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By: tina.m.callas
Dr. Howard F. Duke
There is no better foot doctor in the world as far as I am concerned.. I had one of the worst case of plantar fasciitis and he fixed it and it has never bothered me since. I have diabetes and other foot issues and one visit with Dr. Duke clears them up. If he were a dr. In every area I would be the healthiest person alive. I tell everyone I meet especially if they say they have foot issues GO SEE DR. DUKE. Not only is he beyond smart you can tell he truly cares about you as a person and he never ever rushes through your visit. He treats you as if you are his one and only patient. My grandmother had seen many specialists about her crippled foot. They could not help her. After several visits with Dr. Duke her toes were straightened and she could wear normal shoes and pretty much pain free. I hope DR. DUKE never ever retires. LOL Tina Callas
By: jbs0117
Dr. Howard F. Duke
This doctor is fantastic! He has gone above and beyond to help care for my mother's health as she is diabetic and has PAD. He warned her that if she didn't do something soon to remedy the problem limb loss was probable. She had her left leg bypass done two weeks ago and later will have the right leg done. Had he not been persistent I doubt she would have acted. Recently when she had a severe allergic reaction to some meds he had prescribed, he called several times to follow up and urged her to go to the ER after he called her other doctors. He called when he was away at a doctor's conference to make sure she was watching her sugar and on that we were giving her the right diet since she was weak at the time. I've never known any doctor to go this extra mile to care for a patient. Simply one of the best in town!
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By: Trish C.
Dr. Howard F. Duke
Thank you Dr. Duke..I would HIGHLY recommend him for any foot care but especially if you need bunion. I had this surgery done on the same foot 12 yrs ago @ MCV & what a MESS! My foot x-ray looked exactly the same PRE surgery & 1 yr POST surgery. The doctor @ MCV didn't even manage my pain(and I have a VERY high pain tolerance). Dr. Duke had me test meds to make sure my pain would be manageable. He provided me with his office, cell & even HOME numbers and had me sign a form saying I would contact him at least for 1st 5 days post surgery - no matter how I was feeling. If you have foot problems..DR DUKE IS YOUR MAN!!! he truly has his patients best interest at heart and takes the time to make sure you understand everything that will take place.
Tips & Advices
Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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