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By: Caroline B.
Walter's Porsche
We bought our first Cayenne back in 2007. We reached a point where it was time to buy another one, although we weren't in the best position to do so due to a recent credit hiccup. I felt sheepish about my attempt to purchase this new vehicle. Tony went to bat for us with the finance manager Jeff Hudson, who went above and beyond to find a lender to approve us. Jeff's actions of taking that extra step and going above and beyond what he had to will never be forgotten. His assistance was a blessing and took us by surprise. It isn't very often that someone in today's world takes a personal concern over your needs and goes out of their way to help you. We received just that with these two exceptional representatives. I can't imagine ever buying a car from anywhere other than Riverside's Walter's Porsche. They offer a small, family type unit of agents and employees whose service extended to customers is nothing short of exceptional. It isn't hard to imagine that walking in to a Porsche dealership could be a bit unnerving with the potential for belittling, snobbish behavior of representatives there. That couldn't be further from the truth at Riverside's Walter's Porsche. I would prefer to work with an easy going professional 100 times over a pretentious one. We couldn't have stepped in to a better situation than the one provided to us by Mr. Tony Nguyen & Mr. Jeff Hudson.
By: Robert T.
Walter's Porsche
If you are going to buy a Porsche, I recommend going to Walter's Porsche and give Tony Nguyen the opportunity. You will not regret it!My wife wanted to buy a Porsche for her 40th birthday. We showed up on a Sunday just to test drive the Panamera. Tony was very friendly and patient with all of our questions. They didn't have what we wanted at the time, but Tony told us not to worry, that he would have something within a couple of weeks. Whether I'm calling, texting or emailing Tony, he is always very responsive and it's obvious that he cares about his customers. He treats us like close friends or like Family. So when the car finally came in, he wasn't kidding! My wife got exactly what she wanted and Tony worked to get us the deal we were looking for, hassle free! We wanted to do some extras to the car and Dominic Macchia hooked it up. His recommendations were on point and it has added a special touch to make her Panamera unique.Thanks Tony and Dominic, you guys are the best
By: kelleyhaley1
Walter's Porsche
I found my pre-owned, 2008, 911 Carrera S (my dream car!) on-line at Walter's Porsche in Riverside, CA. When I emailed them to indicate my interest in the car, they quickly responded and were very accommodating. While there are many Porsche dealers in my area (I live in Manhattan Beach; 60 miles west of Riverside), I choose to go with Walter's in Riverside because I felt their attention to personal service right from the get-go.Tim Churchill and Bob McDonald helped me complete my purchase smoothly, in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Tim took over an hour to go over every little detail and function of my new car, never making me feel rushed or confused. He also offered me a very fair trade-in value for my BMW.Andy Bertoli handled my financing and he was very thorough and patient when reviewing and helping me decide which options I preferred.I would highly recommend Walter's Porsche and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.
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By: Kichul K.
Walter's Porsche
I purchased a used Porsche Cayenne S at Walter's through Tony Nguyen, and I am very satisfied with the level of professionalism and knowledge that Tony showed in the process. Often at dealerships, you run into aggressive sales people who try to push you into making a decision without giving you a fair chance to consider all your options. Tony, on the other hand, paid careful attention to what our needs were and tried to find a car and worked out a deal that suited the best for my circumstances. He compared my choices against all the cars available in nearby dealerships and ensured that we are not missing out on an opportunity - this process gave me further confidence and made sure that the pricing is consistent compared to other options in the market. So if you need to purchase a Porsche, there is little need to go anywhere else - just call Tony and he will make sure to find a car that you would love, no matter where that car may be.
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By: Tracee A.
Walter's Porsche
I was interested in getting a Macan Turbo. I had visited a dealership close to home but, I felt like it was not the right fit. So, I was looking at the inventory over at Walters witch had a great selection so we made a trip out there to check it out. I started working with Taylor he was very helpful with explaining all the options and really helping me get to what I wanted for my first Porsche. I decided that I wanted to make a custom order. So right there I made the order with my favorite color, red seat belts, sport chrono, panoramic sunroof. And some other fun options. The moment I walked in to Walters, I felt at home everyone was so nice and helpful. And the manager Frank was a huge asset in explaining a lot of things that I did not know about Porsche. My 2016 Macan Turbo ended up arriving a few weeks ahead of schedule. And I am so happy with my new Porsche. I can't wait until I get the pleasure of ordering another.
By: Dia P.
Walter's Porsche
David Barron was really on top of our claim. Unfortunately Geico was not. Even after calling them over, and over, and over and so many times Geico would not approve this under the insurance. Apparently the roll bar popped up for no apparent reason. It is only supposed to do that if all 4 wheels are off the ground (rolling) and I went out one morning to see it had done it on it's own. Apparently our claim's adjuster was in Texas for 3 weeks and even though David kept on top of it the insurance dropped the ball. As soon as they finally did approve the amount and pay David Barron went into action and it was completed quite quickly. It was a pleasure working with him and I would probably still be arguing with the insurance if he had not twisted their arm to get the claim handled so I could have my car. I will definitely use David again in the future, I am sure!!
By: Decker W.
Walter's Porsche
I purchased my Carrera S from Walter's. I traveled there from Los Angeles because they gave me the best price for the car, but since then I've made the drive out for service several times. I've tried to get appointments at local Porsche dealerships but they are typically booked well into the future if they even call me back. Walter's couldn't make it any easier. David Barron in service is great. They take my car right away, give me a loaner and I'm out. I will continue to go out of my way to use them, and I'll definitely give them the first shot at my repeat business when I buy my next Porsche. They also do great body work and interior blemish repair. I'm not the type of person who likes to stress about every little thing with my car. I drive it and have fun then the team at Walter's make's the car like new. Zero stress.
By: Kristin B.
Walter's Porsche
The team at Walters Porsche – are AMAZING!! I recently needed to get a new car and had been working with another dealer on a totally different type of car as I was considering something other than Porsche. I was so turned off by their lack of professionalism I called Walters and they rolled out the red carpet!! It was so easy and painless – I basically drove a car one night the very next morning I had options they found me in the color choice I wanted and they were able to get the car and put a deal together for me that same day!! I was able to get everything I wanted on the car and they are able to tint my windows and black out my beautiful wheels on site. All so no hassle for me!! I am a very busy professional and they are TOP NOTCH in service. GREAT JOB GUYS!
By: eric.burkhardt.946
Walter's Porsche
Cory Williams met my wife and I at the dealership when we were just looking at Porsche's to decide if we even wanted to buy one as our third car. Cory was friendly, attentive, and very helpful. He helped us narrowed down the search to vehicles we could afford and then went on some test drives. After driving the cars, we left the dealership and went back home (120 miles away). At no point were we pressured into buying a car during our visit.We actually wound up buying a car the next day, because we checked prices online and found them to be very reasonable. Overall, the treatment we received by every member of the staff was top notch and provided us with the best car purchasing experience ever. For us, it was well worth the drive for this kind of service.
By: Viet T.
Walter's Porsche
If you are looking for a Porsche in SoCal, go to Walter's. I talked to all the dealerships in my area and shopped around for a while. Walter's not only gave me the best deal, but the best customer service as well. Tony Nguyen was my SA and he went above and beyond to answer all my questions and give me advice. Tony is a genuine guy who knows a lot about Porsches. I did a custom order, which took about 3 months to deliver. The wait was agonizing. As Tony also custom ordered his car, he was able to sympathize my pain and kept me in the loop whenever there was an update on my car. Tony was not working the day my car arrived but still called to congratulate me and schedule a pick up! If you are looking for a new car, I highly recommend you talk to Tony.

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