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By: don.bautista.315
Kim Salon & Trends
This message from Kim's Nails salon, to reply to the comment of MR & MRS Romaamo08 .There are some red flags in your complaint that we doubt you are a real customer.You said : I made an appointment for 10am for a quick manicure. They had me waiting 20+ minutes and served regular clients before me. Clients who had appointments for 11am!! I will never go back &ampNow ,please lets us explain how we take care our appointments.At Kim's Nails Salon, all appointment always treat as highest priority . If your appointment set at 10:00 AM , we have no way to take in any appointment that set after your appointment ahead of you, that not make sense at all. One more thing you should know, in some extreme busy days like weekend, prom or Holidays we try not to let our appointments wait longer than 15 minutes in time frame. We study your profile and saw your comment at other salon, the date, the way you expressed, the spelling, we understood who you are. If you think we are wrong, please provide date of your service and your name, we will check our sign-in record and surveillance system to find out what was happened . If there was a real you, we will send you a gift certificate with great value amount to apologize for the incident that was occurred. At Kim Nails, we are committed to providing our clients with luxurious and safe services. Kim's Nail Salon takes action to demonstrate our commitment to client safety.Kim Salon is made up of talented, professional people who care for your well being. As a group, we want our customers to feel pampered and to know how very special you are to us.SincerelyDon BKim's Nails manager .
By: Trends N.
Kim Salon & Trends
There were no Taylor and Onica for appointment on July 11th 2014 at 3:00 P.M on sign-in list . To reconfirm the complaint , please send us your real name and phone number . We also need picture of your nails and name of technicians who gave you the service . At Kims nails,Nails tech was trained not to asking customer of them background , race , religion, politic . We do review the store camera on that day from 3:00 p.m to 5:00 pm and we did not see any nails tech talking about race or background , go to bar .e.t.c ( Talking about hurry up and rush to go to bar at 3:00P.M is not make sense because all nails tech will not allow to go home till 7:30 p.m ) Please come back to salon on 7/14/2014 to see the manager for the complaint as said . It is impossible for all things you complain happened at once like that because the staff was train how to take good care of customer . From now on, we hope anyone file the complaint, please provide your real name and phone number, also date, time and name of the nails tech , service . With all information we can validated the complaint . If there are complaint not enough infor, we will rules these complaint is invalid . There are multiple way for us to check the problem by review in-store camera, sign-in sheet and meeting with all employees . So please reasonable . Thanks for your time reading this .
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By: Don B.
Kim Salon & Trends
Come to Kims Nails , you will love it !!! @ Kate Rauch For your review. Kims Nails very Sorry for any inconvenience caused . Unfortunately at your appointment's day , there was an unexpected thing happen to our team , one of our nails tech's husband suddenly in coma in the morning due to bronchi ( he passed away few days later at age 35 ), and one more nails tech was slipped and fell on back. With two nails tech absent unexpected in the same day and there were appointments late arrival push our work schedule too tight to work cover other's clients. We also did offer more discount on that day to most of customers who has inconvenience time at our salon . We feel greatly sorry and we hope that you can give us a second chance to redo the service at no cost to you, make sure everything should be the way you expecting. You can read the obituary link below to verify that we do not make fault excuse; http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/postbulletin/obituary.aspx?n=jonny-yon-on&pid=171180610&fhid=25689
By: Kate R.
Kim Salon & Trends
I was pretty disappointed in my first and last visit here. I had a coupon for the VIP spa pedi and thought I'd take my niece along to get her first pedi. This "VIP spa pedi" was kind of a joke. It was what I would maybe expect of an "express pedi". I had called to make appts for the two of us at the same time and my niece was getting her last coat of polish on when someone finally got started on my feet. There was hardly a leg or foot massage (MAYBE two minutes total) and the color was put on so quickly that there was no drying time and so the top coat got smudgy and now the color isn't even. No flowers - or offer of - so that was a disappointment to the both of us too. My feet don't feel any better/softer than before I went and I honestly have done a better job at home. I feel as though the coupon, instead of meaning a deal on the VIP Spa Pedi, actually meant a downgrade of the service you asked for. A real bummer! I will say that the ladies were nice and pleasant.
By: Dean B.
Kim Salon & Trends
Kim nails is an amazing place. I really feel pampered here. I love the hand/arm and leg/foot massage. It's heaven. Always superior and friendly service. My manicures and pedicures last a lot longer than after going to other places so it's well worth the price. It's a great value considering all the pampering and attention. I love Kim nails and the ladies who take care of me there. I always leave feeling refreshed and taken care of.
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By: latanyacapote
Tips N Toes
this is one of my favorite spots to do anything at nails pedi's refill designs they do a really good job my nails dont break or chip off they last a very long time ive been going to them sence they opened i tell everyone to go here when i lived out of town i would drive all the way to tip and toe just to get my nails done and who ever i would bring there thats never been there say they love it and they did am awsome job
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By: gretchee12
Tips N Toes
I had never had a pedicure before but I will surely make this a habit ! I can't believe I haven't done it before !!! My manicure was the best I have ever had and I have had them done at several different places. The staff at Tips N Toes was great ! They really make you feel relaxed and pampered ! The prices are very reasonable. This really is the place to go !
By: Beth L.
Kim Salon & Trends
I have been going to this salon since about July of 2007. Kim is wonderful. She does a great job. She is the best I have ever encountered. Bo and Don also do wonderful work. The place is very clean and the girls are always happy and fun. I highly recommend this salon!
By: dedoctor
Whistle Binkies On The Lake
my wife and I stopped for dinner and a drink. very nice pub with a great atmosphere. the food was good and waiting staff was very friendly. they have a wide variety of beer from all around the world if you like beer. this is a great pub and I recommend it highly.
By: Rita N.
Whistle Binkies Olde World Pub
I was disappointed when I stopped by to get an order to go. A little skimpy, side salad, lettuce brown and bread pudding, burned on the bottom. This was the N location, usually satisfied both locations.
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