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By: Alison K.
Richmond Waldorf School K-8
The curriculum is stimulating, engaging, and challenging. My daughter has blossomed st the school. The teachers and administration are hard working and capable.
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By: S H.
Richmond Waldorf School K-8
I am thankful every single day that my kids have an opportunity to go to RWS. I have two very different boys and the curriculum suits them both. I visited almost every private school in Richmond and knew I wanted my children to attend RWS. It is truly a blessing. My boys are taught respect and the joys of hard work. Besides main lesson the children have strings, music, art, languages, cooking, biking and much more. We have seen the benefits of a Waldorf education and can't wait to see how our children develop through this special school.
By: Heather S.
Richmond Waldorf School K-8
Waldorf Education does not follow the same exact testing standards seen in conventional education. Waldorf is based on natural stages of human development – what's appropriate for the child and when. Yes, a 5-year-old child can sit at a desk and learn to read, but is this really benefiting them? Shouldn't their focus be on movement, play, teamwork, coordination, a moral compass, curiosity? This school focuses on the individual, not what a government test deems worthy. A parent may choose to leave if their child is not meeting conventional test standards at the exact time the test says they should – this choice is completely up to the parent. This choice does not make Waldorf Education wrong or bad, it is simply a different path. I want more for my daughter, I want her to be resilient, curious, and capable of tackling anything she dreams to do – carve her own path, not follow in line with the pack. I feel this is what RWS aims to achieve. My daughter, in her 3rd year here, is thriving.
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By: Cynthia M.
Richmond Waldorf School K-8
After visiting Montessori and Waldorf, we enrolled our son. We now have our 3, 5 and 7 year olds attending and it was the best decision we ever made! The kids love going to school! They heard French lullabies in preschool and now in the grades my son is learning Russian and Spanish. The children learn in a fun way and actually grasp the concepts and develop a love to learn. My son also has sensory issues, and the staff have always been very helpful and really look for the greatest good for each individual child. Not only is the curriculum excellent, but some of the outdoor play included bicycle lessons, safety and a field trip to see the Worlds in our own backyard, not to mention walks to Maymont, "work" at the Botanical Gardens and other community service. After three years, I cannot wait to see my children doing what I see the older kids doing! And the alumni seem to be doing well in top schools, a product of a Waldorf education! Thanks to all the teachers and staff! We love you, and so do our children!
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By: Laura H.
Luther Memorial School
My grandchild attends Luther Memorial School a private religious base school.My concerns is that the teacher did not reach out the parents/grandparent she has all of our contact info and she see the father every morning.My second concern is why would you allow a child to fall by the wayside, not even attempting to put a plan in place to help the child.My third concern is why the teacher makes inappropriate statements to the student so as you are not prepared to move on and this statement was made in January, if the teacher knew this then why did she not try to help the child prepare to move on. I guess my complaint is that this teacher does not care about her students, she is not promoting success but allowing failure.The last conversation with the principle is that he fully supports the teacher.Well I guess he is supporting allowing student to fail, no plan put in place to help the student succeed.
By: trueandfair
Tuckahoe Montessori School
As a parent who has had personal experience of the Toddler, Primary and Elementary program of Tuckahoe Montessori School, I can honestly say that the teachers at this school are wonderful examples of what any parent could want for their child. The Administrator of the school takes a personal interest in each and every child (and family) who enters TMS (as we fondly refer to the school), and does everything in her power to insure that individual needs are met and in most cases, exceeded.Children in this school learn through Maria Montessori's wonderful method in a beautiful, peaceful and caring atmosphere, while parents are allowed the invaluable opportunity of being co-educators of their children. To facilitate the latter, there are numerous opportunities during the year for parents to learn how they can continue their child's Montessori experience in the home and in every aspect of their lives.Not only is my child thriving in this environment, but so is my entire family.If you are looking for an intimate, individualized and wide-ranging educational experience for your child, then this is the school for you.PS...for those of you who have read the unfavorable comments about the elementary program, please note that they all refer to the inaugural year of the program 2011-2012. I was here through that time as well, and it was, indeed, a challenging time for the budding program, due to circumstances beyond the control of the administration. With a new and wonderful, experienced teacher on board for the 2012-2013 year and now an additional wonderful and experienced teacher joining her for the 2013-2014 year, these students are enjoying the myriad benefits that a solid Montessori education has to offer.
By: westendgirl
Tuckahoe Montessori School
Tuckahoe Montessori is tucked in at the corner of Malvern and Monument. A simple sign designates it, but if you're speeding by, you'd never know it's there. We're so glad we got stuck at a light and saw the sign. Our daughter has been there for her entire school experience so far and we've been incredibly happy. We don't plan on moving her until she ages out of the elementary program. Her work can be challenging sometimes but she's never discouraged because the whole philosophy (from Toddler on up) seems to rest on the children getting a chance to master each step of their learning, and that makes them so confident.Never realized that a child's school experience is a quality-of-life factor for the whole family. We feel like we got very lucky when we found the school.
By: fishergj
Tuckahoe Montessori School
My children have thrived both academically and socially in this program. I am amazed at what the children learn in the primary classroom (from ages 3-6 approximately). I have a 5 year old who is able to add and do lower number multiplication--the math in Montessori is so hands on and thus understandable. Additionally, the children are encouraged to do their work at their pace and repeat it as desired, which allows for deeper understanding.I love the education program and the lead teachers. There has been some turnover in the assistant teachers, but the lead teachers really set the standard and are phenomenal and we've liked all the assistant teachers as well.

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