most accurate tests.
For a misdemeanor, a speedy trial should take 90 days, but most cases are resolved in three to six months. For a felony, a speedy trial should take 175 days, and most cases are resolved in five to seven months. In bigger cities or larger population areas, felonies might take several years to resolve.
A DUI will stay on someone's record for at least five years, and could be longer depending on which state the person lives in.
Different states define felonies differently. Some common ways a DUI can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony include:
  • If someone was injured.
  • If your BAC is elevated to a certain limit set by law. This limit is usually around .16.
  • If there are children in the vehicle.
  • If the driver has prior DUIs​.
  • If the driver's license is suspended, revoked or restricted.

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