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By: Dragonfly L.
This Denny's in Ripon offered a pot roast with vegs, gravy, and the waitress said it came with'potatoes and bread'. The orders came and it was very obvious that my husband's plate was very unlike mine. He had a huge amount of pot roast and gravy, lots of meat, vegs, and underneath, over an inch high rectangle of instant potatoes and a piece of 'texas toast.' My plate however had the huge rectangle of instant potatoes with a little dollop of the pot roast on top. It was very obvious that the meals were not close to being the same. I was quite angry. My meal @ $11.79 was worth 1/4 of that price. I had to spit out huge chunks of fat (my husband found none) The bits of meat in my order were tiny and mostly hard bits. (He had a lot of meat) I had very little in the way of vegetables (His meal had a lot of vegetables). Mine had lots of gravy and not much else. I asked the waitress to call a manager. My meal consisted of a few shreds of beef, 2-3 carrot slices and gravy on a bed of instant potatoes. The 'manager' told me they use scoops in the kitchen so all meals are equal. I would say I got about 1/8 of a cup of the actual pot roast and vegs. It was mostly gravy. The meals were so unequal it was shocking. Finally the 'manager' allowed me a $2 discount. That brought my cost down to $9.79 for a fat-loaded few shreds of meat, 2 slices of carrot , a huge bed of instant potatoes and a piece of Texas toast covered with gravy. The 'manager' said that 'mistakes happen.' I shouldn't have had to pay for this one!Every Denny's where we had a meal on our trip of 2400 miles more than met our expectations for good food except this one in Ripon California. .I wouldn't ever eat in it again and now we are reconsidering our options for restaurants, if traveling again soon.

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