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By: cpaul1
Acorn Sales Company
I am very disappointed. Their website provided great items, their prices were comparable, slightly cheaper than other companies. The website was user friendly and their shippment was fast. BUT.....As soon as I received my item from the mail, I opened it up and the top fell off. I then proceed to put it back into its place only to find that either it was the wrong lid or it was just a simple defect in this top. So I immediately call the customer service and I explain to her what the situation was. The first thing she says is, "Did you drop it?" I told her no I just got the item mintues ago. She then tells me to hold on and comes back on, she says "Well the shipping manger said to just pop it in." I told her okay I understand that but the item is not popping back in place. She then says, "Is there someone there who can help you?" By then I was just dumbfounded. First she accused me of breaking it and then suspects that it takes a rocket scientist to pop a lid back in. So I said so what can I do about this problem, she says well I am going to give you an item number and you will have to ship it to us, we will pop it back in place and send it back. I was floored and I said well will you give me a return shipping and she says no. So I tell her, "Let me get this straight, you want me to spend more money on shipping, for an item that is defective. She said that is right. I then said well what are my other options. She then said there are no other options, ok so I say I want the option of returning the item. She then says no I can't do that either. I then say can I speak to your manager. She said no! I am soooooo pissed by then, so I take her number and then email the manager, whose contact I found online. I emailed him and about four days later I have not heard anything from him. I know it might be insignificant but the attitude of that lady just pushed me over the edge!!!
By: jameslaw
Digital Banana
Just had my first chance to see that the commitment to customer service at Alphagraphics will be just a continuation of the excellent service that I was used to with Digital Banana. I just noticed on my business cards that the email address was incorrect event after I received a digital proof to assure there were no mistakes. I fully expected to have to pay half the cost of the new cards but Alphagraphics is going to reprint at NO CHARGE to me. Alphagraphics clearly went above my expectations and should be recognized as a company that takes care of their customers. Thank You Alphagraphics!
By: lovindan
Pro Printing
Been our printers of choice for years. Quality exceeds any others we have found. Business cards with custom logo & custom color, with 2-day turnaround was about 15% the cost from other shops. Wedding custom printing in less than a week with custom logos and colors for FAR LESS COST than at "wedding shops". Plus, the natives are pleasant and helpful, not "snooty" like SOME other shops.

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