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By: Robert K.
Raceway Ford
After posting a review they quickly got things handled and apologized tremendously for the incorrect handling of our account and resolved most the issues. None of us are not perfect but they stepped up and got things handled.Not a reliable, honest, or customer friendly company at all.just bought a used vehicle from them with extended warranty for four years bumper to bumper. Within in two days of purchasing the vehicle and using the a/c it was not working properly. took the vehicle in to get looked at. After 8 hours of being there they didn't look at it at all.One week later the van broke down on the road. took it in again. called multiple times and no answer, always redirected to voice mail. once a returned call. after three days of vehicle setting they get authorization to fix the alternator. But will not cover the a/c because they say animal has chewed the wiring. Has not worked since we received it. we also asked for 3 other things to be looked at but they have not check those out either.We were told once in three days that they were doing repairs and another day they waiting for repair. another day they said they were doing repairs, and then the next day they will start the repairs if we approve them. That was with us contacting themnot up front or seem to be honest at all. one time they called us back through the whole ordeal. We fiscally had to go there every time to get any info at all.We are a service company and would never do that to any of our customers. We do understand that some times there are communications errors and no body is perfect. but they dropped the ball at every possible chance and did not try to pick it up at all. Our fleet vans and trucks will now go somewhere else.We only ask for honest, up front and at least communication with us on what is going on.
By: benzbebo
Walter's Automotive
I bought my third car this year from Vincent Troncoso. Same great service and experience every time. Vincent is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, and straight-forward. The most important thing to know is that he GETS THE DEAL DONE with no hassles and without wasting any time. You know every step of the way what is going on and can completely trust that Vincent is doing whatever he possibly can to take care of you and to get you the best deal possible. If you are looking to purchase a Mercedes Benz anywhere in Southern California, do yourself a favor and drive out to Riverside and see Vincent Troncoso.4/1/2013Oops, he did it again! Last month I purchased a beautiful, new C-class for my partner. This month I went back to Vincent Troncoso and purchased an AwEsOmE GLK for myself. Same great experience both times -- completely straigh-forward, honest, trust-worthy, respectful, professional, and competent. Simply the best!2/22/2013Wow! Vincent Troncoso is not only an absolute pleasure to work with, but he gets the deal done! I have been buying cars for the past 25 years. I was lucky enough to find Vincent and his team at Watler's Mercedes for the purchase of my 20th car. I can say without a doubt that Vincent is the most competent and professsional salesman that I have dealt with in ALL of my years buying cars. He sold me a beautiful C-Class for my partner. I will be back in a couple of weeks for that GLK -- #21!Search no further. Just go see Vincent at Walter's Mercedes today. You'll have your dream car in the garage tonight!Thank you Vincent, Celcilia, and Andrea. You're the best!
By: Michelle J.
Walter's Automotive
I was recently looking for a new car to purchase and had my mind set on buy a Jaguar. But my experience at the Jaguar dealership wasn’t productive or enjoyable. My friend told me to go Walter’s Automotive and look at Mercedes Benz. I was totally open to checking it out and I’m soooooo happy that I did. My experience at Walter’s Automotive was GREAT!!! I met with Aaron Jensen and he was so AWESOME!!! He was not your typical car salesman that hovered over you or tried to sell you something that you didn’t want, or even worst – have a nasty attitude with you. He was attentive, patience and really took the time with me to make sure that I follow exactly what I wanted. He even put up with my two big boys that believed they knew more about Mercedes Benz (which was a good giggle for both of us). Aaron totally understood my need to find a car that was safe and stylish all at the same time. After a little bit of searching, I saw this beautiful white CLA250 that was calling my name. It was like it was calling my name and was made just for ME! Aaron explained everything about the car in great detail and what to expect from Mercedes Benz. I’ve purchased a few cars over the years, but I’ve never had such a wonderful experience like I did at Walter’s Automotive with Aaron Jensen. If you’re looking to purchase or lease a car, stop by Walter’s Automotive and chat with Aaron. He’ll take good care of you and he’ll make sure that you’ll leave happy. I just want to say “THANK A MILLION” Aaron for everything and helping find the PERFECT Mercedes Benz for me! You get a million stars from me :-) Michelle
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By: Alyssa A.
Walter's Audi
I just bought a 2015 Audi A4 from Walter's Audi from Amin Eshaq and I could not have had a more amazing experience!! I came into Walter's a few weeks prior to buying mine to decide between the A3 and A4 and Amin test drove them both with me, asking me about what my personality and what my lifestyle is, what I would primarily be using my car for, etc., trying to gauge which car would be better suited to my style and my needs. We decided on the A4 and then it was just a matter of deciding what year, and if I was going to get a CPO or a new car. Amin was very knowledgeable in the pros and cons of each car type and whether to buy new or used. I never felt pressured or that he was just trying to sell me a car. I could tell that he genuinely cared about whether I was going to be happy with my decision.By the time I came back to buy the car, it had sold that morning and I was visibly disappointed. Amin immediately started finding other cars that had the same features that I was looking for, and we ended up looking at a brand new Tornado Grey Metallic, Quattro A4 with navigation. When we test drove the car, I was in love. It was even better than the CPO I had originally wanted, and he gave me such an amazing offer I couldn't refuse. I am so grateful for Amin Eshaq's service and devotion to finding me a car that I will love for many years. He truly cared more about my happiness and satisfaction, than getting that car off the lot that day. I definitely recommend him to anyone and will be referring all of my friends and family to him.I promise you won't be let down with Amin!
By: dboutros88
Walter's Automotive
On June 21st, 2012 I walked into Walter's ready to pick up my 2012 C63 AMG. Prior to coming in I had been worked with Charbel (Charlie) Saikali on ordering my car. He went above and beyond the call of service, haggling for me the best price he can get (a price I was extremely satisfied with) and getting me a sedan in an extremely rare color combo.Upon walking into the dealership my baby was sitting at the front of the showroom all washed up and ready for me to take her home. When it came time to sign the papers, absolutely everything was what we had discussed over the phone. There were 0 surprises and I was pleased to be able to walk in, sign, and drive off all in about an hours time. Since then, I have gone back for service of the limited slip differential at 2000 miles. I had made an appointment and upon my arrival the service staff were ready to take my car and all of them were all over the car telling me how nice it was. They finished the service in about two hours and even changed out a couple of sidemarkers I had brought in. During this time any and all questions I had were answered informatively by Mario the service manager. I cannot stress how much I have enjoyed my time at this dealership and despite the fact that I can take my car to ANY MB dealer for service, and that I have two dealerships that are closer to me but quite a bit, I will continue going to Walter's for the excellent level of attention and service that I receive hear.
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By: Apple V.
Walter's Automotive
Alan Villasenor at Walter’s Mercedes-Benz is the best!! I wouldn’t have my beautiful GLE now if not for his hard work and patience. I know very little about cars, but Alan patiently explained everything to me. He definitely knows his stuff, and is extremely dedicated to making sure his customers understand what it is they are trying to buy. I went to multiple car dealership prior to coming at Walter’s MB, but none of them had the patience or desire to help me find the perfect car I was looking for. I am very thankful I went here and met Alan. He greeted me and my family with a big genuine smile, probably without realizing how much patience he would need to have from that moment on. LOL!! His sincerity to make his customers happy – whether it is through getting their perfect car or getting their questions answered – is one of the things I really admire about this guy. For Alan, it is never about just selling any car. Genuine people, especially in today’s sales business, are rare. Walter’s MB is very fortunate to have this rare, precious gem in their company. I love Alan and I am very grateful it is him who helped me get my car. It honestly has been a wonderful experience since day 1. Anyone looking for a “hardworking, patient, and genuine” sales consultant, Alan Villasenor is your man! I am extremely satisfied with his customer service, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting their perfect car! =)
By: Keith C.
Walter's Automotive
Mercedes is renowned for quality and service. Andrew and Raul exemplify all that is Mercedes Benz. We bought a new GLC300 from Andrew in January 2017. THAT car was cursed with 3 fender benders in the first 6 months before someone finally ran a red light and sent it to the scrap yard. My first thought was to reconnect with Andrew Wagner to replace it with a new one. We told him our needs and wants and he located the vehicle for us in, of all places, the port of LA. It has just gotten off the boat and still had not been prepped for delivery to a dealership. Andrew dispatched a Walter's employee to retrieve our new GLC and brought it to the dealership. The next day all we had to do was show up, sign some papers with Julio, and my wife was on her way in her new car. Raul helped her to pair her cell phone with the car and, because she was already familiar with the controls on the car, she was on her way. It could NOT have been made any easier by anyone involved. Julio even arranged to have our extended warranty and prepaid maintenance contracts assigned to the new vehicle. I'd say we spent a TOTAL of 90 minutes inside the dealership which is a record in all of our 30 years experience in purchasing vehicles. Andrew made it happen for us. We will be buying more new Mercedes in the future and look forward to dealing with Walter's MB and Andrew Wagner. THANKS Andrew for a wonderful experience!
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By: Brit C.
Walter's Automotive
We had the absolute privilege to be assisted in our purchase by Andrew Wagner. I must say that there was not one question that he did not have the answer to. He studies his vehicles and represents that to us the customer. Coming from purchasing a BMW with a terrible experience from sales to problems with the car and then having the worst service center experience, I decided it was time to switch to Mercedes. They never tried to oversell and always wanted to make sure that the deal was the best for me especially when I was pondering lease vs purchase. I ended up leasing a 2017 S63 AMG and not only was the car stunning but I could not say enough good things about Andrew and Walters Mercedes of Riverside. It is rare to find such professionalism and someone who actually loves their job and I could tell that Andrew was passionate about his job. He made the buying experience actually pleasurable and spent about 2 hours training me on some of the tech and invited me back for another session. There were no stones left unturned and I left with a perfect experience of my purchase and the best decision to choose this dealer. Most importantly, Andrew has me as a client for life including my family and my business and we will be sending as many friends and family to become apart of this dealership. Thank you to Walters and to the articulate, intelligent and enjoyable, Andrew!
By: Robert P.
Raceway Ford
The only person there I feel thats worth talking to is James Burgess, the salesman Derrick was ok but his lack of employee empowerment greatly reflected on the the companies lack of trust and credibility of their salesmen and women. The finance guy i dealt with Angel, I can say im glad i will never see him again in my life because somehow or another he slipped in a 1095 dollar option in my contract that I was told nothing about, which translated to me not getting my car when promised. FURTHERMORE, Angel promised me that he would have a peice of mail out that was vital to getting me my car on time and because of his actions I still am with out a car and just a approval from the bank. I would also like to note that starring out the window at the Derricks desk on Saturday for hours on end waiting for ANGEL to get the contract in order was less than delightful. The part about all of this that bothered me the most is that when i told Derrick (my salesmen) i was hungry and wanted to go across the street to get some food his response " oh these guys don't like anyone to leave unless we have signatures." so in other words no i would appreciate it if you sat here in hunger until we get some money from you. Luckily James (sales Manager) told him to take me in the back 30 min later and give me some of their employee food.
By: jjennyg
Riverside Honda
I went to Riverside Honda today to look at some cars. When I got there I was greeted with a great smile by Mike Rodriguez. I told him it was my birthday and I wanted to buy myself a birthday present. Well I spent a lot of time with Mike that day and Juan he's the floor manager who is also great. I'll tell you there was absolutely no pressure, they were very professional and had a great sense of humor and actually we had a really good time! As a matter of fact it might have been the best birthday I've ever had. Mike even went out and got me some ice cream and a beautiful card that told me happy birthday and I thought that was just so great. Before it was over with, just about every sales person in Honda was telling me happy birthday. I ended up buying myself a car. He got me a fantastic deal I am very very happy and I will recommend everybody that I know to Mike not only is he a great salesperson but he's a great human being!Richard M. the owner of Riverside Honda: You must be a great guy because you have trained your sales people to be so knowledgeable and friendly and just all-around caring! Believe me most of the car lots are not like this at all! So whatever it, keep up the good work cuz I'll be back probably in 5 years to buy another car. ����

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