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By: nmilton857
Precision Chiropractic Center
While I was working at a grocery store, I’d stock shelves and the lifting of fairly heavy boxes put my back out. It was sciatica and lower back pain. A friend knew an individual who went to Precision Chiropractic Center and referred me. After a year and a half of constant pain sitting, standing or laying down, and having to sort of fall out of bed to land on my hands and knees and walking slouched like an old woman, I finally got relief. I was lucky because I was only about thirty-five years old and wasn’t going to go through the rest of my life like that. Precision Chiropractic Center kept my back in alignment and out of pain ever since. I will never go to any other type of chiropractor and I believe by keeping my back aligned it also keeps me healthier and keeps me away from medical doctors.
By: angee153
Precision Chiropractic Center
I have bounced around with chiropractors - some very fine ones, some just routinely handling everyone's body the same way. I am relieved that someone is looking at my body structure as intensely as Dr. Sands. I have some old injuries (1989) the difficulties of which only increase with age. Dr. Sands is helping me to address very specifically what is going on with my body structure and is passionate about what he does, and that is in the best interests of any patient. Each individual has specific needs and Dr. Sands works with that premise and uses his skill to determine what those needs are and address them with his very unique and effective healing techniques.
By: ethell171
Precision Chiropractic Center
I LOVE going to Dr. Sands!!! I have VERY frequent migraines that caused me to have to go into the ER on a monthly basis (at the very minimum), sometimes twice a month. Since I’ve started being seen at Precision Chiropractic I have maybe went in 1 or 2 times in the past year and a half! Although, it may not seem like he’s doing much… because it doesn’t feel like he’s breaking you in two, I know that what he does helps! It’s nice to have someone that actually cares about your well-being, not just about making money. I would and do recommend people to see him when they tell me they have problems with their back or migraines!!
By: chesterr621
Precision Chiropractic Center
I met with Dr. Sands and was immediately impressed with his careful study, thorough x-rays of my structural problems, and with his willingness to say that he might not be able to cure everything. He said he’d refer me to an MD if needed. He also explained NUCCA technique. I decided to give it a try. I had 2-3 adjustments for two weeks and the progress was exactly as he thought it would be. The back pain that I had suffered with every morning in particular began to go away within a month I was pain-free!
By: Eduane E.
Precision Chiropractic Center
"The beauty has been that the adjustments have held almost throughout the last four years. I have needed only maintenance care about every three months, except when I fell badly while cross-country skiing.Dr. Sands is very knowledgeable, patient, and explains what he is doing and what I can do to help myself. I’ve often asked him how he can stay in business when he provides such good care that people don’t need to come in often I refer people as often as possible to him."
By: claudee272
Precision Chiropractic Center
When I came to Precision Chiropractic Center I was in so much pain in my back - I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t walk at all. Dr. Sands has helped me a lot. I had to get out of housekeeping in the hotels. Too much bending and lifting. I owe Dr. Sands a lot. I don’t know what would of happened to me if I wouldn’t have come to see Dr. Sands my whole life has changed for the best. I have a job that I love now.
By: John N.
Precision Chiropractic Center
I spent over one year with problems with my stomach and gallbladder. Even with surgical removal of my gallbladder (which was not working), I continued to have problems. After a few treatments I was seeing great improvements. After one month of treatments, I quit taking all medicine for GERD. I have been symptom free for five months now. Without Dr. Sands I’d still be on medicine and most likely getting worse.
By: erikk372
Precision Chiropractic Center
I’m walking today because of Dr. Sands. I’m fully convinced I’d barely be able to move if it weren’t for his professional expertise in working with my feet. Furthermore, I’m able to easily sit up straight and carry myself upright without pain and better posture than I’ve had for years. He has also worked on my wrists. They are completely pain free and stronger than ever. I recommend him to all who hurt.
By: brettt8
Precision Chiropractic Center
Every time I go to Precision Chiro I am not disappointed. The atmosphere is always friendly and inviting. I can call without appointment and I can get right in. I always leave knowing that Dr Sands took care of my problem. It nice to have a place you can go with a problem and you can leave without it the same day. God Bless Dr Sands and all of the staff for always making my visit a awesome one.
By: John H.
HealthSource of Rochester
HealthSource, formerly Advance, is an excellent place to get an adjustment. Dr. Will gave me complimentary xrays and helped me understand how I could improve my neck and upper back pain. Staff was very friendly and accommodating!

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