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By: Jill G.
Zacharias Ganey Health Institute
I love ZG! I lost 70 pounds…which is great, but for me the ZG concept is bigger than that. I think the most important thing about ZG is that you learn a framework for healthy living that you can sustain over your lifetime…so once you lose the weight you know how to maintain that loss and you have the support to do it. You learn the principals that govern how your body chemistry and mechanics intersect with your diet and exercise. Once you have that foundation, you can develop a way of eating and exercising that fits the ZG framework and that you like! I really appreciate Dr. Zacharias, she’s been accessible, more than willing to help and opine on my process, and sincere in her desire to help those with the ZG community reach their health goals as are the trainers. There are so many classes and trainers at ZG. I find it very easy to work with trainers I like and keep my workouts interesting and fun. I’ve made friends there too. Good times! So for me, ZG has been a game changer. I feel like I’ve dodged the bullet of diabetes, heart disease, joint problems and the repercussions of obesity…just in time.
By: R. D.
Advanced Wellness Centre
Always accommodating and professional - this clinic helps hundreds of patients per week and thousands per month. A wealth of health under one roof! From chiropractic to physical therapy to acupuncture to massageto nutrition and exercise trainers. All practitioners are there to serve and 'help' all patients reach their personal health goals. They may not tell you what you want to hear but they will tell you what you NEED to KNOW about your situation. Always up on the latest science to incorporate for optimal results!! My children (4) are the healthiest children because of chiropractic- very rarely sick- never been on antibiotics, no broken bones. You want to stay well? This is the place to keep you well! Chiropractic first always:).

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