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By: kayejoe
My sister and I just left this Applebee's location and we are extremely disappointed. We went to Applebee's to get a few happy hour drinks and an appetizer so we could spend an hour or so catching up and not break the bank. We took a few minutes to order our drinks because we wanted to make sure we got a great deal. There were two items advertised on the front of the Happy Hour menu (watermelon margarita and a pineapple/jalapeƱo margarita). There weren't any prices listed next to the items so we asked the bartender, Joe, how much they were.. And he replied "$3.50." We both thought, "Wow! That's a great deal! We'll take one of each!." A few minutes later another bartender named Lauren was behind the bar and Joe must have taken his break. We ordered another round of drinks and continued talking... Come to check out time and the drinks rang up at $8.00 each. What the heck?! We questioned the cost and although Lauren was very nice and sympathetic there was nothing she could do. The drinks were $8 each on happy hour. How much could these crappy drinks be regularly?? $16? I didn't even really like my drink. The only reason I tried it was because it was supposedly $3.50. Aside from this visit, I haven't been impressed. The steaks are pumped with water, the appetizers are full of salt, and the service is less than mediocre. I probably won't be returning....unless I'm desperate and really want a happy hour beer with a side of crappy service.
By: nicesmile123
Yard House
the food is good but the searvice S U CK S!!!!! I thoght that complainig to the manager would help, wrong! I hate the staff. A dead bunch of emotionless loosers that just got off of unemployment looking for another easy check. Little did they know my one splurge in life is on good food and good searvice. I had a hundy in my pocket and ready to enjoy the afternoon but instead i couldnt get past the Seared ahi sashami and the delightful double daddy. After waiting for the lil prick to bring my check he had the nerve and odasisity to put my change in a WET tip jar. What a reflection on his mother and father if he had one. Wonder what he will amount to? Probably no more than a stain on society and an empty exspresion of fickle jesture that wouldnt amuse a starved girlfriend left alone on a friday night; good luck with that you,need it.
By: Don P.
Chili's Grill & Bar
Good experience here. Saturday about 1:30 pm. I usually don't eat burgers but I order a burger with all kinds additives, avocados, bacon, different cheese's, onions, pickles. The wife ordered the three fish taco meal. All was good, very good. A little pricey for old folks but very good. This was last week 2\\11\\2017. Oh yes, the servers were very good and very nice. We'll be back. Thank You.
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By: Kimberly Z.
Law's Lunch & Dinner
Excellent place for great food, cocktails, live bands, karaoke and dancing entertainment. I've been going to Law's Restaurant with friends and family for several years, and have loved every minute of it. I recommend Law's very highly!
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By: Jesus P.
Red Hot Kitchen
Good food at this place unfortunately prices are a little steep, could be another reason why you dont see too many people at this place, maybe they could lower the prices down and business could improve
By: Benjamin P.
Did I just eat the menu, or did the cook to one hell of a job on my plate. Doesn't matter it was good. The waitress with the pink finger nails was awesome. Everything was awesome.
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By: joanne.balcerzak
The Salted Pig
this is a great spot to hang out and eat. Very good food and the menu changes so it's always different. The food is amazing, especially the pork chop and the REALLY big burger.
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By: Mary P.
TGI Fridays
The staff is very friendly and eager to help the food is fantastic, and I love the fact that I can watch my sports games
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By: Cynthia N.
Love the cheeseburgers on wheat bread! Everyone is always friendly and nice! Great place for lunch!
By: kattyk
Tio's Food To Go
I LOVE the gardens and the sculptures! The bottle church is amazing! The food is so good.

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