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By: justink
RPM-Richmond Performance Modifications
I have purchased goods and services from RPM several times. My first experience was with tint. They did a great job with the tint. They were friendly, did exactly what I wanted, it looks great and I have had no issues with it. I do feel like at $400 I paid a premium. My second experience was purchasing HID headlights from them. Again they were friendly. The item was not in stock and had to be ordered. It took a few more days than expected and although they said they would call when the item arrived I called to find out the item had come in. They apologized and I have had no issues with the item thus far. My last experience was with an alignment. This was at another shop they have just down the road. My car had been lowered a bit after I installed a new coilover system. I took the car to them to get the alignment adjusted accordingly. I threw on some camber adjustment bolts so they would be able to adjust the camber angle. I called the shop and told them the deal. They understood the car had camber bolts and said they could do the alignment. The price was $140 which I felt was ok seeing it was not a textbook alignment. They called me back about 2 hours after dropping it off saying the bolts were on backward and it would be another $90 to get the alignment done. The bolts were not on backward, the camber was just set to negative instead of positive camber. This is corrected by loosening the bolt and rotating a special washer 180 degrees and the bolt has to be loosened to perform the fine adjustments anyway. THis is maybe 5 minutes of work. I asked if they could just do it under the $140 they quoted me but would not. I asked that they stop working and I would pick my car up. On the phone they wanted to charge me $30 for the work they already did (checking the alignment I guess). I was a bit bothered by that seeing we agreed to a price and the price changed. When I arrived to pick up my car they ended up not charging me anything which was the only redeeming thing about the experience.I give this shop a blended rating of 3 stars. I would say the tint experience was a 5, but the alignment a 2. I second the other reviews. This is a great shop for tint but be careful when it comes to other services.
By: Mon C.
Advanced Window Tint Co.
An expert and professional - Kyle is just one of kind! Honest, customer-focused and friendly, knowledgable, and a strong work ethic are just a few words that come mind to characterize him. It was refreshing working with Kyle because he provided such superb service, used a high quality product and, was reasonably priced - his quote was much lower than one I got and a little higher than another. His work is detailed and he works to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied. It shows in the finished product as the windows at the house look absolutely fantastic! I am thankful I kept searching and found Advanced Window Tint because I got the opportunity to work with a professional who really knows his business. I highly recommend Advanced Window Tint to anyone looking for the best in the business. Great job Kyle!
By: vlanes
Advanced Window Tint Co.
I had been looking to have the windows tinted on my new 2013 Ford Fusion and settled on AWT Co. after researching tint companies around town. Yes, they are more expensive but I have found you typically get what you pay for. Sure enough Kyle and the team at AWT did an exceptional job on my vehicle. The whole process from the initial quote and appointment scheduling to the installation were top notch and handled with the utmost professionalism. If you are thinking about window tint for your vehicle AWT is the place to go!
By: chuck.padgett1
RPM-Richmond Performance Modifications
This business did a FANTASTIC job with the recent tint job for my Pontiac Firebird! He used ONE sheet of tint for the back glass, which I did not think was even possible, and the finished product is amazing!! I had started to think that excellent tinting was impossible to find, but RPM has given me faith that someone can do it correctly and they have earned a loyal customer.Essentially, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP and cannot say enough good things about their finished product.
By: Ryan M.
Advanced Window Tint Co.
Kyle and his team are the best. Just had my honda si done, and it's better then I expected. Knowledgable staff. Kyle gave suggestions and really hit the mark on the look I was going for. You pay for what you get and that's perfection. Kyle stayed after hours to insure perfection and would not leave until he was satisfied with his work. Thanks guys I will recommend you to anyone.
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By: A M.
Window Tint Specialists
I call this guys to quote my TC, boom $165 wow, i came all the way to the shop, it was one car front of me, wait 2hours my car looking so amazing, different car. Nice job
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By: Amanda P.
Tint Master
My husband and I were both very pleased and impressed with Tint Master. It's the best tint job I have ever had. I will continue to use them in the future.
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By: Daniel B.
Tint Master
Tint Master did a great job on our Honda. He was quick, polite and reasonably priced. I'd recommend him to everyone.
By: Darryl J.
Tint Master
Tintmaster has done all of mine and my fellow employees windows for the last 12 years.
By: Joey S.
Tint Master
They did 2 of my cars and did an amazing job! By far best tinting in richmond!
Tips & Advices
Window tint film is typically applied to the inside of your car window. The film is first laid across the outside of the car window, and it's cut to fit the window's dimensions. Then the trimmed piece of tint film is installed on the inside of the car window.
Tinted windows offer several benefits. They can reduce the amount of heat in a car's cabin by as much as 50 percent, and this can lighten your fuel bill by making you less reliant on air conditioning in hot weather. Tinted windows block UV light, and this can protect drivers and passengers  from sunburn and skin cancer. Also, tinted windows protect the components of a car's cabin from being faded by the sun.
Ceramic tint is a type of film used to darken windows. Ceramic tint is a high-quality product, and it's typically the most expensive type of film tint on the market. This type of tint contains a ceramic particle that nonconductive and nonmetallic, and it can reduce solar heat within your car's cabin by as much as 50 percent.
A limo tint is one of the darkest tints available on the market. A limo tint has a VLT of just 5 percent. This means that the tint allows just 5 percent of exterior light to enter the car's cabin. A limo tint on the front side windows is illegal in all states except Michigan.
Window tinting percentages refer to the amount of light that a tint allows into a vehicle's cabin. This is known as the tint's visible light transference, or VLT. The higher the VLT, the lighter the tint of the window. For example, a window with a VLT of 30 percent would be much darker than a window with a VLT of 70 percent.

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