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By: Tamara S.
Big Tuna
So just to clarify the two stars are for the Food NOT THE SERVICEi went to this place with my kids and when we sat down our server basically tossed the paper menu reciept on our table handed us our menus and did not once look at us. she came back to place our order without a smile and with a BIG attitude. when she brought our food to the table she gave the plates to the wrong person. again never looked at us. she then walked passed us and bumped into me and never said sorry. Her eyes were rolling back in her head. she brought the napkins and hit my daughter in law in the elbow and said nothing. She refilled our water but reached in the front of my son's face rudely and put the water back in front of him but the water wasn't his. It wasn't the older lady who wears the glasses its the young CHICK who won't look at you in the face when she takes care of you.she will be hard to miss. Just look for the girl with her eyes completely white because her eyeballs are to the back of her head.With very little appetite left we ate what we were served and she brought our check. My tip to her was on the back of my reciept which told her: you should smile more at the customers, don't roll your eyes, look at your customers when you serve them and approach them.- good service goes along way... ENJOY YOUR TIP! i made sure that he receipt said ZERO for Tip. The food was good. My son recommends the mussels. They have a great variety and the prices are ok. Would i go back? Maybe take out.
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By: regute
Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food
I personally know the chef, he is a guy that would rather be in the kitchen instead of out making millions. The passion for cooking is in his blood and its more important to him that his customers are sastified then what his portfolio is doing! Its rare that you find such love for the job and that is reflected in the taste and quality of the food. If you are in the area this is a must try.
By: Ashlee R.
Lucky Wok
the food was good given i had to wait a good 10 min for my broccolli beef and when i was asked if i wanted my soda glass bottle opened i said yes please and they left me waiting to get my soda opneed while they helped another customer. they weren;t even busy so idk what the staff was thinking about but i wasnt happy with my experience sorry.
By: hjr9853
Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food
The portions are gigantic, the food is always fresh, and the price is something you cant beat in the Inland Empire. Forget those chains run by corporations, they dont know how to treat their customers right! This restaurant makes sure you dont leave hungry.....real food for real people
By: Ronald J.
Farmer Boys
Love the food,do care for the fact that this is one of the oldest Farmer boys in the area and that it shows this restaurant on internet but when you go in to use the coupons or promotion the store does not take them. Will not be eating at this chain store again.
By: renee.norris.31
Peking Restaurant
My family and I have been eating here for 8 years. The staff is friendly and the food is fabulous . You know it is very good when it is Full of Chinese people and lunch and dinner rush hour there is a line to get in. Highly recommended Peking.
By: momof2crazyboys
Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food
Must go!! This place is amazing!! My oldest son is NOT a fan of Chinese food at all! But he fell in love with the Orange Chicken with Chow Mein noodles. Great quality. Great prices. Fresh ingredients!!! Look forward to going back soon!
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By: Katie S.
Akina Teppan & Sushi
My husband and I come here often for the sushi. The food is always very fresh and tastes very good. We find the price to be about average compared to other AYCE Sushi places and have tried other places, but we keep coming back to Akina.
By: larita1
Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food
GOT YOU!!!!! finger licking wings with the best garlic sauce. Don't forget to try their YUMMY wontons. Best services and you will never leave hungry. The food was absolutely flavorful. EXPECT left overs because they will give you A LOT
By: Cathy O.
Marcello's Pizza & Pasta
Ordered a large pizza to share with a couple friends. It was delicious. The service here was prompt and kind. The girl that helped us was very patient and courteous while we took the time to decide on our order. I'l be back.

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