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By: Gayle T.
Sunshine Nails
My first visit to this salon was a real disappointment. Went in with my daughter. Daughter wanted a pedicure and bikini wax. I only wanted a pedicure. Was told there would be a 60 minute wait for the wax and 30 min wait for pedicure. That sounded reasonable so we stayed. After 15 minutes we were directed to our pedicure chairs. We both sat with feet in the water for over 45 minutes before a technician came to my chair. However, there were 2 other customers also waiting in their pedicure chairs longer than us so we asked the tech to wait one of them first. Another 20 minutes goes by. Another tech came to my chair but there was still the 2nd customer waiting longer then us so again we had to ask her to help the other lady. Tech #3 comes to my chair. By this time we had been sitting with our feet in the water for over an hour. She starts working on me. My daughter is still sitting with her feet in cold water. Another customer comes in and wants a pedicure. They were going to put her in an empty chair but by now my daughter has no more time to wait so she gave the customer her chair. My daughter never got her pedicure or wax after waiting over an hour and a half. They were very unorganized and didn't seem to care about the comfort of their customers. My pedicure was OK but I've had much better.
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By: Barbara R.
Tiger Nails
I saw the only review for Tiger nails and had to put my two cents in. I love Tiger Nails! They do anything I ask them to on my nails, are courteous, respectful, and friendly. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which affects my hands and feet, mimicking nail fungal infections, and when I told them about it, they actually knew what it was. I cannot care for my feet due to back problems, and they always take extra time to do an excellent job, because they know this. I would recommend them to anyone. Perhaps their treatment of me was due to my respectful treatment of them, and the tips I leave?
By: Maya C.
Red Nails
Great place and great service. The wait sometine was a bit long but I'm glad I waited. I opted for a simple pedicure with no nail polish- I just wanted clean nails and feet and I got exactly what I wanted. The girl was sweet and kind and worked diligently for such a simple task. This place will be my neighborhood nail spot from now on!
By: Alyssa R.
Red Nail Three
Very friendly staff.My tech was so sweet and spoke with a smile. I was very pleased that she was not pushy on extras and didn't try to rip me off. They were all very nice in general. Not snooty like I've seen at other nail salons. And their prices are fantastic! I will definitely be returning!
By: Lisa W.
Red Nails
I've been looking for a nail spa that can get a gel manicure to last, these wonderful ladies know what they are doing. I went in on a Wednesday morning and they were packed. Make an appointment and you wont be disappointed. My nails look great!!!
By: Judy T.
Red Nail Three
I like to come in here on my lunch break. They're always able to see me right away for a manicure, and I'm out of there within an hour. The owner is very sweet and personable, and gives a great manicure. I def return. Keep the good work.
By: Ashlee R.
Luv Nails
Did an ok job one nail was slightly lopsided. They do eyebrows pretty good. Prolly wouldn't go back to get my nails done though. I got the rounded nails
By: Jill P.
Jenny's Nail Salon
They were wonderful. The place had great ambiance, the prices were awesome and my manicurist gave me a chair massage and it was the best!
By: Isabelle S.
Red Nail Three
Love this place! Technicians are skillful & enthusiastic. Service at this place is great! I'm definitely going to come back.
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By: Felicia J.
Felicia's Fabulous Nails
Love the customer service and natural PRODUCTS.

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