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By: Howard W.
Energy Price Cutters
Recently we had Energy Price Cutters to conduct an energy audit with a walk through and a Blower Door Fan Test of our home to determine our issues for energy loss(our 1973 built home felt drafty all of the time). This was done just prior to the onset of the extreme cold and winds this winter. Owner Robert Harper did an excellent job in his assessment and gave us a very fair cost in completing the work.We were looking for a dependable company to blow insulation behind the brick, which they were able to do, as well as add insulation to the attic. I took an infra red thermal reading on the inside walls before and after insulation was blown in and got an immediate 6 degree higher reading on the inside walls. After completing this part of the job, the mortar used to patch the holes was mixed to a perfect match.Robert also used a closed cell spray foam, with fire retardant and noise reducing qualities, where our garage connects to the house.Robert and his qualified technician Joe, were very efficient, through and neat as they worked.We are very pleased with the results and have highly recommended Robert's company to our family and friends. We would not hesitate one minute to utilize their services again.Thanks Robert for a “top notch” job!Tom and Carol Webster
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By: Hans B.
Energy Price Cutters
I was extremely pleased with the advice and service that I received from Robert Harper and Energy Price Cutters. My expectations were well met. We have a 2 story home with an AC unit for each floor, but during the summer months the second story was always hot even despite the AC, which could not keep up. We solved this problem by adding blown insulation to our attic. We immediately noticed a significant improvement with a much cooler 2nd floor. We also had Robert insulate a storage room over our garage. Here he placed rolls of insulation. Now the space is much more temperate whereas previously it reached temperatures well over 100 degrees in the summer and this limited the type of items we could store there. Over the last 5 months I have monitored our electric (for AC and space heaters) and gas (heating) bills and I would say that our energy bills are down 10-20% since we improved our insulation. I would also add that Robert and his crew were fair, reasonably priced, knowledgeable and professional in every way. I would highly recommend Robert Harper and Energy Price Cutters.
By: wejared
Energy Price Cutters
Robert and Joe were extremely professional in both their attitude and workmanship. They took time to make sure the smallest details of the job were adequately addressed and didn't mind that I asked questions while they worked. Robert did not try to sell me services I didn't need and was extremely knowledgeable about his craft. In fact, he even pointed out thinks I could do myself to make my home more energy efficient. I had batt insulation added to my basement walls and blown insulation added to my attic. The job was very competitively priced and I was pleased with the results. Afterward the job was completed, Robert and Joe took time to clean up what little mess they had made. However, since they had taken time to properly seal off the attic from the rest of the house there was minimal clean up required. I would use robert and Energy Price Cutters again in future and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends.
By: scot.finley
Energy Price Cutters
I live in a brick home built in the late 1980s. Mr. Harper, the owner of Energy Price Cutters, did a most thorough job of identifying numerous places where outside air was getting into my home. He also noted that though the insulation was up to code at the time the home was built it needed a significant amount more to make the home warm in winter and cool in summer. Mr. Harper's team of skilled craftsmen did a tremendous job of insulating, caulking, replacing two doors with energy efficient doors and several other items I asked them to do. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well they cleaned up afterwards. One would never - except for the improvements - that they had been there! But finally, the price was extremely reasonable and even that I expect to make back ten fold over the life of my home. Highest recommendation!
By: heisjhvh
Energy Price Cutters
My wife and I were impressed not only by the honesty and professionalism of their work, but also the results said it all. Our AC and heat would run in the past almost continuously. It was always extremely cold downstairs and stifling hot upstairs. Since Robert and Joe completed the insulation, we have been amazed to find that the temperature in our home, whether it is upstairs, downstairs or any room in the house, is even. The AC comes on occasionally for a short period of time. I am certain that my energy bill is going to reflect this improvement; additionally, our furnace and AC will have an increased life span. You can depend on Robert Harper to show up on time and complete the job as promised, not to mention that he is very meticulous about the quality of his workmanship. Outstanding work. Thank you, Mr. Harper.
By: Dave S.
Energy Price Cutters
We recently purchased our home in Salem and found the insulation in the attic needed to be upgraded. When we moved in, our A/C would run and never reach the desired temperature. I had lowes do and estimate to add insulation. I then called Robert to give an estimate and then to install as he was $1700( yes: one thousand, seven hundred) cheaper for the same outcome. Not only did he provide the insulation that now allows our A/C to rest for long lengths of time but informed us of the loss of air from the duct work he found while he was working. That has been repaired but would not have been known without his informing us. The work done was professional and honest and I have seen the amount of insulation installed. It is incredible.
By: mourningdove
Energy Price Cutters
We really appreciated all the hard work the Energy Price Cutters did to help our house become much more energy efficient. With the cold weather here, we feel that we will be able to save money and energy in a big way. Robert is obviously well informed about the energy problems we had encountered while remodeling this older home. Thank goodness that we found him. He and his crew were courteous, took care of so many other problems besides the insulation to help curb our costs, cleaned up well afterwards and were surprisingly a much better price than others that we had contacted. So glad we used his company's services!
By: Denise L.
Energy Price Cutters
In January we had Robert & Joe come blow in insulation in our exterior walls. In February they finished the insulating of our crawl space. Our March Electric bill was the lowest KWH usage in almost 3 years! Our gas bill has come down $30 since January even with the colder temperatures! We consider this a job well done & highly recommend Energy Price Cutters. Very nice to work with such pleasant, honest people in todays world. Thanks again!
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By: David W.
Energy Price Cutters
Great service. Great price. Prompt, honest, and thorough. I might have saved maybe $150 to do the insulation myself, but Robert found places I wouldn't have even known about. He got to all the areas needed and for the same low price. We couldn't be happier! We got our August bill and saved $76.01 over last years bill for the same period. Awesome! The work will pay for itself in no time. Thanks Energy Price Cutters!
By: Monte D.
Energy Price Cutters
It's not very often when best quality and lowest price come from the same contractor, but that is what got with Energy Price Cutters. Robert insulated our extra room upstairs for less than any of the other quotes, and at a higher R-rating. I am very glad I found EPC in the yellow pages with all the good reviews by some of Robert's customers.

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