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By: Eunika E.
Mallard Greens
21 February 2016This was my first apartment and it seemed great at first. Only because it's a two bedroom town home and only paying electric. However the maintenence people are rude. they only knocked once then proceeded in. What if I was naked ??? They then used my bath rag to wipe the bottom of my toilet when they were supposed to be fixing it and my rag magically disappeared. Plus they don't fix anything correctly. Not to mention there was mold all in the bathroom, downstairs closets, and in the kitchen. I so sick of spraying bleach to get rid of it. Oh and they have no survalence in the parking lot. My car insurance went up and i never knew why until my car was hit twice OVERNIGHT!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT! They let guest park where ever they please holding up residence parking spaces and the towing company does nothing about it.
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By: Jasmine E.
Dickson & Associates Inc
Lived in one of the apartments of Dickson Properties for 4 years. We were very happy there! Only moved because we were leaving RVA. Great location, very very reasonable rent, and any maintenance issues were usually solved by the next day. Their buildings are older so the winters can be a little hard on your utility bill, but we got a space heater which really cut down our bill! Got our full security deposit back as well. Honestly, if you are act like an adult and not a young college student (i.e take care of the place, pay your rent, and have reasonable expectations) you will be totally happy with this company! Would do it again.
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By: Ashley S.
Jake Albritton with Keller Williams Realty
Jake is one of my best friends for full disclosure. I just want others to know how great Jake is not only as a Realtor, but as a person. Jake works so hard to get his clients the best deal possible, and the most money back for their home. He works day and night to serve his clients and I see it first hand on a daily basis. If you want someone to guide you through the buying process, or show you the newest trends when marketing your home to sell for the most amount of money possible, Jake is definitely your guy.
By: Meghan T.
Jake Albritton with Keller Williams Realty
Jake had outstanding service and wonderful communication. Jake Albritton was able to sell my home where other real estate agents fell short and could not sell my home for over 6 months. I was about ready to give up when a friend referred me to Keller Williams, specifically Richmond Va Realtor, Jake Albritton. We closed quickly, and both the home buying and selling process went quite smooth. Thank you Jake!
By: Jake A.
Jake Albritton with Keller Williams Realty
A Richmond, Virginia Real Estate Agent that offers outstanding service not only as a professional licensed Virginia Realtor, but as a neighbor to our community. It's all about our clients and we would love to serve you. We're standing by right now and we would love to help you with the buying or selling of your home. Providing Real Results that Move You.
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By: Esperanzia W.
Chimbo Supermarket
I like this supermarket a great deal because it is convenient for people that can't get out to bigger markets. Their food looks good and their employees are polite and curious. Will be back and recommend. This is my first time in this store and I'll be back.
By: Jenn M.
Nick's Produce & International Food Market
Amazing fresh made sandwiches! Perfect little lunch spot for picking up food. International foods also available for purchase. Wish they had some seating for lunch. Fun staff! Must try!
By: Whitney S.
BeneFinder is cool because you can shop online or just call in. They were super helpful. Kept me from having to go to healcare.gov
By: adriana.renato.77
Goshen Market
Moderately cheap, friendly service and a great selection of items. A definite go-to for your immediate needs. Better than 7-11
By: Aj painters ..
Hunt Real Estate
There will be excellent to know about this business There will be excellent to know about this business

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