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By: Shelley W.
Sweet Tea's
I went to sweet teas with some co workers for a celebration. The place was almost empty and so you would have thought service would have been quick. We orderd 5 drinks which after almost 30 minutes and going to find the bartender we received the drinks. By then we had finished our appetizers and our meals started coming. We were brought a basket of cold corn muffins and had to ask for hot muffins. The food was so salty that we couldn't eat the greens, meatloaf with gravy or the rice with gravy because it tasted like a box of salt was dumped on the food. Regular drinks were free refills if you could get someone's attention to come refills your glass. There were at least 7 employees walking around and no matter how much we turned around no one asked if we needed anything. I don't mind tipping but I really have an issue with an automatic 18% gratuity when I don't get 18% worth of service. If you like salt , poor service and feeling heavy after you eat then this is your place not mine.
By: thebottomfanatic101
Kitchen 64
I love this place! I got the Raspberry Chicken and Brie sandwich (with caramelized apples) with sweet potato fries. It was delicious! Serves was quick too. Before I knew it the waiter was bringing out our food. The only problem I had is that he never refilled my water, but he refilled my fiance's tea and did ask me at the end if I wanted water. Oh, also I asked for lemon in my water and he did not give me a lemon. They give you so much good food at this place and it is reasonably priced. Our bill was like $20 and we both have leftovers. I will definitely go back.
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By: Pete K.
Robin Inn
A cool little Italian restaurant located in the local neighborhood. Has a good neighborhood feel to it. Went there was some high school friends Bobby McEntee, Walter Stumpf and Mike Natale after our 40th reunion. Have the baked spaghetti and it was the best I've had in many many years. Not too cheesy and just the right amount of sauce and pasta. I follow the lead of my Italian friend Mike Natale. I would also recommend to take out special of baked spaghetti, salad and bread for 5 dollars. A great value.
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By: angelia82
The Black Sheep
Don't write many reviews so when I do you bet the place have to be great. Found this place while attending some classes in Richmond, using the TV places to eat food map. Man vs. Food had done a show at this location so we said we'll go for it. Super nice service for us out-of-towners who didn't know a thing about the menu. And the food was the best thing I have had in while. If there was anything negative to be said to would be trying to find a place to park. Highly recommend trying this place out.
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By: Michael W.
Main Street Coffee
Want an incredible, REAL Espresso drink? Check out Main Street Coffee. A unique coffee shop in the heart of Richmond Virginia offering Italian espresso drinks (latte, cappuccino, etc) smoothies, and more. All hand-crafted... No automatic machines like the big shops. Plus check out the artwork for sale from various local artists. Awesome place.
By: Mark E.
Capital Ale House
Really cool downtown bar. We had some appetizers here which were fine but we didn't fully sample other food options. But the bar is definitely the draw here. It's long and open and a great place to enjoy a drink. And the "ice bar" is neat but a bit gimicky. Next time I'm in Richmond, I'd definitely make my way to Capital Ale House for a drink.
By: Robert E.
Galley restaurant
This place is great, I've been here a few times now. I usually go with one of the specials off the board, and I have not been disappointed yet. Service could be a little faster, but their amazing food and reasonable prices make up for it. I would recommend it to anyone.
By: ash.tiwari
Capital Ale House
A fine establishment offering an innovative and interpretive selection of dishes inspired by Southern, Cajun and California (aka Neo American) cuisine. And the beer selection. die for. I highly recommend a visit. And many repeats. ..
By: stacyrn2b
Joe's Inn At Bon Air
Huge plate of plain pasta covered with canned spaghetti sauce and a piece of pre-frozen, breaded veal. Salad was romaine lettuce with 2 slices of mealy tomato on top. Server was very nice and attentive but food is awful.
By: seanmims
The Forest Restaurant
Not much to look at on the inside or out, but the food is good. Friday prime rib is great. Bar prices are very reasonable too.Philly steak is very tasty. Note: they make their own chips. Yummy!

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