By: Dae K.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
First let me say that i didn't know how i was going get my tree down. I thought it was going to take a lot of machinery and cost a lot of money. I had couple of quotes which was costly, but Tree Notch Services came with very skill folks, and cut down my tree that was about 100 feet tall which btw was right next to my house) and carefully cut all the big branches (which there was many and was hanging above my house) with ease. They didn't even have to use the lift or any heavy machinery which can be expensive. I was so impressed, i told Tree Notch i would send any referrals and do what i can to help his business. (and i mean it! these guys are awesome) They also cleaned all the dust off my roof and gutters and kept the place clean. gave me many advice, and I even have firewood! I can write more and more, but basically folks, Speak to Lynn and Call Tree Notch for great satisfactory on Tree service.
By: ricksch
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
I had four good sized trees that I wanted removed. One was badly rotted inside and leaning towards my neighbor's house. Lin's crew did a great job! They carefully felled all the trees, cut them up, and hauled them away. They cleaned up the entire area so well, you would never know four trees were just taken down and cut up (except for the stumps). The next day, another person came and ground all the stumps. He also did a great job.God blessed me with the skills to do a lot of things. I do almost all the repairs and maintenance on our home and cars. On the rare occasion when I hire someone else to do a job, I have very high expectations because I want it done right. I am extremely pleased with Lin's crew! The guys did a great job and were courteous. I thought the price was excellent.
By: Sam W.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
I FULLY recommend the service. Following initial call inquiry, next day I received a quote that was not only reasonable in price but also clearly explained details of the tree removal in my backyard. Competition was not only slow and late for appointments to get quote but did not set out clear expectations of the job they would be doing.In the end the job was done just as promised and punctually. The crew showed professionalism by being on time and had the experience to get the job done correctly. I was relieved at how quickly the hazard of a dead tree on the verge of hitting my house or taking down my fence was resolved.
By: mduval
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
I had a very large dead tree in my yard that needed to be removed. I called several companies for estimates which were more than I expected to pay and felt somewhat pressured to do business with them. Tree Notch came the next day to give me an estimate which I felt was more than reasonable and they were able to cut the tree dwon the next morning. Lin and his crew are very professional and it was a pleasure to work with them. They even trimmed up another tree for me that wasn't in the original estimate! I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
By: Anonymous A.
Partners Tree Service
I called Partners Tree Service to get an estimate for some tree work that I needed done. Mr. Malkemus scheduled a time and date to come out to my house to look at the tree work that I wanted done. He was on time for the appointment and was very professional. He gave me a price that I could not pass up. I ended up having Partners Tree Service complete the work. His employees along with himself did an excellent job. When the work was completed they left no mess in my yard. I would highly recommend this company for any tree work that you may need.
By: jonathansenna
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
Lin came out with his crew and removed an old cherry tree. His tree climber cut limbs that were hanging over our house and driveway. Lin and his crew were very careful not to cause damage to our house and yard. Tree Notch's service was very affordable. We feel that we were taken care of and got our money's worth. Thanks Lin and the Tree Notch staff! We would definitely recommend.
By: Nancy T.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
Tree notch did a great job for us. Our old maple had a huge limb partially break and hook on a corner of our house and another that was low over a slate roof. They removed both with no damage to the house. They were quick and cleaned up thoroughly. Mr Baker and his crew were excellent to work with, and we hired them to remove a dying mimosa. Same excellent job.
By: Stefanie J.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
Very prompt service. A tree fell on my roof and Lin came the same day for the estimate. Tree was removed next morning on a holiday! He even patched the small holes in the roof with caulk until my insurance adjuster could be dispatched. Very satisfied with my experience!
By: Jason B.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
Could not have asked for better service. Between time Lin and team gave estimate the tree was down, removed and cleaned up the following day. The tree had actually grown where it was leaning against house and they were extremely careful. DEFINITE recommendation
By: Jenn B.
Tree Notch Tree Service LLC
Fantastic service. I had an enormous tree hanging over my garage, extending over power lines and touching the neighbor's home. Lin gave me a fair price to remove it safely with a crane. He did the work quickly and cleaned up after. I couldn't be more pleased.
Tips & Advices
Do your due diligence and always ask for proof of insurance and certification before agreeing to any work. You will also want to be on the lookout for telltale signs of scams and be cautious of any company that:
  • Will not provide you with a certificate of their insurance policy or only has general liability coverage
  • Declines to give you a written estimate for the job
  • Gives you bids that either seem very low or very high
  • Contacted you out of the blue to see if you needed their services
  • Has complaints against it from business bureaus in your area
  • Asks for payment before starting work
  • Doesn't have a fixed physical address
Tree service companies are also great places to get your wood if you happen to have a fireplace. Many tree businesses offer free delivery and stacking of hardwoods, such as maple or birch. These can make for the best firewood because they burn slowly and don't produce as much smoke as other types.
If you want to add to the greenery in your yard but you're concerned about the right species to plant or where to put it on your property, seek the advice of an arborist.
If a storm hits and damages your residence, a tree service professional is usually on your list of people to call for help after first responders and your insurer. A professional service can completely remove a tree or just prune and saw off its branches if a storm damages a tree. After sawing or destroying the tree, professionals can then remove any of the dangerous debris from your yard by hauling it off.
Some bugs burrow through the bark and damage hardwood and softwood trees. Depending on the species of trees in your yard and the region of the country you live in, aphids, the infamous emerald ash borer or other pests could destroy your healthy trees.

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