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By: ronald.campbell.ii
Dr. Ron Fried
As we all know, there are multiple chiropractor offices & doctors up & downVandykeHall RoadRochester RoadAnd every mile road.I was introduced to Dr Ron Fried, via yelp & then 2-3 days later a sensational groupon offer for$392 adjustmentsx-rays60 minute massage[ Dr Fried also offers a similair special on his web page for $59 ]I figured that was a more than generous offer to come see what his practice & his adjustments were all about.Booked me 1st visit, mentioned the groupon and Sarah scheduled a time.Met Dr Fried, took some film & gave a sweet power point function & mobility presentation, and pulled out the spine model & modules.His knowledge & education was impressive..and I sensed it was also his passion to fix-free-empower people.Technique:A+Before that 1st adjustment, he had me lie face down & put several warm weighted heat sources on my back, spine & neck, to loosen , soothe & that they did.Then 12-15 minutes later, he came in & performed some adjustments/manipulations .He got movement on my C-1 C-2, which I have never ever had before, as several chiropractors have tried..but usually settle for movement in the C-3 & stopNote: since this 1st adjustment 3 weeks ago,Ive had No Migraines at all.Went back 8-9 days later for another adjustment as being a Bus Driver & our glorious roads , my back body take a beating.Same drill, heat, relax & adjust.He was able to get alot of movement 95%- 98%, but his wisdom told him by body was fighting - protecting itself[ which it was]He then offered me a rare treat in this business. He said "after you get home and your still locked today or tomorrow, come back & I'll readjust on me"Impressive...and I did not take him up on it this time, but put it in the good to know file.As soon as I can get a BCN referral I'll be back.
By: Melinda H.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
I was having shoulder and neck pain and a friend recommended Goss Chiropractic. I called to set up a new patient consultation and was pleased to be given an appointment on the same day. The office is very organized, professional and respects my time. They are also open thru the lunch hour which has made getting adjustments more convenient on a tight schedule. A big thank you to the Doctors and staff for my improved health!
By: Kimberly K.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
Very friendly and upbeat atmosphere. The doctors are very knowledgeable in many areas and with different conditions. This office has helped me with my migraines as well as back pain that I have acquired from being in car accidents. They are very affordable and offer great payment plan options.
By: Jacqui V.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
Doctor Fountain is awesome. I had severe numbness in my back and arms. I had 7 pinched nerves thanks to my job and it took a couple weeks of adjustments to fix it but I didn’t have any more problems. With continued visits I am even running better. Plus little to no wait time.
By: Gabby S.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
The staff and doctors are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The doctors have helped me with lower back pain and sports injuries. The K Laser treatments specifically helped me with my elbow injuries. I would recommend Goss Chiropractic Clinics to everyone.
By: Diane H.
4th Street Chiropractic
Excellent care. Knowledgeable and professional! They are open late and I appreciate the way they work to get me a good appointment time. There are two massage therapists who are really amazing the massage helps make the adjustment even easier. Dr. V is the best
By: Tyler S.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
I am an athlete and received an injury to my knee and have some shoulder pain every now and then. The laser treatment at Goss Chiro really helps me rehabilitate. The adjustments also help me feel refreshed. Overall very clean and well ran place
By: Danielle M.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
I have had issues with my back since I was a teen. Not until I started at Goss Chiropractic did I start getting true relief from my discomfort. The doctors are approachable and knowledgable. I won't go anywhere else.
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By: Marcia D.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
I've been going to this office for a few weeks now, the staff is very friendly, they explain all the payment options/plans, and they're always able to see me at a time that's convenient for me.
By: Carolyn K.
Goss Chiropractic Clinics Rochester
Very friendly and flexible with appointments. Wonderful service and it helps so much! I would recommend highly to anyone that is considering the uses of a chiropractor tour start here.

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